THOH 2017- Act III Calendar and Targets

Look. I’m kinda done trying to “make happy” about this update. I think even the most ardent “Potter-Heads” are feeling like they are stuck in a Ground Hog Day version of the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studio, and can’t get off…while it loops endlessly…until you want to shove your magic wand deep into your eye sockets.

Ok. Maybe that is too harsh. But, I am really, really, really, really bored with the “EAsy” version of a major update, that simply requires you to log in every 4 hours…clear the slate…and go back to your life. *POOF!* Magic. Meh. Whatever.

But…you will still want the numbers you need to hit to “get it all,” which you should with days to spare. Here ya go!
 As always…click on the graphic to enlarge the calendars…

And, here is the Digital Format…just the numbers…no magic.

Sorry. There is no redemption for this thing. It is like spending hours, and days, and weeks, watching a bad magician performing a trick, where you know how it works, because he is so lazy, that he doesn’t even try to hide the cards up his sleeves. Oh well.  It’s magic…right?

Bring on the Jolly Fat Man! 


94 responses to “THOH 2017- Act III Calendar and Targets

  1. First time I got all final prizes from act 1-3 🙂 Should get Lord Montymort in 4hrs 👻


  2. Help! The game does not let me access the event icon (that purple “bubble” at the bottom).
    How can I access the event menu?


  3. Im 5 days behind according to calender do you think i could get count Dracula ? it started off easy but getting hard im still doing montymort part 1 :/ tell me theres hope :/


  4. I’m so bored with this event I got behind because I forgot to ‘release’ all the guys who have been enchanted every 4 hours. I was only taking care of the Burns wizard guy. Christmas had better be good or I’m done after being in this game from the beginnings on Android. Boo!


  5. I disagree, I have had reaching the goals since the last Act. The first time in years that I haven’t reached the final prize. Why? Because the last few events have been so boring that I don’t want to even waste 10 minutes of my life every 4 hours to get the same prizes as the last few years. I was hoping the last few lame events meant they were working on something amazing for Halloween. If EA keeps this boring event through Christmas, I’ll finally be done tapping every few hours after almost 5 years.


  6. Wow! Patric’s awesome (it is awesome by the way) Act 3 Event Calendar confirms:

    I’m days ahead without even trying (just using good strategy) 😀

    90% of my Neighboreenos are days behind (is it burnout? boredom? can’t log in every 4 hours?) 🤔

    I hope EA feels the NOPE cause I do 😐


  7. Fiendish Thingy

    My game tells me I need 13,000 for Slithers, not 12,000 – anyone else have this problem?


  8. Is Slithers an outfit for Smithers or a full new character?


  9. Is it so much to ask that the Halloween event stops extending 2 weeks BEYOND actual Halloween? How hard is it to time things?


    • Brian, the events are around 6 weeks long. If it ended on or right after Halloween, it’d start in early September. I’m kinda thankful that at least somewhere in the cyber world it isn’t already Christmas. I’ve been seeing black Friday ads for two weeks already🙄

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  10. Meaning? That I am taking so damn much real life time to explain why it takes so much time to farm? Yes…that is the irony of being a blogger. We invest countless hours into advising people on how to spend time.

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