THOH 2017- Act III Calendar and Targets

Look. I’m kinda done trying to “make happy” about this update. I think even the most ardent “Potter-Heads” are feeling like they are stuck in a Ground Hog Day version of the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studio, and can’t get off…while it loops endlessly…until you want to shove your magic wand deep into your eye sockets.

Ok. Maybe that is too harsh. But, I am really, really, really, really bored with the “EAsy” version of a major update, that simply requires you to log in every 4 hours…clear the slate…and go back to your life. *POOF!* Magic. Meh. Whatever.

But…you will still want the numbers you need to hit to “get it all,” which you should with days to spare. Here ya go!
 As always…click on the graphic to enlarge the calendars…

And, here is the Digital Format…just the numbers…no magic.

Sorry. There is no redemption for this thing. It is like spending hours, and days, and weeks, watching a bad magician performing a trick, where you know how it works, because he is so lazy, that he doesn’t even try to hide the cards up his sleeves. Oh well.  It’s magic…right?

Bring on the Jolly Fat Man! 

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  1. Acts 2 and 3 were better IMO, at least the final character.

    In case EA reads this and takes stock, I really hope this year’s Christmas event has Santa and all things Christmas. I’d be happy with a reboot of the first event (which I missed).

  2. I’ve been really trying to remain positive with this event. It’s not a typical THOH, but hey, Harry Potter! It’s different than previous years! It’s repetitive, but hey, I’ve been able to take more breaks than previous events and still finish up! There was the ridiculously-priced Burns Dragon, but hey, he’s not required to stay ahead of things!

    But…I can’t anymore. It hasn’t been fun. There’s really no strategy with this event. It’s not like we can level up magicians and beasts; send magicians, enchant beasts, release beasts, repeat as necessary. Log in every four hours until I’m done getting prizes, and then don’t really bother with bonuts because of how long it takes to hit the goal. The storyline is done so quickly that I keep forgetting there was one. And aside from repeat items from previous THOH events, there’s really nothing that tells me this is a Halloween event. They could have given this to us any other time of year and it would have been fine (albeit still boring). They could have given us a side task to send kids trick-or-treating, or send the adults to a party, or even have Apu stock expired candy and pass it out. ANYTHING to add something to the event to make it more Halloween-y.

    I’m glad I now have a magical area…but I really did want more spooky stuff.

    It’s hard to defend EA’s decision this time. I’ve tried. Really. I’m just done.

    I am a HUGE Halloween fan, but this year, I can’t wait until the Christmas event to wash this one from our collective brains.

    And I may have been slightly pushed over the fence by the extremely poor assistance I received from EA when I ran into a problem during this event. But I could have overlooked that if this event was more fun. It just isn’t.

  3. Not sure if I’ll be able to finish this Act as right now I can’t launch the game. App keeps closing from the splash screen. Tried reinstalling and hard closing, even turning my phone on and off. Weird thing is it works fine if you sign in as anonymous. Happened on the weekend too, EA rolled my game back which fixed it and I was just able to get Greystach in time. But it happened again yesterday afternoon and I missed the phone call from EA yesterday doh!! Now it won’t let me request a phone call only e-mails 🙁
    And I actually like this last Act, I’m a Harry Potter fan so was enjoying this event, but felt like it was lacking and they could of done more. this Act seems more promising.

  4. Blake Watts-Pierson

    Moaning blah blah blah that’s all I hear don’t like it don’t play it.

    • Not saying this because I did just complain about the event (my defense: I’ve been trying to stay positive), but most of us do find this site to be a place to talk about this game, whether good or bad. We can find fellow gamers who we can commiserate with AND sing the praises of the game when it’s fun.

      And we know EA employees check this site. Alissa has mentioned it before. So it’s also a way to voice our opinions and possibly have EA see it without it getting lost on their own forums.

      We can complain about the game and still play it. Sometimes it helps to vent to others who play and share our concerns. Maybe it’s annoying to see a lot of it…but then again, you don’t like it, don’t read the comments 😜

      Just my two cents 😄

    • petshopboy1980s

      I know, right?
      People voicing opinions on a forum is just the worst.

    • Moaning…blah, blah, blah…if you don’t like it, don’t READ it. Ya??

  5. I love this event. One of my favorites. I think the monsters we now have are one of the best things they’ve done in years. I love having them chase the monsters around town and their animations while they rest are great. The buildings are starting to come together and I need more walls so I can create the compound I want. Excellent event.

  6. The Halloween event is usually my favorite of the year but this has been terrible. It’s repetitive and once you’re done with the tasks the kids have nothing to do.

  7. There you go again with the Christmas talk Pat!
    Stop it 😂

  8. I’m so bored with the high prices, if you want something cheeper just wait for the black friday, will ya?

  9. Agreed. I love Harry Potter. My sister and I spent a solid chunk of money at universal only on Harry Potter merchandise. But when I saw the Harry Potter theme I was disappointed.

  10. Can’t find much about the magic palace anywhere 🙁
    Doesn’t seem worth donuts, but always like hearing other’s thoughts

    • I got it an like it. The animation’s pretty cool but I can’t figure out if any characters have a permanent task there.

      • Lisa has a permanent 4 hour task at the Magic Palace. It is regular Lisa, not wizard Lisa. I can’t recall the exact task name but it’s something about appearing with or as the Great Simpsonis (sp?)

  11. I like the event and Act 3. Thank you for the calendar.

  12. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I tapped, weak and weary,
    Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten crap—
    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
    As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
    “‘Tis some visiter,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
    Only this and nothing more.”

  13. I’m not complaining, because I really like Act 3!

  14. Surprise! Yet another bar & let me guess, when enchanted & released, we’ll get 3x the same stuff to clog up our inventory 3x as much. EA really phoned it in this year for my favorite holiday. Heck, they just recorded the message & programmed a macro to phone it in every 4 hours.

  15. I have played from the beginning and Christmas will be a turning point for me with this game. For Christ sake EA, please return back to the magic and charm that gave us the Spooky Campfire, Witch Marge stirring the pot, the Bad Dream House etc. that fits well with what we look forward to all year to celebrate this special holiday. Please do not give me a Spider Man or Transformers event for Christmas. That will not work and will ruin my love for this beautiful game. (and please return crafting to “less is more”…) Happy Halloween!

  16. When last year’s Xmas event was more THOH than this year’s THOH event..

  17. I like it!

  18. Most. Boring. Event. Ever!

  19. What am I doing wrong? I missed the last two rewards of Act 2 and already behind on Act 3. I check in every 4 hours and have 4 characters either capturing or enchanting.

    • Are you also sending the beasts that have already been enchanted to release? Are you sending 4 characters to 1 beast at once? I hope you’re not sending 1 character to 4 beasts, as you’re missing out on releasing beasts.

      • How do you send multiple characters? I have wooden doors over everything but the 1st slot. Probably need to buy premium characters, and I’m not willing to waste my hard farmed donuts on a horrible “event.” I’m doing all tasks possible, and have logged in 9 times in 2 days, still behind. I might just toss this game, as much as I hate to walk away from years of gameplay!

        • Are those wooden doors locked with chains and a pad lock across them? As mentioned in numerous posts, you can send 4 characters even if you see a wooden door. Just keep hitting select. Just seeing a wooden door doesn’t mean it’s locked.

          • Hmm ok. I will try sending more. Sorry but I don’t have so much time to read every post on this page. Maybe the extra characters will speed things up a bit!

            • No worries. They should definitely help speed things up as you’ll earn 200 sending four characters instead of just 50 from one.

      • I was sending Bart, Lisa, Millhouse and Unicorn to each of 4 beasts, now I am sending all four to fight Morty. I am clearing the tower every 4 hours also and just falling further behind.

        How do you release the beasts? It says to release them and when I tap on them it says job isnin progress for 4 hours but never completes.

  20. My Montymort seems to be stuck in the school ruins. Any tips?

  21. I don’t object to the event being EAsy. But I’m finding it joyless.

  22. I hate to say this but this is the first event where I’ve considered chucking in the game. There’s been no enjoyment for me, it’s not a THOH or even a Halloween event. This event could have been used sometime next year. Have EA possibly ran out of ideas? It can’t be that there isn’t enough content to pull from from the Simpson stratosphere considering we’ve had over 20 of THOH’s.
    I’m not a person who cares for Halloween or Christmas, but, there are certain events that for me are staples of this game that you know are coming up and will be good. Alas last years ‘Christmas’ and this ‘Halloween’ events have not even been close.

    I’m undecided at the moment if I’ll continue playing, and I’ve been playing since day 1.


  23. People are going to lose their minds if Christmas sucks again. That could be the final nail in the coffin for some longtime tappers.

  24. Hard to satisfy all. Too difficult and too easy, somebody will be complaining.

  25. It’s just not Halloween if you’re not sending the kids on a trick or treat task. The Halloween update has not interested me at all. That said, it’s not as bad as last year’s Christmas

    I’m just hoping that they don’t stuff Christmas up this year.

    • I rather liked last Christmas…
      But only because it was like a second Halloween, and not caring as much about Christmas, well… just liked having two Halloweens…
      So I feel for those who love them some Christmas…
      Now I know how you feel, because Halloween was taken and instead we were given just another update, that could have been considered sort of Halloween-y
      Like last year’s Christmas was sort of Christmas-y…
      I miss you Halloween.
      Merry Christmas.

      • Was last year the Christmas one where you could drop naughty or nice presents on neighbors? That was about the only thing cool about that event. That gnome in a box was just awful! Yet another 6 minute show segment that these game writing yahoos extend into 6 weeks! Man I wish they decide to do a complete game overhaul soon. These 3 act events with just a different skin from the last 50 events need to be replaced

  26. As soon as I hit the final prize I will be de- Halloweening my town and turning on my Christmas lights (globe already in use). It can’t come soon enough for me……..💜X

  27. Thank you for LOL!!!

  28. It’s been a dreadful THOH, very boring. Let’s hope for better things ahead!

  29. Well… now I’m just waiting for a really great Christmas event…

  30. The Full Nelson

    Amen, brother. Preach.

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