Rollback Glitch

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Seeing loads of reports (more so each day) coming in from players indicating their games suddenly think it’s a year or more ago!  They’re seeing questlines and tasks popup from events that happened months and even years ago. Examples include (but not limited to): Being asked to collect Red Ribbons (from County Fair), Pie Man questlines appearing (from Superheros) and more!

In addition, players may lose all new content related to Homer vs. the 18th Amendment!

If this happens to you…..

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix I can offer you. Uninstall/reinstall won’t help.  What you’ll have to do is contact EA directly and likely they’ll have to roll your game back a day or two in order to correct the issue. You can contact EA here:

Hopefully, that helps those of you struggling with this issue out!  Unfortunately, while I wish I could, there’s no quick fix I can offer.  This is the best/only way to get your individual game corrected.

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  1. Miss H R Levers

    Can’t even login to my, change my password about 3 time and sill wont let me in, email EA now got to wait till Sunday to see if I can get in, if not Im am going the delete the game

  2. Sander van Aperloo

    Sinds yesterday I can’t login on my ea account I need it for the simpsons game Springfield tap out. I think it has to do with the new privacy check.
    Please can you help

  3. Got hit this afternoon, just reported it through the online form.

  4. Got hit with the rollback glitch this morning. Contacted EA, had a long discussion. They stated they are no longer rolling back the game due to problems with loosing doughnuts, etc. He said there is a special team working on the fix. But again they are not permitted to rollback the game.

    • Call again, ask for someone else. Someone JUST had one done last night (rollback), so it’s a lie.

      • So close to finishing the event and the glitch hit me for the second time on Friday. Talked to several EA reps and all are saying they aren’t doing the rollback anymore….
        At this point, if I get rolled back, I won’t be able to complete…

  5. Milhouse in the Brown house

    Third act of The Job just started. I was up early enough to collect one of every single item…
    …and then…
    Acts 2 and 3 items are locked again!
    Great job EA.

    I’m aware that I’m a spoiled brat. I know that I used to waste a lot of time clearing properties one by one. Figuring out where characters were hiding used to be quite a pain.
    Still…I’m used to my upgrades, and having a quest lock up items I need is pretty unacceptable.

    Oddly enough, I’m a little bit glad. I had reason to check in every hour for the railroad quest, but now I don’t show up until the four hour heists are done. The game is taking less of my time than before, so I’m going to call the experience a semi-successful intervention.

    Thanks EA! You’re not running my life anymore. Not as much, anyway.

  6. My problem is every time i open Tapped out, it has to download updates everytime which takes a long time plus I sometimes have to re sign in. Can anyone help.?

  7. Howard J. McEwen

    So what causes the glitch to happen?

  8. So glad you had just posted this. I had no idea what was happening. Thursday 4/12 before bed, my game was fine, first time loading it on Friday 4/13, it had this glitch. From when I first contacted EA, it took about 5 hours until my game was rolled back. I lost about a day and a half’s worth of progress in the game, a good day too.
    I lost about 6,000 of the current event currency and 500 of the event crafting currency, and 700,000 dollars of game currency. But the game is functioning fine again.

  9. 4+ year daily player quitting TSTO

    My Simpsons Tapped Out game is completely broken for the third time, which began during the Thanksgiving 2017 update and broke again on 3/18/18.

    This current issue began 3/31/18 and multiple contacts with customer support have been unproductive as they are unwilling to perform a game rollback, which temporarily fixed the performance issues the previous 2 times. Customer support reps stated that the studio team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix, but don’t have an ETA for resolution.

    This game breaking programming glitch has been lingering for several months now (forums state this has been on-going since at least June 2017) and I simply don’t understand how and why EA continues to tolerate this.

    The game is completely unplayable in current state, with my tap radius gone and no ability to jump to a character working among numerous other documented issues on your forums.

    This glitch should be an all hands on deck issue for EA’s development team to resolve.

    I’ve been playing this game multiple times daily for over 4 years now (level 430 town) and I refuse to continue until this issue has permanently fixed. I checked my game again as of today and it’s still broken over 2 weeks since the 3rd incidence of this glitch began.

    This is simply the death of the simpsons tapped out. The game has been killed by technical issues and complete incompetence from EA. Its tragic

  10. Ive got this glitch since i downloaded the new update. I thought they will come up with solution as always do but they still dont. And now ive got another glitch that crafting items Act 2 is locked. It makes me worry that if they never gonna fix this horrible glitch. Contact them in person and rollback & lose all items between the time is the only way?
    They always come up with solution when they hv bug or glitch and it helped before. That is why i didnt act anything and was waiting for the new update. Did i just waste time for nothing?

  11. I’ve been glitched since the St.Patrick’s event, hoping that a permanent fix was around the corner. Still waiting. It wouldn’t be so bad if the bug just let recycling/donut earning happen. I did some of Act 1 of this Heist event, but ultimately, I’ve decided to step away from the game. I don’t like the big buildings or the required crafting to make bonuses. I still watch the show though.

  12. Yep this is me right now 😭 waiting for 2 days for an email to tell me its been rolled back, hope i get reimbursed the gems and prizes I’m missing out on!

    • Spent 30 minutes on the phone last night with EA…was promised a rollback & email confirming such “within hours.” Well, it’s been 15 hours and nothing. I’ve officially uninstalled the game from my device…I wish EA knew how frustrating and upsetting this is to players who’ve been playing since the beginning of time!

      • So, I hope I’m not commenting too much but thought some people might care to know how persistant I am with my rollback request. As I’ve stated, I’ve been on them almost every 4 hours with emails, phone calls, anything I can do to get my game rolled back. I just got an email stating that there was some backlog of folks but that my rollback has been applied to the date I requested and that 100 donuts have been added to my game (which, if true, will come in handy as I’ve missed about 5 days of Act 2. Since I uninstalled the game completely from my phone, and since there’s no wifi here at work, I’m waiting until I get home tonight to verify all this…heck, whats 3 more hours at this point. I guess the point of this post is persistence friends. EA needs to know how much we value our games, especially when one has been playing as long as some of us…stand by for an update tonight…

        • So did it work?

          • Roll Back Glitch UPDATE:
            So, I got the Roll Back Glitch bug on Thursday 4/4. I was in contact with EA support via phone & email (at least 6 phone calls and probably double the amount of emails). I finally got a resolution on last night, Tuesday 4/10. My game was rolled back 6 days to 4/4 and I’m basically starting Act 2 over at the beginning…which stinks. However, I was firm but not a jerk with EA and that proved helpful as the tech who eventually did the Roll Back set me up with 100 donuts. Now, while that sounds all well and good, I’ll probably have to grind my butt off and end up using those donuts to get everything in Act 2 since I’m about 5 days behind. Regardless, the morale of the story is persistence for those dealing with this nonsense. And if you’ve never been infected…keep your fingers crossed because I’ve heard of SO many who are/have been. Just read the comments out on the playstore…1000’s of people dealing with this and there doesn’t seem to be any fix coming any time soon. And, 1st hand, it’s the absolute worst!!! EA support gets a grade of a D, even with the 100 donut bonus. Every tech has a thick overseas (think Apu) accent, which makes it very difficult to hold a conversation, and their willingness to rollback is VERY low on their to-do-list. I’ve read of folks who got the rollback only to get the same glitch hours, days, or even weeks later. This terrifies me as I’d hate to go through this again…I’ve been playing for 5 years and I’ve never seen anything like this; it’s horri-awful! If it happens to me again, I’m not sure I’d have the patience to go through all this again and might just bag it up. Would hate to throw 5 years away but this is non-sense. For all those dealing with this, again, be firm but don’t be a jerk, and hopefully a rollback will be in your future. Just thought I’d leave my experience here for others. Best wishes!

            • Joseph, I’m not able to do it either. honestly, I’d love to get them to fix it for my game, but I don’t know how far back it has failed. Just kinda been dealing with it. At this point, if I have to go through a roll back, i might as well quit the game.

          • Yes, it worked, and I got 100 donuts out of the deal…but will probably have to use those just to get everything in Act 2 as I’m about 5 days behind. Check out my update post on the Prince Albert questline page.

  13. So, the latest twist in the glitch is that today when I visit Plunderer Pete’s it tells me I need to reach Act 2 before I can craft items for the Tower of Springfield. Um, I’ve reached Act 2 – I’ve got people planning heists in the Tower of Springfield.
    The frustration continues to mount.

    • I’ve had the same issue since Friday…it’s like this isn’t a big priority for EA…I keep getting the run around…numerous calls, emails, yet no resolution. I can keep playing but to what avail…without a rollback, I can’t craft items to advance…

    • I developed this new part of the glitch last night. Everything tractable in act 2 is now locked. Uugghhh. As if the glitch wasn’t annoying enough! I would say my game gets re-glitched every few days now. So annoying!!

  14. I have contacted EA regarding the glitch. They are no longer doing the “rollback” as it, in many cases, is not taking. My case has been accelerated by the person who helped me and has been put in line with the others with this issue. I have been told that once a permanent fix has been found I will be contacted via email as to the next step.

  15. The only thing the customer service employee was able to say was that they work on a solution and I will get a mail.

    If they don’t come up with a solution WITHOUT a rollback and without giving us limited time content we missed due to the DRASTICALLY reduced functionality (more time necessary means less time for it and less donuts due to the degeneration of the railyard means less possibilities to catch on), they will NEVER ever receive a lousy Euro from my family and me and we will never ever buy an EA product.

    Then it’s bye, bye EA. For luck there are many other game producers in the world.

  16. I also called EA 2 times now with this issue. They wouldn’t roll my game back and I guess I’m now finished with the simpsons also. It’s a shame I enjoyed playing and spent plenty of money on it. Fustrating.

    • do you think we can get a refund? I invested a lot of money in 2017-2018 and finally reached 939 level just to hit that ugly bug.

        • mmm… and why not, Alissa?
          I have no legal background, but something is being completely screwed, what I paid for is no longer working, and telling me to accept it since it is “cloud” and “in-app” purschase(s) is not very customer-oriented.
          there should be SLAs in cloud business and when something is down for a user, this user have a right for refund/compensation.
          the point is: EA made mastake, huge mistake which affects signifcant number of users, they cannot provide a fix since weeks or months, the progress is lost, all the money invested were just burned.
          people are frustrated. or is it a plan to shut the game down completly?

          • You don’t pay for the game, you pay for the donuts. You received the donuts, did you not?

            By all means, spend hours trying, but the answer will end up being no.

          • What’s not working that you “paid” for? The game itself is still playable (I have been doing it for almost a month), albeit a lot more tedious and time consuming. You should NOT get money back just because you choose not to play anymore.

  17. I’m done with EA. I’m done with Simpsons Tapped Out. I called EA 2 times and followed their directions. Still have Pieman showing. The last person, stating it as “synchronization” issues. Tells me to complete the Heist quest, then clear cache, reboot and try again…

    I can’t click on the NPC icons in the top left to go to them either…

    Honestly, I really wish that I could have fully understood him but his accent made it really difficult…

    For EA Games: Get your $%&# together and I might just come back to this game.

  18. Hi Alissa, team,

    today on April 4 I hit the same bug: all mini games flashed before my eyes, Pie man / Homer mini game is there now to play for me, the button in top left corner does not work as expected, mountain of gold and super long tree are are set to zero etc

    so does it mean the bug ist still not fixed? how could it be? does anyone in EA knows the root cause?

    I am addicted to TSTO, I spent some money on the game, and it is serious.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, and regards

    • no response from EA support yet. what suprises me that this bug supposed to be fixed with one or other recent updates. and yet it hits me in April.
      Does anyone knows the root cause at all? What could be a workaround here for others?

  19. Been playing email tag with EA for well over a week now… and by tag, I mean I’ve been emailing them and only get an automated response.

    I have still been able to move forward with the event, but other than that the game is pretty busted. The irony being… after 4 years of playing I recently started spending actual money for content (bought up just about everything around St. Patrick’s day), which rules out a rollback.

    Come on EA, we all know you’re a small Mom and Pop that deeply cares about all of its customers, but . . . wait a . . . minute

    • Same here, my friend. I can feel your pain.
      Do you think we can sue them? I just want either my game back or my money back i spent on TSTO in last couple of years.

      • I can’t click the green ticks to finish a job as a result of this glitch. Anyone else getting that?

      • I did finally manage to get a hold of someone at EA today, and they are aware of the issue. Customer support let me know that the studio is working on a solution, and will email everyone who submitted a case when they find the solution.

        Not what I wanted to hear, but unfortunately they are just the messenger. I just keep telling myself how great the game is going to feel when everything is back up and running : )

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