Episode Tie-In Walkthrough: Season 29 Premiere the Serfsons

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Earlier today we got a short little, quite typical, Episode Tie-In update for Sunday’s Season Premiere.  This is a standard Episode Tie-In.  There’s a free item, premium item, and a super short questline.  Just something to get you excited for Sunday’s episode!

So let’s take a look at this super short questline…dialogue included (since it is so short)…

The Nose Knows Pt. 1
Lisa starts

Lisa: Ah, this is the life.  No jazz-haters, no pageants, just me and the only friend I need: a good book.  You’ll never betray me, will you, Angelica Button?  I’ll take that paper cut as a no.
Make Lisa Daydream While Reading- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Place All-Smelling Tower- Free
Tap the All Smelling Tower
Lisa: Did I just bring my favorite fantasy world to life? The power of imagination knows no bounds!  Wait, there’s no giant nose on top of a tower in Angelica Button…It’s some sort of Sniffle Tower. It’s jokes like those that keep books as your best friends, Lisa.

The Nose Knows Pt. 2
Lisa starts 

Bart: Hey, Lisa, did you see that tower?
Lisa: You saw it too! Are you wondering what I’m wondering?
Bart:  Definitely – how big are its boogers?
Lisa: Ew, no. I mean where did it come from? I’ve gotta do some digging.
Bart:  So you DO care about its boogers?
Lisa: I mean research. Thankfully, fans have spent countless hours of their lives cataloging fictional worlds. For fun I guess?
Make Lisa Check All the Wikis- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Lisa: I’ve searched every combination of nose and tower, and still no luck.  I also tried searching “schnoz spire”. And now I’ve seen some things I can’t unsee. *shudder*

The Nose Knows Pt. 3
Lisa starts 

Lisa: I had hoped the nose tower would be something special, but it seems to be just a total anomaly.  As if this town wasn’t weird and random enough.
Bart: Random? Lisa, look around, there’s not a single original idea in all of Springfield.
Blue Haired Lawyer: Young man, you are legally prohibited from continuing this line of reasoning.
Bart: Even this lawyer is a total cliché.
Blue Haired Lawyer: Hey! I’m my own man! I go wakeboarding!.
Make Bart Call Out Borrowed References- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Bart: Mix in a little Clash of Clones, Game of Thorns, a spy movie or two… and that’s just the past four years!  Look at Angelica Button. She’s just a cobbled together rip-off of…
Blue Haired Lawyer: Ahem!
Lisa: Ok, so our town has no new ideas. But that still doesn’t explain this snout steeple.

And that is it my friends!  A very short 3 part questline to get you excited for Sunday and that’s it. But hey, some of you said you really wanted some downtime, so now you have it! 🙂

What are your thoughts on the nose tower?  Any idea what it could mean?  Thoughts on the questline?  How about the tie-in?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


56 responses to “Episode Tie-In Walkthrough: Season 29 Premiere the Serfsons

  1. I can’t place the all smelling tower as I didn’t get it and I can’t tap it… I don’t know what I did wrong…. I sent Lisa on her quest and it’s stuck. I’ve tried logging out and back in, going to visit neighbours, and traveling to krustyland. Nothing works! Help! 😭

    • Did you check the store? It should be there. If it’s not, call EA (although it may be too late to get it now, since the mini-event stuff is gone now).

  2. I have The Nose Knows quest and Lisa did the first task but there is no blue button next to place tower.
    Is this a glitch? am I missing a step?

    • There is no blue button. I don’t remember a reference to one…just that you had to tap the tower once to complete the task set.

    • I have the same problem. I did the first task, the second is to place the tower, which I didn’t get and there is no blue button (also, I have been through the store and my inventory a billion times), and the third is to tap the tower, which I can’t get. I don’t even care about getting the tower, but I would like to know how to get rid of these tasks! What am I missing?

  3. I seem to have forgotten this was possible, how does Lisa earn the missiles again?

  4. Nose Tower – it’s a Freemium and goes swell with the Medieval section of my Springfield (sorry, I can only thank EA for the freebie until after the new 29th Season premiere of The Simpson’s AND if the Nose Tower offers anything relevant to Halloween 2017 Event)! 👃🗼

  5. Really no one has mentioned J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings?

  6. I am going with Krusty’s station as it can go in KrustyLand!

    • You can build a monorail in Krustyland? Cool! That’s two things I’ve learned thought! I was going to use it as a recreation building within my little “sweet stuff” kiddie theme park, but maybe I’ll go build a monorail loop in Krustyland….haven’t done anything new there in years?

  7. Deep Space Homer has started up in my game.

  8. What about these new stations? Should I buy the Magic Station? The Krusty Station? Are they good deal? Are they connected to Halloween event or just a method to empty my bonuts balance?

  9. Magic station & Krusty monorail now available in store for donuts AND deep space homer storyline – finally got Barney with astronaught skin for a bargain!

  10. Monorail stuff has arrived in store. Should we buy the magic station. Only 3 days to decide.

  11. Aaaah… It wouldn’t be EA if there is no way to spend your hard farmed donuts on something more or less desirable 🤑
    The character for 60D is OK. The golf course even with rebate overpriced… but most wanted as an extension for the country club. I know I will buy it. I must. Tee off 🏌️

    • And then the 4 (four!) mechanical ants for 70D net, 3% bonus if I understand the SIB posting correctly (was 60D each ant once)… Can’t resist. Must buy.

      • Bought the ants first, 91D left. In 4 h the golf course. Tomorrow the guy-whose-name-I-can’t-remember. Farming is marvellous 😁

        3% bonus for the 4 ants, 0.75% each. Demolishing the school looks … destructive 😂

  12. There’s a new monorail station in the store, and in my B-game, Homer the Heretic just started up again.

  13. Just got a new event called “Cheap Space Home.” Also, monorail blueprints are doubled and a whole bunch of monorail content and characters are in the store! What’s with all of the events at once?!

  14. The update and the new items arrived in my store. I was happy I could start the monorail 5 dougnuts challenge again. But, alas, it still tells me that i finished the weekly tasks. What Should I do?

  15. Don’t know if anyone’s posted this, but since the recent mini-event, Norbert’s 4-hour task has finally been fixed so that nothing happens if you tap on his plane as it’s flying by.

    Before this, tapping his plane at certain points would teleport you to where you originally placed his plane. Which can get extremely annoying when you’re trying to clear out your town.

    Kudos to EA for fixing this.

  16. I seem to be having a slight glitch with the rail yard project. I’ve already completed the track tasks and received my donuts. The message says “stay on track. New prizes available on completion.” But I don’t see any new rail yard tasks. I tried a reboot, nothing happens. I’ve no issue (so far) with the ep-tie in update, am in the last part of quest line.

  17. I think that the tree is from the past 🤔

  18. Accidentally bought the tree character plus a piece of forest thinking it was a playable character/building combo(since it appeared in the store along with all the other playable characters), there goes 60 donuts for a tiny 1% bonus. Oh well, guess I’ll be more careful next time. Lol

  19. Hi tappers,
    Im sorry this is off topic but I just want to know if anyone here ever encountered a problem where your donuts just dissapear like three hundreds of them. Am I being hacked? Thanks

  20. Ahhh, Rommelwood Eliminator prizes. I got bored with that and forgot Mini Nukes were a possibity

  21. Sorry not about the update but about today’s daily challenge. I completed the challenge and when I looked to see my donut count more than 300 were missing. How do I get them back? No I didn’t buy anything!

    • I just experienced that too

    • I believe to have lost a few hundred, too, but that was a few months ago and when I burned through piles of money with buying and selling Rat Trap Trucks for donuts. It seemed like the won donuts didn’t properly sync back to the servers. Since then I’ve been doing it with smaller sets and always go to Krustyland and come back before proceeding.

      • That said, I’d figure if someone hacked into your game and spent the donuts (since transfer to another account is still not possible), you’d likely be seeing new questlines from characters in the task book or find some new items in your town.

  22. I think there is something else to this update. The week monorail/5 donut challenge is no longer weekly. I just completed this weeks challenge, for got my 5 donuts and now I can start all over again with no timer to get it done.

  23. And here I was hoping for the (VERY) early beginning of the Halloween event.

  24. Quick someone wake up Ms . Lee .

    She is missing all the fun .

    🎬🎥🔫🐒 . See ya bye . 👽

  25. I updated, got the tower and began the quest. i just rebooted and the tower is gone along with any indication that I had been in the middle of this quest. Gone! It’s all gone! Nose tower and all.

  26. I started the qesine this morning. Went back and the nose had disappeared and Lisa was free. Restarted and the nose was back and the check wikis job was available. Now the nose is gone and Lisa is free again.

  27. Short and sweet…like Danny Devito. I hear he’s a heck of a guy.

  28. I think the nose tower stinks. But what do I nose about these things, if it were my choice I probably wouldn’t pick it, it snot really my thing.

  29. I can’t get my game to update 😭 I’ve tried going to krustyland, and done an uninstall/reinstall and it won’t trigger anything 🙁 don’t know what else to do?!?!

  30. Why lisa always ? I need her to keep earning me those missiles !

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