Addicts Live! Bonus Episode: 4 Year Blogiversary Q & A

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Recently we celebrated our 4-year Blogiversary!!  (ok so it was a month ago…) In continuing with what we did for our previous anniversaries, as part of the celebration we gave you guys the opportunity to ask us anything you’d like with the promise that we’d answer your questions (or as many as we could).  And as always you guys came through in a big way!

4 years is kind of a big deal to us, since none of us thought we’d still be doing this after all these years, so we wanted to be sure to take the time out to do the special anniversary video for you guys.  We originally planned on doing this as a special Addicts Live! and live streaming it for you to watch and comment along with us, but alas the schedules got the best of us.  So we did the next best thing…we recorded it live!

And of course, like in the past, this year’s video was full of it’s own spotty wi-fi technical glitches.  Wookiee froze, I froze and Patric made fun of us…thankfully we don’t have these kinds of problems with the live stream! So I apologize in advance for the crappy video quality & weird pauses from wi-fi dropping.

Oh and be sure to check out our new Addicts Live! music!  Patric conjured that up for us and we love it!

Anyway…we hope you enjoy it!


Well what do YOU think?  Crazier than last year?  Did you laugh with us (or at us?)  Did you at least laugh at our jokes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

5 responses to “Addicts Live! Bonus Episode: 4 Year Blogiversary Q & A

  1. When I tried to get into my game it told me my password is invalid I’ve been trying to reset my password but it’s saying I’m not meeting the requirements when I know I am and I’m trying to get in contact with ea to have someone call me and I’m not getting anywhere

  2. Is anyone else having login problems with origin? Every time I type in my credentials on the login screen it says my password is invalid but EA will not send the password reset email. So much for visiting all my new neighbors! Ugh

  3. Thank you for taking the time to answer all our question. AND….. thank you especially for the laughs!!!!

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