Simpsons Did It…Again

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So while we wait for an update to hit…or just the snow to leave Springfield…I thought it would be interesting to take a look at a couple new “Simpsons did It” Moments….

First, many of you commented about this when it happened in December, but for those who don’t know…The Simpsons totally predicted the House of Mouse buying FOX:

This was back in 1998. It took nearly 20 years but it came true.

Second, a more recent one.  This happened just a couple of days ago on January 14th in Santa Ana California.  An unfortunate car accident….a car was driving at an unsafe speed, hit the median, went airborne and got stuck in the side of a dentist office. The driver remained stuck in the car while it dangled from the building (two people ultimately suffered minor injuries, but in the end are ok.  Although the driver was arrested for DUI)

It looked like this:

I don’t think anyone has ever seen anything like this…or have they?

From Season 8, E17 My Sister, My Sitter….poor Moleman.

It’s becoming uncanny…and kinda creepy!

Thoughts? Just waiting for what’s next? Sound off below.

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  1. I also get these updates and really really hope that this is related to fixing that awful bugs that are in some Springfields since last summer. I have them since beginning of December and they are so annoying… character button does not work, rail yard does not work (no donuts here!), tapping radius down to minimum, some buildings are generating event currency to name only some of them. The user that has created the EA forum thread around these bugs last summer (see below) has reported that he got an reply to his EA ticket now saying they are now fixing this. Oh, please EA… fix mine, too! 🙂 So far, in my Springfield there are only more buildings generating different kinds of event currency now… maybe it has to get worse before it gets better?
    If you also experience those bugs in your Springfield, this thread in the EA forum gives you more information:

  2. After 4 years of tapping, finally decided to ‘splurge’ on buying Moleman. Now this. Coincidence?

  3. Anyone else think it is weird that TSTO releases a teaser for Homergeddon the same day a meteor lights up the sky in Michigan?

  4. New update here.
    3pm pst

  5. In-game update is live on Android!!!

  6. I remember hearing of the first one when I seen a picture of Homer strangling Micky with the caption ‘Welcome to the family, man.’ underneath. I never heard of the second one. Also there is a new update but it’s an in game one not the store update (probably a teaser for the next event).

  7. Good timing. The update is here in the UK. Homer is doing his 8 hour task and I’m off to sleep. Goodnight! 😀

  8. Drunky Road update downloaded and running.

  9. UPDATE is here 🤖

  10. So no update then ?
    Looks like we all have the snow for a while yet ?

  11. Alex - aabcampos2

    I think the Trump as president was there one of the best.

  12. It’s almost as if people are watching old episodes and thinking, “you know what? That’s a great idea… We should try that!”

  13. Alias de la plume

    Haha I didn’t even put the second one together and I live near where it happened

  14. …and let’s not forget the fugu incident in Japan two days ago:

    Straight from “One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish”, the eleventh episode of season 2.

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