Homerpalooza Act II – Calendar and Daily Earning Minumums

As we have now determined (and as has been discussed in the recent Addicts Live), it apparently my job to “take one for the team” as it pertains to “FREAKING OUT THE PLAYERS!!” at the beginning of every act.  Let me assure you…this is not my intention. I simply print the facts…the numbers…and a bit of “pragmatic earning wisdom” as it pertains to each new act in these major updates.  In short…DON’T KILL THE MESSENGER (or even yell at him!)

But, if I have learned anything about life…”haters gonna hate…” and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and “what goes up, must continue to go up” (as in quantum physics, “up” or “here” or even “what” are all relative terms).

What I am getting at, is that I AM NOT GOING TO CODDLE YOU…by making this seem EAsy. It isn’t. These numbers seem daunting…but, if you are diligent, work hard, and stay focused and disciplined… you WILL get everything.

As you have figured out…I don’t start the numbers a day late like my predecessor (the now, relatively extinct Bunny) did. Starting a day late is making you believe something that isn’t true…namely, if you make the numbers seem friendlier, it will make everyone happy. It may seem easier, but in fact, it may coddle you into being lazy. It’s why coaches make you run wind sprints during daily doubles in football…because they realize that you most likely won’t need to have trained your body to have “extra gas in the tank” (which has nothing to do with training day meals) but, that it makes it easier to endure the long haul, without gassing out (don’t even get me started on the whole “wishes/unicorns/and what happens to the other hand, that Wookie brought up during the last Addicts Live).  But, I digress…

I prefer to run on a full 24-hour clock…so the numbers on the first day, are for whenever the update starts for you (time is relative…just like time zones). So…in the first 24 hours, you need to hit 7536 Sunglasses… I didn’t make that number up. And yes…these sunglasses were clearly stolen from Elton John.

To get Alaska Nebraska (and who doesn’t want a Hannah Montana rip off…that doesn’t turn into the cautionary tale that Miley Cyrus has become), you will need to continue to earn 7536 Sunglasses a day. Which seems like a lot…because it is.

You will get more stages…and will get the chance to BUY (with donuts and money) more performers.  But, you WILL get to use a goodly (I almost said bigly, but thought better of it) number of existing Freemium Characters. More on this in another post (the Math Post I will do later)…but suffice it to say, that it will be a lot of performing…practicing…upping your star power…to get to the daily limits. But, it is doable…


And for the more “Linear Calendar Folks”…

And YES…that is Leon (Michael) Kompowsky (Jackson), being offered up right away. Donuts WILL be spent!  This one is a no-brainer for me…as again, like Murphy, it is one of the sweetest episodes in Simpsons’ History, and has an amazing backstory…

For all of you who curse me now…you will be happy with my insistence at looking at the numbers straight in the eye, getting over your fear, and just GETTING ON WITH IT!  You’ll be happy you did, come the end of the update.
Four logins a day…minimum…use your Star Power wisely!

Let’s do this thing!

63 responses to “Homerpalooza Act II – Calendar and Daily Earning Minumums

  1. I am about 5,000 behind. It’s slowing down now that I can’t send all of my characters to perform at times due to the location randomly switching from rock to pop.

    • That shouldn’t be an issue. If the switching kem and moes require pop performers, simply send your pop performers there to switch them up.

  2. Im close to 3 days ahead. The event is not that hard. They require more points only because the characters are leveling up and getting better. It’s obvious that at Act II, our characters are better than at beginning of Act I. This said, I admit I bought Freddy and Shredder and Maggie mostly because I started to play Act I 3 or 4 dsys late ahahah. They are surely a great help but someone playing with no premium and playing everyday since the first day, they should make it without trouble. I would be only worried for those who skipped Act I because they will be missing characters like Nick or Peter and the levels gained from making all characters playing.
    Ill get the plan in 3hours. So excited 😀

  3. I can happily say that I am already a day ahead, which is nice. Cause I got BGM, Freddy Freeman and Shredder Stevens its gonna be a walk in the park (Aswell as Peter D’abruzio and Nick Dellacourt).

  4. Blake Watts-Pierson

    Why do they keep changing up who can play at which venue? It will be the rock people can play simpson house Moe’s kwik mart then pop stage comes along and rock people.cant play at kwik mart or simpson house then it will switch What’s going on?

    • The Simpsons House will always be Rock. It’s KEM and Moe’s that will randomly be assigned Rock or Pop. There’s a whole post on it here.

      • That’s what is slowing me down. I’ve got performers who are standing around useless because there aren’t any slots to put them in, while the pop locations are empty.

  5. One day I would really like to see that “holy freaky shirt” of yours – must be one awesome shirt! 😉

  6. I always check tsto for the calendar when a new event/act starts and I appreciate the lack of mollycoddling – makes it easier to keep track and notice if I’m falling behind

  7. For Act I, I was about 1.5 days behind initially, but finished over 3 days before it ended.

    I usually take a hit in my numbers each week while I try to juggle earning those 5 donuts that come with the monorail yard, but overall, not horribly worried.

    • And its a scaling event, as your performers become bigger stars and we unlock more places for jam the more sunglasses we earn. Simple or should i say EAsy(tm)

  8. Do not freak out, I was 2.5 days behind on act 1 and end up 3 days ahead, just try to tap every 4 hours and send lawyers to active neighbors

  9. This might be a knuckle head question, but are any of the other stages used for this event in Springfield? I don’t have any, so was just wondering if I should spend donuts.

    • None are currently. Only the ones given through the event and the basic buildings, at least so far.

  10. Looks like the first one or two days will be the hardest; soon as everyone has unlocked the Pop Stage, things should speed up. Like before, at the beginning of the act most people will fall short of the daily goal, but should be able to make it up toward the end.
    Patric, maybe the goals shouldn’t be a linear function, but a quadratic one?

    • I actually use that type of projection calendar.

    • I got the pop stage just before bed and then saw that it had a 4-hour build time. If it had been during the day, I probably would have waited, but I wasn’t going to waste an overnight shift, so I rushed it. Best 2 (4?) donuts spent this week!

      • That happened to me too. I was excited to see the boys perform and then saw “Four hour build time! Aww.” I didn’t speed my up though. This morning I was able to send all boys at once and really like their animation. I like the pop stage more than I thought.

        • I just wish it looked like they were all singing and dancing to the same song, like the B-Flats’ animation. Instead, out looks like they’re just sharing the stage and doing their own thing.

      • It was 2 Donuts, I rushed it, too… 😉

  11. Second event in a row where I’ve been absolutely nowhere near the final prize. I put it down to a late start on the last one due to phone issues and then being on holiday during some of acts 2 and 3, but this time I’ve played solidly for the whole event and only just got the last but one prize an hour or so before the act ended. I’ve been a premium player for years but after the last couple of events I don’t think I’ll be using donuts on event items and seriously thinking I won’t be spending any real money any more as it seems that the game is becoming far too rigged against you unless you wanna spend a tenner a week or so. If you’ve played any other EA games than you’ll know some of them are ridiculously priced…

    • Try KEM farming

    • BTW, you did not need to have premium characters to finish Act one. I have a relatively new game with no premium characters and finished a couple of days ahead and earned bonuts 7 times. You can either pay cash or pay in time.

      • This event I’ve started every task as soon as I’ve had chance. I’ve tapped every tap possible to get every last bit of currency, and still I’m miles off. There’s literally nothing more I can do! I know how much time it takes to grind some of these events out, and I put it in. I’m normally finishing with a few days to spare. I’ve noticed a change in the last couple of events though. I think last event they even had premium characters needing additional premium skins to get currency, which is new.

  12. For those of you brave enough to grab Kompowsky before seeing a should I buy post, is he voiced? I’d like to get him either way but being voiced would make it an easy buy.

    • No, not voiced. Only characters that are voiced by one of the five principal voice actors for the show are voiced in the game. According to rumor/lore this one was voiced by Michael Jackson himself, provided that he not be credited. Supposedly the songs in the episode were sung by an MJ impersonator.

      • After Michael Jackson (Leon K) and Dustin Hoffman (Mr. Bergstrom), the Simpsons brass said no more anonymous or fake name credits for guest stars. All celebrity since then have to reveal they were guest stars.

  13. I’m confused I could use Bart, Millhouse, Ralph and Nelson to jam earlier but now I can’t use them..?

    • Moe’s and KEM are multi-purpose venues for all three Acts, while each Act has two unique venues. More to be revealed in the Jam Sessions post.

      But for now, Rock Stage and Simpsons House are Rock only; Pop Stage and (wait for the post – how’s that for building anticipation 🙂 ) are Pop only; and Moe’s and KEM are both Rock and Pop.

      So when you go to jam at Moe’s and KEM, they will randomly require either Rock or Pop. So you may find both Rock, both Pop, or one of each at those two venues. So when you went earlier, one or both were Pop (which is why you could send the Party Posse). However, when you went the second time, both were Rock (which is why you couldn’t send the Party Posse).

  14. Math post coming…trust me…it’s not harder, and may in fact be easier!

  15. On my final jam for the day and will hit 11000, been tapping all day just to get the stage before bed, had 2 challenges saved and 110 lawyers saved, just waiting for the payback from all my neighbours, good start I think, glad I had some holidays this week 😁😎, rock and roll, and pop

  16. Hi, everyone !

    I’m glad I can finally make it into everyone’s town, not just Patric and a few neighbors. Tee hee hee! 😎

  17. For some weird reason I thought that the act icons on the star management page meant they could only earn currency during those acts, and when I finished the prize track on act I, I was seriously regretting spending donuts on the tour bus, even if it came with two characters. (Also worth noting that i figured out the act icons after I finished the prize track, had no idea what they meant before that 😀 ) Now that I know they can continue to earn every act currency, just not on every venue, I’m SUPER glad I spent all the donuts on the tour bus and The Jazz Hole, decided to even grab Kompowsky today 😀

  18. lets get it started…………….lol
    enjoying the event loved the early bonuts on the last act

  19. Thanks Patric. I was starting to think I wouldn’t get enough but that daily amount is fairly achievable, even for a semi-addict like me.

  20. At the start it may seem my difficult because you might be dividing your characters on the monorail.

  21. With carrying over 2 daily challenges and new one for today (as i was done act 1 with couple days to spare) and clearing my stages and fans first thing this morning. I think I was somewhere around 5000 glasses.

    Going into act 3 carry over daily challenges if you can. And obviously your stage and fans will be waiting. I am already at 8000 glasses started tapping at 7:00 am central with 2 more stage clears to do today yet.

  22. Started with an extra 3500 sunglasses this morning from saved daily tasks…woo-hoo! I noticed that 12 of my neighbors are also at least a few thousand ahead…should make it possible to win the stage today if all goes well. 😁

  23. Four logins a day isn’t bad. I really couldn’t care less about the prizes, (what’s a stage turret?) but still wanna play. Gotta catchem all.

  24. It’s barely noon on day 1 and I already have over 5K sunglasses, so I ain’t sweating it. I am upset we don’t get a new big-name performer for the pop stage, just another task for Weird Al…

  25. Thanks very much! rock on!

  26. Handy tip, fill up your small venues like the QuikE and Moes to get the bonus. Filling up the all the small venues and getting that bonus is more than trying to fill the rock stage. Though it’s a moot point if you have maximum of people.

  27. I was already looking forward to the Where-Did-That-Come-From commentary on Leon Kompowsky, as that’s a good classic episode… and now, I’m even more interested, as I expect to hear more about this backstory! 🙂

  28. Thank you.

  29. Trying to figure out, are we getting a separate pop stage, or is this a skin for the one we already have

  30. It’s not harder. More characters added for Jam sessions, more venues added. Tappables earn more. Naturally prizes will have to cost more, or by Act 3 everyone will be done by day 3. Not harder. 🙂

    • Will the curtains raise this act for the venues? Maybe once some of our musicians hit 5 stars? Sorry if this was answered and I missed it.

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