Invasion Before Christmas Act II – Calendar and Math to Get It ALL!

Boom!!!  Just like that…we are way into our first introduction of another “ism” in our games…and if you drop the donuts, two of them right away (Buddha and Shiva).  And, if you are like most who took Alissa’s advice (and who wouldn’t take Alissa’s advice???), you stockpiled a bunch of daily tasks and wrapping paper, to allow you to play a bunch of “Re-Gifting” games as soon as the currency changed. So, you are already way ahead of the calendar I am going to share.

No? You didn’t listen to Alissa?  You are starting fresh?  Well…perhaps this is YOUR first lesson in dharma!

The numbers for Act II are pretty simple…and really aren’t any different from Act I…but the prizes…oh, the prizes…are so much better! Especially if you like a bunch of religions of all sorts coming to your town to fight the aliens. And who doesn’t like that??  It’s as if we got “Independence Day” and “The Greatest Story Every Told” all rolled into one…and then Buddha and Shiva showed up for good measure!

Let’s take a look…and do our best to understand dharma!

So yes…dharma is a word…and not just the name of a lame sitcom character from a show in the 1990s, which ironically starred someone who is an avowed Scientologist (I know!! Who thought Wookiee would be right about that?).

Dharma – dɑːrmə, ˈdʌr-/[8], [dʱəɾmə] ( listen); Sanskrit: धर्म, translit. dharma, Pali: धम्म, translit. dhamma, translit. dhamma) is a key concept with multiple meanings in the Indian religions — Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. There is no single word translation for dharma in Western languages.

In Hinduism, dharma signifies behaviours that are considered to be in accord with rta, the order that makes life and universe possible,  and includes duties, rights, laws, conduct, virtues and ‘‘right way of living’’.

In Buddhism dharma means “cosmic law and order”, but is also applied to the teachings of the Buddha. In Buddhist philosophy, dhamma/dharma is also the term for “phenomena,” Dharma in Jainism refers to the teachings of tirthankara and the body of doctrine pertaining to the purification and moral transformation of human beings. For Sikhs, the word dharm means the path of righteousness and proper religious practice.

PHEW!!  So who knew that one word could have so many meanings??  Kind of like the word, “righteous.”  Right?

Anyway…you will soon realize that in Act II, the dharma of the game, isn’t so much “striving to get it all,” but more, “wiping out the aliens in a systematic, methodical way as to allow us to celebrate the power of many religions.”  As with Act I, you will get the chance to tap your own way! No need for an “every 4 hour” login- which should allow you to actually ENJOY the Holiday break, no matter how you celebrate the season.

Here are the calendars. As I said, if you played the start smart, you are already well into Day 2, or maybe even Day 3.  But, no worries…the pace is EAsy, and the Prizes are Great!

ATTENTION!!! A reader caught a mistake, that has been corrected! Dr. Hibbert and Kwanza are indeed 9,400…not 8,200 as previously listed! 


And here is the Digital Version for the “Non-Gregorian” types (which may be a religion in and to itself!).

I think the graphic above pretty much tells you who is going to win this battle…

So, back to dharma…
If we are trying to become enlightened in the game of TSTO (and life), perhaps the real answer is to find your own pace, with your own sense of accomplishment, that doesn’t blow up the REAL life that you are living. Right?
Apparently, the aliens understand the addictive nature of padular devices…

Unbrainulizer…HA! I had to read that slowly to get it…but then again, I was staring at my padular device at the time!

The math? 

Pretty much the same as the last Act. You are going to get at least 960 of the  Tomes every day (if you clear all of the robo funzos) …and with the added tomes that can be earned through Daily Challenges, and playing the ReGifting Game, hitting the 1379 a day to stay on track is going to be a snap…or a zap…or a  tap…or however you clear your RoboFunzos.

The key isn’t really to getting it all…it is enjoying the journey, and then appreciating the rewards as they come. As JC (those who know Jesus well call him JC) said, “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?”

That could also be construed as, “what good is it to tap your brains out for digital baubles, if your life ends up sucking because of it?” Or something like that.

For this reason, this update may be one of the best ever…and I say that as someone who has not been particularly thrilled with MOST of the updates this year. I am stoked…thankful…and looking forward to the dharma that can bring on the karma,  that may shape how we enjoy TSTO in coming lives (as every update is like a rebirth, and a chance to get it right…right?).

Man. I need some coffee. All of this deep religious philosophy has my head spinning.  Bring on Santa! Bring on Jesus! Bring on the Dude with six arms! I love them all!

67 responses to “Invasion Before Christmas Act II – Calendar and Math to Get It ALL!

  1. I enjoy this event and try not to take it seriously, it’s just a silly game. Things that came off as weird to me at first but I then shrugged off as “just a game”:

    – No one found in America who admits that he/she does not believe in a God(des) (while in reality many nice and tolerant people do not believe in man written books, but in their own values, experiences and things that can be proven as facts)

    – Buddha’s behavior (which of course has nothing to do with Buddhism), tattoos, skin color and that he is called a God (which is a misconception of people who think that everyone needs to believe in a God while there are many more tolerant and peaceful world views than [abrahamic] religions that are perfectly fine without any deity).

    – Jesus’ skin color (no white people in Nazareth etc. back then)

    But, as I said, it’s just a fun game, not about reality. 🙂

  2. Always thankful for this!
    This is the first time I’ve been so far ahead on the calendar. I’ve already got the 2nd-to-last prize. I haven’t even been going to neighbors. Granted, I haven’t had to go to work much these couple of weeks, but usually it feels almost impossible to catch up if I don’t play constantly – now this event feels a bit more relaxed. Glad I finally started playing again in time for it to start.

  3. I don’t know if it’s just my game, or what, but my prize track isn’t slated to get Kwanzaa Dr. Hibbert until 9400 tomes. I also didn’t get conductor Otto with my train. My game might just be glitchy.

  4. Hit Dr. Hibbert and Kwanza this morning on all my games. Feels good to be a couple days ahead so I can enjoy Christmas.

  5. Is anyone else having problems finding funzos? My funzo finder keeps getting stuck on the stone cutters lodge after only tapping about 5 robots and I have problems finding anymore robots on the map so feel I’m missing out and not getting the full amount of event currency. Help?

    • Some of the characters have a funzo floating above their head. If that character is doing a task inside a building the locator will take you to that building, but you can’t clear the funzo. You have to wait till the character is outside the building to tap on it. Took me a while to figure that out.

    • That’s because one of the characters in the lodge is hypnotized by one of the hovering Funzos. Go to Town Hall and find the character who’s hypnotized from among the characters in that building. Then tap the Go To button and it will free the Funzo attached to that character.

  6. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    8200 vs 9400?
    Other sites still state 8200.
    No problem.
    Right now, I guesstimate I’ll hit 9,400 sometime around midnight, just before or just after the next Daily Challenge and 450 tokens is awarded.

    Then comes the fun of using the BS’ers. Looking forward to those.

  7. Sips his coffee …. I’m grateful for Patric’s Event Calendar (an grateful I’m a Day Ahead in average Event Currency earnings – so I hope to get all of the Event Prizes via the guidance of Dharma)👍

    ☮️ To All

  8. I love the look of this act’s prizes with 2 characters, 2 costumes, 2 free land tokens and 4 buildings. The items look more fully Christmas-y than in the last act with some items that are Christmas-y but have the Rigellian twist. Hopefully with the saved up daily challenges from act 1, I can get Jack Frost and the Candy Cave before the very end of the year. :)🎄❄️🎄❄️

  9. hi i was wondering what the actual value is for kwanzaa dr hibbert? the turbo tappin questline post states it is 9,400 but the calender says 8,200? which is the corrct value? thanks

  10. I had over 200 gift wrap saved when the update hit, so I’m already a few days ahead of the calendar. Loving this event, gonna love not having to do 4h grind throughout festivities and family time on christmas eve & day… The prize track is amazing this event. I didn’t mind the Halloween event’s theme, but this one is just spot on!

  11. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Alas, I was without Internet access for close to,a day before this Event started. And I had stored Daily Challenges.
    So when I got back in, I zoomed, ZOOMED! I got bored tapping Rigellians and Protecting the Simpson House.

    I’m a breath away from 6,000. And, in three hours or so, will be halted in progress by awaiting Kwanza Hibert.

    Off to a luncheon of old fart retirees in a few hours. Relax and await the ‘morrow. Who knows if my next Daily Challenge will be a
    Regifter or tapping 40 flying Aliens 👽.

    Today will be calm.

    BTW, if ‘Alien’ means ‘not of this earth’, what does that mean for,
    “The reason for the Season ” ??

  12. In the holiday bizarre, there is an item called Christmas float. It say it costs 20 donuts and the rebate is 20 donuts and there’s also a bonus donut thing on top. Does this mean the item is free or they mistyped? Also how do rebates work?

    On a completely different note, I’ve read the word “bank” in some of your articles; what does it mean and how does it work?

  13. I guess, “Should I spend 199 donuts on Jesus?” is kind of a dumb question. 😀 This is a really fun event, and aliens really do make it cooler and more hilarious! Wishing all of you the best of the season and much joy!

  14. I have one question about arctic hypertrain and Otto conductor. Is this a costume for Otto?

      • Does it come with Otto if you don’t have him already?

        • No, it’s just a skin for Otto. So if you don’t have Otto, the skin will sit in your Inventory until you get him and use the skin.

          • How do I get Otto? I just realized I didn’t have him when i couldnt use the skin and can’t find him in the premiums.

          • I have otto conductor skin waiting in my inventory but i cannot find the school bus and character to purchase! 🙁

          • To get Otto the quick way is to visit future store in Springfield heights. Otherwise, click the hammer and saw in the bottom right of your screen, then click the Bart homer and dog (santas little helper) in top left of pop up screen and scroll through until you see Otto, he costs 120 donuts

          • Otto is MIA from both the Furniture Store in SH & the store icon in the bottom right. Heh, figures…EA gives a skin as a prize, but removes the character the skin goes with. Not that it matters as I spent most of my donuts on Jesus. In the name of the Father, Son & Holy Sprinkles, Amen.

            Time for some KEM

  15. Aliens makes events cooler. The best halloween events were alian related.

  16. I’d like to be able to send Lyla into Deuce’s Caboose and have them make her One with Everything.

  17. This event is really good, especially in comparison to recent ones, but, is it really better than Stonecutters?

    They need a Stonecutters 2 to let people finish off the stuff they didn’t finish the first time! That was right when I started and I didn’t know what the heck I was supposed to be doing, but, it was still very entertaining and I’ve waited for some of those elements to be incorporated into events since then and have been disappointed.

    That being said, it’s nice to have a Christmas event that makes almost everyone happy instead of a “controversial” one that ends up more hoopla than substance.

    Merry/Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night…

  18. So whoever has barricaded themselves in EA hq and taken over this update, please stay put. Great funny dialogue, visual tasks, prizes (free & prem), crafting items, pace of play. I could go on and on. I have absolutely nothing negative to say. Yes, TSTO hijackers we will be needing you for all updates henceforth☺️………🍾🎉🎅🏼………💜X

  19. Loving the train but will it fly or be apart of the monorail, hope its the monorail, if it is everything else is a bonus🚄🚅🚆🚇🚈🚊

    • Mine is just like any other decoration. Perhaps it will change during the quest associated with it, but I would be very surprised if it became part of the monorail. So far all it does is make a train sound when I tap it, and with Otto using it, the door opens and has light in it and steam comes out that turns multicolor.

      • Got it now and very disappointing, I already have a gold train, asking to much for it to be part of the monorail maybe😢😢😢

  20. Wall of text did not explain how shiva elf bart or elf lisa or any other character would earn event currency as advertised

  21. An event that doesn’t penalise you for having a life, going out for the night or getting some sleep, who’d a thunk of that ?!!
    Loving the theme, the gameplay and the prizes, and we’ll see if the walkthrough gives clues as to characters earning, or if that remains under wraps as a festive surprise. Still saving sprinkles and reckon I need at least double what I have for the things I really want.

  22. I thought dharma was what you ended up with when your dogma got run over by your karma.

  23. A typical ‘Patric’ again 😂

    On my way to Nirvana I am currently in an ant-like stadium of existence – grinding 4h for donuts…

    TO GET IT ALL!!! 🤑

    Gautama B. say something about material goods, but I mute my device 😜
    In 45 minutes it is T+12. I could manage to keep the 4h time frame over the day, though many disturbances like work, meetings and even my wife are obviously conspiring to ruin my game, if not my day 🧐

    Maybe, even as an atheist, I’ll gain some spiritual blessing from G.B., Shiva and Rabbi K. (maybe even from J.C. later? His father is sometimes rather strict about diverging points of view… Oops, Mr. K is also knocking on the brackets!).

    For now I’m enjoying this event, Quiznox/Christmas/Hanukkah/Yuletide (yes, my pagan features from last year’s event are still alive 😀 ) or whatever you may call it.

    Happy tapping, happy holidays for all of you.
    For me, the reunion of my family is the greatest gift this time of year can bring.
    For the first time we will NOT make any gifts (aside of some sweets we will consume together then), instead enjoy the holidays the way they’re meant to be. Consumerism in TSTO: my private issue. On Christmas: not necessary any more. Finally.

    • Well…to some, even Atheism is a religion. But, I like your attitude. In the end, as long as you leave this place better than how you found it, and enjoy the ride, “you get it.”

      • Sorry, but atheism is not a religion. 😛 It’s the lack of religions, the lack of belief in the existence of deities. Despite what Farnsworth says, we do not pray to the all powerful Atheismo, as mighty and all-knowing as he may be!

        • Well…any “ism” is a religion to me. All you have to do is read Dawkins, or Hitchens to realize that they are/were more adamant about their lack of belief than most are about their belief in “something.” When you turn it into a cottage industry (as Dawkins has) they are no better than the rash of religious self-help or new age authors who promise that they “have the answers.” It’s really not about the “who” you think you are praying to…but the belief structure you may have in what is/isn’t on your radar.

          I prefer to believe that science and intelligent design can work very nicely together. Science is doing a pretty good job these days of proving that there is a hellofalot of things we don’t understand about the “where we came from” and “why we are here,” to completely blow off any hint of “a plan” or “method.” When you stack up the incredibly huge list of “coincidences” that had to happen from the Big Bang, to get us to where we are today, the odds are clearly stacked against it ever happening without some rational order involved. Once you bring quantum mechanics and the possibility of “external consciousness” into play, all bets are off.

          So…I’m cool with you calling yourself a part of any “ism” you choose. But, to say that there is no room for any sense of “something else” at work, is hubris at its worst.

        • Not all religions are theistic. I wouldn’t worry too much about the labels myself…. especially since there is such diversity in the personal meaning of the very word god even within the same religion.

          Any religion is simply a framework on which you hang your ideas about how you relate to and deal with the rest of the universe, including people and other animals.

          Everybody has a framework, what they call it doesn’t matter. People not involved with one of the formal religions sometimes prefer to call it an ethical framework.

          Not to worry, just keep tapping! May donuts be with you.

      • While repairing some pitchmarks on a green of a golf course I was a guest player on, my friend once said: why do you do this? These aren’t yours!

        ‘Cause I wouldn’t like to have MY putt being stopped by such one, I said.

        Some people don’t repair their pitchmarks, they don’t care. ‘We pay enough greenfee’ these would say. Or they are totally oblivious about the needs of others.
        Some people (senior players) are simply not able to bend their backs enough to reach the ground and do the repairing.

        The annoying pitchmark is there, existing unaware of the reasons the player – who caused it – has not to repair it by himself.

        And I have the ability to repair it in a few seconds.

        Whenever I have the possibility to repair a pitchmark in real life (though some hardcore golfers say, RL is between tee 1 and 18) I do it. To leave a better green, on the golf course or RL.

        • YOU sir…are a worthy member of any club! I too am a fanatic about pitch marks and divots. Actually, most of our club is trained that way. HATE lazy players who just don’t care about being courteous! And that goes double for people who leave cigarette butts or cigar butts on the course or greens!

  24. This event is awesome ♥🎅♥

  25. I think you got a lesson in dharma, I mean karma.

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