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Patch/Changes to fix bugs…define features…and more?

Yep…we just got “patched!”

EA just did a patch update that seems to have done a couple of things that are obvious.
1. The killed all of the Mini-Update Poochie related tasks that were lingering (and perhaps added a Glitch that blows up some of the content…) make that…they killed Poochie!
2. Changed the color of the zoo walls (weirdly one of those, “huh? This was worth patching???)
3. Appears to have added a MAJOR Glitch where all of the Poochie mini event content is now missing…
4. They have rolled back a bunch of “Bonus %”…perhaps hiding the Springfield Heights % again.

It’s a SNAFU!!  (Situation Normal…All F’d Up!)

EA….it seems that this update had the wrong calendar/clock in the code.  We get Teenage Homer…and lose progress from the last mini-update??  See???  This is what happens when you mess with time/space!!!

EA>>>>How about getting your programming team to understand versions of the code??  As in…if you don’t update to the latest, it rolls back when you go live with something associated with an old date…  GENIUS!!

They also patched a couple of holes in the code that allowed some exploitation of a task or two.

So far…that is it.
Let us know if you see anything else!

UPDATE… another patch being offered? We’ll keep you posted.
Someone at EA just had an “AH #%%&$!!” moment…

North Pole Station Glitch

Several of you are posting about the glitch that is showing up regarding the North Pole Station. This is clearly a “skin glitch” (they should have that looked at by a dermatologist!), as it has affected not only those who purchased it new with this update, but those who already had it in their game (like me).

As I already had it, I can’t address those who are trying to place it, but…some testing proved that it is a bit of a “Mirage” at this point.

After the update hit, the station appears to be two clicks out of whack with the track.

However…the monorail runs perfectly fine, as if the tracks are connected!!
The full size train, pulling into and out of the station is the tip off that all is well…even though it looks weird.

HOWEVER…when I adjust the station to match the track…it suddenly behaves as if it is NOT connected, and I get the short, two-car monorail, just bumping back and forth.

I suspect this same anomaly has something to do with the attempts to add the new station, and have it keep saying you need “7 more pieces of track.” It is confused…to say the least.

SOLUTION?  WAIT IT OUT. EA will have to fix it. Look for a bug patch before too long…it is widely reported.