New Teaser for Homergeddon is Live

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A teaser update (likely for next event)  has hit our games this evening.  Kicks off with placing 50 year supply of Ice cream and an 8hr task for Homer.

This is IN GAME nothing to download from the app store. So don’t look there… nothing will show up in the app store. Just start up TSTO and the update should auto download for you. If not hard close TSTO and/or restart your device.   Again it’s IN GAME…NOT APP STORE.

I’m going to cover the ins and outs for the teaser update in the first post of the day tomorrow morning (roughly 12hrs from now). Since the first task is 8hrs it gives you guys the evening to send Homer and then more details will be up tomorrow when you wake up.

Use this post to discuss the teaser update….we’ll have another (off update topic) post up from Pat shortly.


45 responses to “New Teaser for Homergeddon is Live

  1. I am on level 502 and still can’t get side show

    • Level means nothing. Do all the quests. Tap on Bob in other towns. Then eventually you get Bob’s quest. It will take months for you tap Bob enough to get him.

  2. I have gotten no mini event at all to start on My level 42 game, all characters free and all tasks from The last mini event done. Anyone else experiencing this????

    • You need to be level 60. I was level 52 when the teaser started I did a bit of farming and as soon as I hit the level 60 I ve got deep space homer (you have to get out of the game to make the event start when you hit the level 60.

  3. Mini Events are back again !
    And once again, first hour players that already have completed these ones can’t have access to the premium items related to these events in their store.
    So unfair…
    Bad Bad EA ! 😡😡😡

  4. Little bit annoying that we have 8 hour wait times !
    Still, it is just filling time before the next main event I suppose.

  5. Youri Van Boxtel

    What do you guys mean with Homer the heretic and Rommelwood etc.?

  6. Im kind of hoping that with a confectionary based event we may get a discounted Utter. Although I just spent all my donuts on the vault, so if so i hope i get some time to farm new ones.

  7. Thanks Alissa, your Yankees are looking good so far, are they after Darvish as well?

    • I hope not. I’m not very high on Darvish. I think our rotation plus what we’ve got in the minors is great stuff…i’d rather see is spend the money for a 3rd baseman (1 year deal) & assume we play Wade/Toe at 2nd for a month and then call up Torres.

  8. I got a quest prompt for a chili eating contest. Anyone know what that’s about?

  9. It seems weird that we still have the Christmas splash screen. I would imagine that we will be getting a downloadable update next Tuesday that will launch a new event (and give us a new splash screen).

  10. Already had the treehouse. Got the building but no task for Homer then I stored the treehouse and replaced back in my game and task appeared for Homer.

  11. I just also got Homer the Heretic too as the mini-event. I rushed through that mini-event & I thought that maybe when I was done playing Homer the Heretic that another mini-event would show up, but nothing else has appeared. A few months ago, I got to play both Deep Space Homer & the Chiliad. 😃

    • If you already played Rommelwood, then you’ve exhausted the list. If not, it should’ve triggered for you (unless they changed the list this time).

  12. Oops, I mean Rommelwood or Crook and Ladder

    • Quick heads up: You should get Rommelwood, but from my understanding, those saying Pin Pals and/or Crook and Ladder were part of the list were incorrect. I have finished Rommelwood, Chiliad, Deep Space, and Heretic. From what I understand, those are the only four, which would also explain why no new ones spawned for me today.

  13. I’d done that, but heard Homer the Heretic is back for some as well, may be another go at missed mini-events to keep peeps busy or to make sure you get a chance to acquire stuff that may come in handy later

  14. 8 hr for Homer
    Then another 8 hr for Homer and 2 hr for Bart
    Then 4 hr Homer and 4 hr for Bart.

    That’s where I’ve stopped with the rushing jobs. Just an FYI.

  15. I got Homer the Heretic

  16. Whoohooo! Got the French waiter for 35 sparklies! Soooo happy about it! Good start to the day!


  17. Mmmmmm. Ice cream. 😉

  18. I got deep space homer

  19. Anyone else get the chilli cook off.

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