Shadow Government Mystery Box

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another day, another Mystery Box arrives in Springfield!  This time, as part of a political mini event, the Shadow Government Box is full of Spy and Government themed goodies from years past!

This is a premium box full of your chance to get those limited-time premium character/building/decorations with a spy/government flair to them.  By now we should all be familiar with how Mystery Boxes work, so let’s jump to the breakdown of what’s inside…

This Mystery Box is a great way to get items you may have missed out on from Previous Events at a low price…

And…if you already have everything in the box you won’t see the box in your store. 

So for 60 donuts you can have your shot at a variety of  politcally inspired premium characters, skins, decorations and buildings from the past,  60 Donuts is equal to or less than the initial value for each item (although some were initially prizes, so they were free when released)

Shadow Government Mystery Box Leaves Games on January 16th

Here’s what you can win…

Stradivarius Cain– Originally Free (prize), Previous post

Wayne Slater– Originally Free (prize), Previous post

James Bont (& Death Table)– Originally Free (prize), Previous Post

Russ Cargill– Originally 80 Donuts, Should I Buy

Adil Hoxha– Originally 75 Donuts, Should I Buy

Femme Fatale– Originally 60 Donuts, Should I Buy

All Seeing Eye– Originally 100 Donuts, Should I Buy

Republican Party HQ– Originally 90 Donuts, Should I Buy

President Lisa– Originally Free (prize) , Previous Post

Mastermind Hank Scorpio– Originally 120 Donuts, Should I Buy

Now, while I know you can’t pick and choose which items you want from the box, I included the Should I Buy (or details) posts from the past so y’all can see how much they originally cost & what specifically each building/character does.

60 Donuts is a meh price for most of these items…especially since a bunch of them were originally free…but still 60 donuts is a fair price for most of the items at least.  So my thoughts are, if you have something in there you want…give it a try.  You’ll likely get something worth it.

And that’s it my friends!  The details on the Shadow Government Mystery Box….

What are your thoughts on the Mystery Box? Have you tried it yet? What have you won so far? What do you hope to get? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


57 responses to “Shadow Government Mystery Box

  1. I got Russ Cargill, but I can’t believe I can’t get Mastermind Hank just because I got Hank Scorpio before. He would be the best to get in this whole mini-event.


  2. I keep purchasing Hank Scorpio from this mystery box, but it’s not showing up. It’s still saying it’s for purchase and hasn’t disappeared. Has anyone had this problem? I’ve checked my storage too.


  3. So Mastermind Scorpio was the only item I needed from the box (I do not own Scorpio or Volcano Lair). Naturally, I jumped all over getting the package for 60 donuts, but when I check my storage, all I have is the costume, and clicking on it tells me I need to purchase Scorpio/Volcano to use. Anyone else having this problem?


    • You won the Costume…not the character. It’s not a problem or a bug, it’s how it’s intended. You need Hank Scorpio to use the costume. Just like you would need Jasper to use Jasper’s Stonecutters outfit. You can purchase it & it’ll sit in your inventory until you decide to purchase the premium character required.


      • Wait no I got hank Scorpio as well


        • Yeah, that’s why I’m confused. I went ahead and used my donuts when I saw other people here say they got Scorpio/Volcano/Costume bundled together with the box.


      • Not true. I never had Hank Scorpio before, and I just now won him in the Mystery Box – with the lair and the extra costume. So you can definitely get the whole shebang for 60 donuts. Maybe EA has fixed this issue in the last 5 days?


  4. Freemium player… already have the free items and Hank Scorpio, and first hit I get All-Seeing Eye, the most expensive one left! Sweet!


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