The Buck Stops Here Prize Breakdown: Capital City Convention Center

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ah the first update of 2018 is upon us!  As the Buck Stops here mini-event rolled through Springfield last week.  Gotta love mini-events, a nice relaxing way to enjoy some downtime in TSTO but still have something to keep you tapping every so often.

Remember, this event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of the Well-Scare State questline, you’ll have to earn  via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

Let’s take a look at the details of the second prize, the Capital City Convention Center.  What it does and how you unlock it…

The second prize unlocked during the Buck Stops Here Mini Event is the Capital City Convention Center:

Here are some more details behind it…

How You Unlock It: Wel-Scare State Pt. 2
Build the Capital City Plaza Hotel- 4hr build
Make Lisa Run the Liberal Convention- 3hrs
Earn Executive Orders- x250

Size: 7×11
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Consumerism +10
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $90, 10xp/4hrs
Animation: Animated when in use

It does come with some short dialogue and a 1 part task, here’s a look at it now:

A Convention’s Convention

Lisa: Ooh, the Capital City Convention Center! A Mensa convention would fill this place to 2% capacity, which is equal to the percentage of the population smart enough to join!
DrNick: I could book a medical convention to get free samples so I can stop using the same scalpel over and over…
Homer: The Gummi convention could come back…
CBG: I could book Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con! I’ve got a He-Man cosplay I’ve been wanting to wear!
Dr Nick:
Quimby: As a government official, I can’t stop your right to express yourself by wearing a loin cloth in public as a grown man under the guise of liking an old children’s cartoon.  But I can do what the government does best: impede your grossness with endless red tape!
Make Springfielders Go Through Red Tape- x5. 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp Freemium and $260, 70xp Premium

And that completes the details of the second Buck Stops Here prize!

What are your thoughts on the Capital City Convention Center? Where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

17 responses to “The Buck Stops Here Prize Breakdown: Capital City Convention Center

  1. I like that this building has a similar design to the Skating Rink and as soon as I unlocked and placed it, straight away I have done a nice little design for this and placed it with the Plaza Hotel. I know I asked this same question on the Plaza Hotel post but does are there any tasks at the CC Convention Centre after the quest. I also can’t wait to unlock the Hall of Records since I am still working on getting it but I did see that some players said that it was smaller than they thought it would be.

  2. Gus, as far as the stonecutter skins being worth it….

    Consider the benefit of a stand alone character in terms of cash income benefit. 60 donuts is considered a good deal. 3 skins for 30 donuts has the same income increase……

  3. Someone’s new here..

  4. Are you guys going to do a break down of the premium StoneCutter’s skins? This is the first stab I’ve had at anything SC related…I picked up the alien guy (#51) and the SC lodge, but the other SC skins seem to offer mediocre reward at best from what I’ve read online…Moe’s SC skins actually offers no bonus to his regular job rates at all.

    • No. I’ve made the decision not to. I’ve got a lot going on right now and something had to give, so I decided that we have loads of posts about stonecutters (two sets actually, since they came back already after their initial release). You can find the Stonecutters posts by searching this site or checking out the Stonecutters event page.

      Or this from the Black Market sale (last time they came back)

      They’re 10 donuts…for the costumes. If you want them, buy them.

  5. My yee haw land box is still empty
    When are you guys going to put prizes in it
    The episode is already over and it says 4 days left?
    Do I need to reinstall, I hate when I have to reinstall?

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