Where Did That Come From? – Prepper Lindsey Naegle and Ruffians

When I saw this in Alissa’s “Assignment List,” I thought to myself…”Wait…didn’t I already do a post on this?”  The answer is… sorta.

In my January 5th, Friday Filler, I got deep into why I bought the Premium Character Lloyd (yes…we have been “prepping” that long), and his relationship to one of my favorite singer/writer/actors, Tom Waits.

You can find it here…

However…to put a finer point on things (and who doesn’t want to put a finer point when one can?), the assignment wasn’t about Lloyd…but about Prepper Lindsay, and the Ruffians. So, even though they are all from the aforementioned episode (love a word, like aforementioned…it’s so long, and legal/important sounding…even though it just means, “I already said it”), I will dive a tad deeper into the episode, and offer up a couple of hilarious screen shots, that actually have appeared in our ‘lil game. (I Hate the phrase, “‘lil game” but…sometimes I use it just to annoy myself, ironically).

So…when we first met Prepper Lindsey…
She was with the other Springfield Preppers, in Herman’s Military Antiques, as part of a group gathered to educate Homer on the need for “Prepping.”

“Homer Goes to Prep School” (E9S24) is the appropriately named episode…and rather than slide into the “NEED to start prepping” bit, in a world that is made more unsafe daily by the inhabitants that walk on two legs and have opposable thumbs (our monkey, ape and other primate friends excluded), this episode seems timely. But, then again, people have been “Prepping” long before Twitter, so I guess the state of alarm (our 51st state?) is overstated.

But, as Homer states, (boom! the state-quad-fecta! Using versions of the word “state four times in two lines) “I guess despite all of our so-called civilization, anarchy lurks around every corner, like a racially diverse street gang, on a network cop show.” Classic…

And to quote a quote I quoted in the other post (it’s not plagiarism if you steal from yourself), Lloyd says, “My friend…you just experienced WROL first-hand!”  To which Moe points to the “No Acronyms” sign.

Of course those who are REAL “Preppers” know that WROL stands for Without the Rule OLaw. In Lloyd’s words, “Anarchy, the end of civilization. Coming soon to an America new you.”

To which Homer replies, “America Can’t Collapse! We’re as  powerful as ancient Rome!”

OK…enough stealing from myselfand repeating things I already wrote. But, THIS is where Homer Meets the Preppers…

And MOST IMPORTANT…we get our first glimpse of Prepper Lindsey!

Homer goes home…and is found out as a “Prepper” by Bart. To Prep Bart about Prepping, Homer shows him a long list of Hollywood doomsday movies.  Asking Bart what he has learned, Bart replies, “Guys who call themselves Preacher or Deacon are very bad. Water is money, unless gasoline is money, and even though lots of things are razor sharp, nobody ever shaves.”

Again. Classic.

OOPS…I quoted myself Quoting Again…mostly. I actually changed a few lines, just like the AP does when they re-write a story and claim it as their own.

But, THIS is where we see the Ruffians… which are in a movie…in the episode…which is kind like watching “The Matrix,” or one of those other movies that have a movie in them, like the amazing Charlie Kaufman film, “Adaptation,” which is NOT about the end of the world, but about Orchids…and makes your head spin, trying to figure out the plot (kinda like this post). But, I digress…

So…once again…in the spirit of Brevity (I know…too late…right?), the plot is pretty simple, in that Homer ends up causing an EMP (see the other post for an explanation of an EMP), the town goes nuts, Homer moves the family to “the compound.”

I include this picture for those of you who want to recreate your own compound in your ‘lil game (damn…I have to stop doing that!), so you can be accurate!

But Homer and the family decide to escape (yes…this is a recurring theme with the Simpson family…always going home after leaving home).

In doing so, Homer cuts the wrong wires (he thought he was cutting the alarm wires), and we see the “50 Years of Ice Cream” vault, melt and explode.

So…yes…the prize that we got weeks and weeks ago…in an entirely DIFFERENT update, finally makes sense.  And you thought “Adaptation” was hard to follow????

When the Preppers give chase to the Simpsons…we get to see another hilarious animation that has popped up in the game…and is one of the funniest in quite some time…Lindsey, tooling around on her office chair, by way of machine gun kickback.

I tried to find a video that would prove that this is possible…and I have to think they are out there somewhere…

But the best I could find was THESE using a fire extinguisher…which is NOT the same as a machine gun. And thank goodness for that, or all of the War movies would just look silly!

But DID stumble upon this weird one of a chair moving by itself…Paranormally!
Which of course is NOT the same as moving with a machine gun…unless the ghost we can’t see, was killed trying to move his office chair with a machine gun, before his “unfortunate passing.”  But, I digress, again…

Bottom line…Lindsey is hilarious (her “bug out” animation is almost as good as the machinegun/office chair one).

BUT…I am still bummed that Lloyd isn’t voiced!

What do YOU think of Lindsey?  Was she worth all of the tapping??? I just don’t want to get her upset at me in any way…she is strapped.
And BONUS QUESTION… WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SHOW PREPPER TYPES WITH CONFEDERATE FLAGS??? Do they rEAlly think the South will rise again after Armageddon?



8 responses to “Where Did That Come From? – Prepper Lindsey Naegle and Ruffians

  1. I’m keeping her in her prepper Orange. Tasks are much more interesting that her business attire.

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    🏳️ my post-apocalyptic flag 😂

  3. Excellent!

    These posts are EXACTLY what I want in to read with my morning coffee after I set my Springfield on tasks. (Most of the internet tends to complain about what the event is not rather then focusing on everything it IS)

    Looks like I’ll need to free up another 20 land squares for this one. However my Springfield I’m working on is only 3 months old so I’m missing a lot of the important decorations for building the compound fully. Chicken coops and tents will help (someday)
    Thanks for the post Patric, never disappointed.

    • I am doing the same…in fact I am looking forward to the event being over, so I can store the playgrounds and get to the real planning and building of my Outlands area.

  4. I LOVE PREPER LINDSEY! that is all

  5. I was wandering that too
    The flag means heritage not preparatige!

  6. I was waiting for this post. Thanks Patric!
    Wasn’t sure what a ‘Prepper’ was until I read this.
    Love that we are getting a second outfit for Lindsey & her tasks are funny. Well worth the tapping I say 🙂

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