In-Game Updates: New Event Teaser & Homer is Where the Art Isn’t Episode Tie-In

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Yesterday, saw a very minor in-game update to our games which launched a little teaser for our next event!  According to the files, the next event is tentatively called The Springfield Jobs.  We’ll see what actually happens when it hits…

And today, just a little while ago, saw a new episode tie-in to work our way through for Sunday’s new episode of The Simpsons….”Homer is Where the Art Isn’t”.  So let’s take a look at both updates and what changes they’ve made to Springfield…

First, here’s one thing that didn’t update…the current rollback glitch many of you are experiencing.  That was not corrected with the updates.  Hopefully, it’ll be fixed soon, but it’s not as of yet.  I encourage you to continue to reach out to EA (even if you get an awful customer service rep who doesn’t know their rear-end from their elbow…try again or request one in the US).  You can find more info on this post & in the comments on that post.

Now on with the updates….

Yesterday’s update was a very small update.  Complete with some teaser dialogue & 1 free item to place…

The Car Pillar.

Here’s a look at the dialogue it came with…

A Taste of Little Italy

KentBrockman: Today marks the re-opening of Springfield’s “Little Italy”, newly restored after a giant cannoli cheese flood wiped out the previous ethnic enclave. We go now to Arnie Pye, live over the opening. What do you see, Arnie?
Arnie Pye: Little Italy has everything you could want, Kent. Food, music, culture, and the cheap liquor you need to forget the massive failure that is your career.
Kent Brockman: Well, keep a sharp lookout. We have word that “Little Italy” is the new home of the Italian gigolo your wife left you for.
Build the Car Pillar- Free, Instant Build
Arnie Pye: Hold on a second, I just had to dodge what appears to be an expensive exotic car on top of a statue. More when the meds I just took settle in.
Kent Brockman: As always, parking continues to be hard to find in the downtown area.  But “Little Italy” isn’t the only little land we’ll soon be covering on Channel 6. What else is coming? Find out soon!

This one ends on March 20th…when we may see the next event launch!

As a reminder, here’s what the App Store had down for a “teaser” with the Bart Royale removal….

My guess is we’ll be seeing something along the lines of the Hilarious heist…what do you think?

Now onto the Episode Tie-In….

As is typical with Episode Tie-Ins, we’re given a couple of premium items and a new freemium item achieved via the questline…

Via the questline you’ll unlock….

Gavelby’s Auction House- This will unlock with part 1 of the questline (which I’ll cover in a post a little later today) Earns $200, 20xp/12hrs.  5×8 in size. 4hr Build.

And the premium item this time is…

Manacek & Brick Townhomes- 150 Donuts.  Full premium character and building.

Questline notes:

After you build the Auction House (part 1), for 4hrs you’ll then be tasked with a 6hr task for both Homer and 5 Springfielders.

And that’s it for the episode tie-in.  A couple of questlines, Premium Character, Free Building…..pretty typical tie-in.

The tie-in ends March 19th (Monday)

I’ll be back later with the full walkthrough for the tie-in.

What are your thoughts on the Italian Job and/or the Episode Tie-in?  Excited about what the next event might bring?  Thinking about buying the new premium character? Just in the mood for a nap?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

26 responses to “In-Game Updates: New Event Teaser & Homer is Where the Art Isn’t Episode Tie-In

  1. I don’t have Arnie Pye!! I’ve been wanting to buy him for a loooong time!! Why can’t I get him if there is a tiny update that requires him?? No littly Italy update for me. 😥

  2. They’ve been teasing clown college for a long time now…

  3. Hope we get more Little Italy and other SF ethnic district buildings..

    Bought 6 more brick houses for that very reason

  4. I’m spent on being teased about the clown college. Just give me the clown college or never speak of it again, please. I have no memory of the new character but a new character is a new character and I need more and his tie in building/decoration isn’t a monstrosity, so I’m getting him. He looks fun with the wine glass and well dressed.

  5. It is nice to see that the iOS is not last for once to get an update…. or maybe it is… don’t tell me this update came out yesterday on PIE day!!!

  6. I’m sure it’s just wishful thinking on my part but I’m very hopeful that the “isn’t the only little land we’ll soon be covering…” means that there’s something on the way to address the land tile situation. 🤞🏻

  7. I recently completed 2 billion in the heights and focused on buying remaining land. Now all I have left is free land squares. So I’ve kind of maxed out the game. Money is almost worthless at this point other than as a way to produce donuts, and with 1000% bonus I earn about 10 donuts a day sending people to jobs so I’ve decided to buy all of the new characters offered and focus on jobs earning money I need and storing buildings I don’t love that I’ve had our forever just for earnings potential. So my town will be shrinking quite a bit down to items I love and tons of people but I do love the people and it’s nice to not stress about earning enough to buy things I need anymore.


  9. Manacek …. is this is parody of George Peppard’s Banacek tv character? (done obtaining all Mini-Event stuff)🤔🍀

  10. Given two buildings plus character 150 D is rather OK. But this is a made up calculation for the one building is free for all and the other one worth 10 D.

    Found a place for townhouses and might buy some more though they are not in scale of any surrounding (and possible matching) buildings. Even Orphan Alley doesn’t fit.

  11. I’m assuming Manacek is not voiced, correct?

  12. Kent saying there are other “little lands” makes me think this is going to be an event like the Around the World one last year. We’ll make a little Italy and two other “littles” as Springfielders roam the globe trying to steal something. I think they’ll keep it European and do England and Germany. Of course we did just get the Canadian border…

  13. Ah, so it is actually new stuff. What with all the glitchiness that’s been going on I wasn’t sure if it was old stuff that I’d missed/forgotten about; I was mentally bracing myself for my game to go all to bits until I read here.


  14. Anyone else having weird issues? Android player here. A Pie Man quest just opened I think I did last year. My endless supply of donuts at the recycling center seems to have stopped. Clicking on the face icons on the top left no longer takes me to the character. Tapping on buildings no longer clears a wide radius of tasks. WTF? Anyone know? I’m notba regular here, but this seems to be the place to ask questions!

  15. David Billington

    Wish the townhomes had been slightly larger as they’re a bit small in the scale of things and I hoped they would be a 3 or 4 hour pay out. I still bought a few additional ones and will probably get a few more before they disappear.

  16. After I purchased Manacek and the Townhome….I was able to buy more townhomes for 10 donuts each. Not sure if this is a bug. I’ll have my own Townhouse area.

  17. TallSpiderCandy

    So I tried to purchase donuts and Google is no longer an option for payment? Actually nothing is listed like before other than Amazon 1-click or coins. I play on Kindle Fire and I turned my 1-click settings off, no change. Been back and forth with EA and no answers yet. Anybody else having issues or have advice? I did all the usual “tricks” like visiting, signing out, reinstall etc. Can’t believe how difficult it is to throw real money at them and they don’t seem to care lol

  18. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    where’s the calendar?
    Whoops, one part quest line. And I’m reclining in my bed and my palm itched and, whoops, I posted my 🐴 question.
    Bought two Brick Townhomes, just because I think they kinda, sorta look interesting.
    Thanks for being on top of this stuff. Quick posting by y’all

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