Blogiversary Questionnaire: Ask The Addicts Year 4

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As we’ve passed the 4 year anniversary of TSTO Addicts (it was the 14th in case you haven’t been paying attention to the site), we’re all set to do our annual tradition of fielding your questions to us!

Over the last 4 years of blogging we’ve provided A LOT of information for the game itself, but not too much about us (more than in the past but still not a ton).  We’re always asking you guys about your thoughts on the game, and more about your lives…and now is YOUR chance to return the favor!

We had so much fun with this the last 3 years, that we’ve decided to do it again!  (You can watch year 1 here, year 2 here & year 3 here)

It is once again your chance to peek even MORE inside of our lives. What do YOU want to know about us?  Want to know about our tapping habits?  Our lives outside of the blog (we do have them!)?  Our family lives?  Our hobbies?  Our favorite color?  Anything you can think of ask away!

Feel free to post your questions here in the comments or email them to us (  We will then go through and answer as many questions as we can.

As of right now our plan is to do them on a very special episode of Addicts Live, but if our schedules don’t work out we’ll record and post them like we’ve done in previous years.   So please try to get your questions in by 8pm ET on August 31st.

So ask away and learn even more about the Addicts!

43 responses to “Blogiversary Questionnaire: Ask The Addicts Year 4

  1. ThatOneWeirdTap

    1. How often do you buy donuts?
    2. What do you want to see for the Halloween update this year?
    3. What do you like to do in your spare time (when you aren’t tapping of course)?
    Sorry for leaving it a bit late, sparing only a few hours 😨

  2. TSTO-related question: What was your biggest regret of something you did or didn’t do in the game (like something you wish you had or hadn’t purchased, or anything else you might have wished you had done differently)?

    Non-TSTO question: What are your main hobbies that are unrelated to TSTO?

  3. TSTO QUESTION: How would you like to see EA change the major event template? 😊
    How would you make updates more interactive?

    NON-TSTO QUESTION: What’s been your favourite movie of 2017 (so far!)? And are you looking forward to any movies to come?

    • Also, I’ll try not to faint when you say my name 😁.
      I remember last blogiversary’s Q&A you all made a joke about my enthusiasm 😂

    • Hmmm…well Sam, I thought I already answered this, but may not have hit “Post.” As far as EA…shorter updates…cars on roads.
      Favorite movies this year? “The Big Sick” and “Dunkirk.” I could look at Wonder woman all day…but not a fan of comic book movies. Sorry.

  4. Is wookie still in college? He looks as old as Pat 🙂

  5. So I’ve gotten all of the prizes on this track and would like to start prepping for the final Act. If I complete my daily challenges, but wait to collect the award until Act 3, will the sunglasses change to the next act’s currency?

  6. Question for all of you.

    What do I do in the event of fire?

  7. WOO HOO !!!!!!!I just got Alaska Nebraska!!!!!! I didn’t think. I’d make it since I didn’t buy any premium characters. I hit that get Rock Star Maggie get now button, and ended up with another outdoor stage I’ll never use. Lol that’s. What I get for playing half asleep @ 4:00 in the a.m. good luck to everyone hope youy’all make it Hasta Manana.

  8. Oh da forgot to ask.
    Q: To all , fAvorite Ice Cream flavor ? Hehe. 😁😁😁😁

  9. Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys do putting this site together. I appreciate the time away from your everyday life and families to do all the research and digging through 4 YEARS of files !!!!! Jebezz I don’t know how you do it.
    To all: What part of the blog do you enjoy doing the most. 😃 😘

  10. Since we are in the middle of a music event, how about a music question. What are some of your favorite bands? What new music are you listening to?

    • HUGE question for me…I have a super wide range of music I play and listen to… My All Time Bands I would take with me during a zombie apocalypse…
      The Beatles, Little Feat, Randy Newman, Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits, Patty Griffin

      My current iPhone playlist 90 albums…but I am currently rotating the Wood Brothers, Patty Griffin, Nine Inch Nails, and the Tedeschi Trucks Band. But,it really depends on what I am doing and what mood I’m in.

  11. Thanks for everything!
    Yes disco stu today with a rebate offer 🙂

  12. Alissa… when will you be coming to the UK?
    Wookie…will you marry me?
    Pat…if you weren’t cranky what would you be?
    Safi…how will you cope with all the paparazzi?


  13. I have rwo questions just for Patric, and one for Wookie and Patric. Patric, you’ve done such a great job in your charity efforts. How did you get involved in the Buyijja project? My other question is about your daughter who works for CBS.. What does she do for them? I’m in broadcasting in the NY area as well, and wonder if she and I have crossed paths. And finally, I know Alissa doesn’t have pets, but Patric and Wookie.. Do you have any animals?

    • Great questions… We got involved in Buyijja when our youngest daughter (Maddy) did an internship there, and said, “Dad…the school has nothing…we have to help.” The rest is history…she’s very persuasive!

      Katie is currently working on two shows for CBS. She does work as a Production Associate for “CBS this Morning,” and an Associate Director for “CBS Early News.” (She also Pa’s and ADs for Saturday Morning on CBS) It’s a loooong way to the top there…but, she loves it, even though her days start at 2A some days…and she often works 6 days a week.

      And finally…as Deb and I are now empty nesters, we prefer to keep the nest completely free of animals. We often have to do “grand-parent duty” for Maddy’s cat…but that is about it. Over the years, our list of pets ranged from rats, guinea pigs, a turtle, cats and fish.

      • How awesome that you’re making such a huge impact on the lives of children that have so little! And Yay to Maddy for getting you involved! Yay to Katie too! Broadcasting is a very tough business, but she’s well on her way. I was a TV anchor in Florida, but came north for a wonderful opportunity to produce at one of the other major networks. Most recently, I was a radio anchor there. After a wonderful career, I decided to take early retirement. Best wishes to Katie for continued success!

        • You were wise to get out of radio…I am plotting my exit as well. And yes, once you work at “The Network” it’s tough to go back. I am a huge fan of Charlie Rose, and knowing that Katie works on his show is fun. We’ve had a few chances to sit in on a broadcast in the control room…pretty crazy!

  14. All: how do you keep a balance btwn work, family time, playing the game and the website? I’m not great at time management myself so curious how you all manage it 🙂

    All: what is your current most desired/dreamed of event?

    All: what is your favorite game outside of TSTO?

    All: what is your educational background? Does safi for example for an interest in programming or math to have made all of his awesome charts?

    Patrick: have you been to the kc area to see the union state or the kc gardens? Both have awesome model train set ups. Not a major question just wanted to give u a heads up if u hadn’t been yet.

    • Union state=union station

    • In order…
      My company is internet based…internet solutions for broadcasters…so I am online all of the time. TSTO is just one more “tick” on the chore list.
      I don’t play any other games except for TSTO. I golf in “real life.”
      I ALMOST finished college…but took off to pursue music and marketing before I got the diploma. Regret it…for sure.
      I have been to Union Station…but not KC gardens…but the WWI Museum in KC gets my vote for the most amazing place in your home town!

  15. What’s for dinner tonight and what time ?

    We be hungry around here .

    Thank you for all the help that you give . Time flies when you’re having fun . It’s only fun if everyone’s having fun . Once again thank you for all the hard work to make this a fun little site to come to .

    🎬🎥🔫🐒 . See ya bye . 👽

  16. Just love ❤️ that pic of you guys 😁
    Alissa: When will Miss Riley get promoted to “Big Sis” (or will that take you away from us forever?!?!?)?
    Wookiee: I may have missed it….Did you graduate 👨‍🎓 yet?
    Patric: Are you mellowing out on us? (You don’t seem so cranky lately)
    Safi: Did you graduate to the banner yet?

    • Apparently, old reputations are hard to ditch! Yes…I am very happy to be an Addict again. After a year, it feels like “home.” Getting together with Alissa last summer, with Riley watching over the meeting, was the best thing to happen to TSTO in a long time!

      I still get Cranky about the game sometimes, though…

  17. My question to you addicts are:

    Q1: If you could add any character to TSTO who would it be?
    Q2: If you could kill off 1 character from ‘The Simpsons’ who would it be?

  18. Addicts, here is my question. If given the opportunity to be a character in the Simpsons tapped out game, would you do it? And if so, what would you want your 1,4,8,12,and 24 hour tasks to be?

    • PETER B- Cool question. Love it!

    • Sure! I would love to be a TSTO Character…CrankyOldGuy
      1- Hour (indoor) write a scathing review of EA’s EALPish behavior of re-purposing decorations
      4- Hour (outdoor) play a round of golf
      8- Hour (Indoor) Take care of Online Clients and Production
      12-Hour- Road Trip! (outdoor) Drive around Springfield, stopping at all of the stores and restaurants (would require a car to actually DRIVE on the roads!)
      24- Hour- (outdoor) Walk Around Flashing the University of Oregon “O” sign!

  19. Robert Maldonado

    Not a question, but a thank you for providing so much info about the game. I’m a regular player but I still get a ton of info by following your posts. Thanks to all of you!

  20. So Happy Blogiversary and thanks for another wonderful year of articles and assistance. My question:
    Q: Have you ever watched, are you watching, do you intend to watch any of the following:
    ……oh and don’t bother to try and guess my age😂
    Big love to you guys……💜X

    • As for me…
      SOPRANOS- Yes!
      6 FEET UNDER – Yes!
      TRUE BLOOD- Yes
      DEXTER- yes, but hated the ending
      COLUMBO- Once in a while
      BONANZA- Once in a while…but my parents weren’t huge fans.
      DALLAS- Started…stopped…
      DYNASTY- Nope

      Now…let me ask you… “Breaking Bad” and Better Call Saul?”

      • Breaking Bad – Yes. Better Call Saul – Started but yet to finish! Wow Patric, most of your answers match mine. However, I am a big Murder She Wrote fan. My friends take the mick about that one😂X

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