Springfield Jobs  Prize Guide – Prize 1: Museum of Super Fine Arts and Land Token

We are being sent round the world once again, in hopes of collecting art, buildings and artifacts relating to some of the finest artistic capitals in the world (sorry Australia).  There are a TON of items to be won and crafted, and we are here to cover some of the benefits for winning them, which can linger long after the event is over!

The first prize awarded is the Museum of Super Fine Arts!
Let’s take a look!

As with many of the recent Event First Prizes…the Museum is integral to the game play of the event, as it is where you will earn bonus earning % of event currency, as well as being the primary demarcation point for characters who are doing “Jobs” to earn currency.

It is awarded after collecting 120  (Pictures of paintings).

Unlocking the Museum…also unlocks a Free Land Token…which you may need, because this thing is big…as it also includes the Bonus Zone around the Museum.

Size: 10×10 no Bonus Area
Bonus Area 18×4 Around Museum
Earns: Nothing, will likely earn cash/xp when event is over
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|dirt
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +20

As is stated above…it doesn’t earn or do much during the event…but it is the landing zone/demarcation point for everything you need.

It’s Free. It’s Fun. It’s necessary.

What’s Next? ANOTHER Free Land Token…which we won’t cover…because, well…it’s a land token. So..we’ll be jumping ahead to Prize #3, the Old Cathedral!


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  1. Question: Should I save plunder to get a head-start on round 2 or will there be a different type of “currency” used to craft items? Thanks in advance.

    • Crafting currency never changes for an event…it will remain the same throughout. Only prize track currency changes. So save crafting currency.

  2. I’m not grinding too hard, and it’ll definitely be more relaxed when I get all the prizes with plenty of time to spare. Plus I absolutely love the buildings we’re getting with this update!!

  3. Does your “sorry Australia” mean there will be more or no more Australia related items? This game needs more dollarydoos!

  4. I’ve gotten 300 prize track currency every time Ive played a daily challenge, is there potentially more that I should be trying to get or is 300 the standard?

  5. This whole event looks to have a lot of the prettiest structures I think we’ve seen in this game. And despite being longer the grind looks no harder. I’m over halfway to Primo with 9 days left.

  6. I noticed that Lisa has a 4 hour task at the Museum of Super Fine Arts and Comic Book Guy has a 4 hour task at Plunderer Pete’s but sadly neither tasks earns any event currency.

  7. Museum of Super Fine Arts – another Building with a Bonus Zone (anyone else see a pattern here for 2018?) and Land Token (’cause I’ll gladly take one of these vs a Building Skin / Decor that doesn’t offer a Task and/or generate XP – $)

    • I think these huge buildings should have 2 land tokens attached at the beginning of the event. They won’t fit on one space, so unless you have lots of empty space, you have to store something or buy an additional square for cash…if you have any available to buy. Then you have to add additional items around them…even more space needed to progress in the event. Why not give us the two spaces at the beginning of each act instead of spreading them out in the prize track?

  8. How much was the donut deal with Sven Golly that was released at the beginning of this event? I thought it was 9.99. We did purchase but have a weird charge for 12.99. Trying to figure out if I am incorrect about the donut deal price and worried over nothing!

  9. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    One minor ‘complaint’ to this post’s header……
    We don’t “win” anything,
    Rather, as the late John Houseman famously said,
    We “uuuurrrrrn” the STUFF.

    BTW, I’m saving the crafting currency that I am earning so that I can ‘quickly’ craft Act II’s Cathedral and Tavern

    (Tracy – one who is covered in wrinkles that I have earned)

    • I will save the crafting currency too. Also because what will give us the bonus in act 2. I must have the cathedral and tavern of course but then i go for my venice part of town. Hope it won’t be a too little venice

      • Keep in mind, you can buy the Venice homes thru the whole event…lots of time to use up the crafting currency (that’s always left over at the end) to build your Venice into a huge town.

    • Well… earn in a freemium game is relative. And nobody says you Eeeeeeaaaarn a prize. These are prizes. EA says so…and they are never wrong. Mostly.

  10. Just had a small update earlier. Any ideas ?

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      One is it corrected the light on the leaning tower, another was a correction on where one of the new character’s task could be performed and the third, I believe, had to do with a sound.
      All three minor ‘twinks’

  11. Wanted to let you know I did the rat trap thing as you suggested yesterday and a couple rounds of KEM’s. I spent eleven million and got 330 donuts. Still have 99 million dollars. I think if I decide to continue, I will do the KEM’s. In long run, I think it’s cheaper.
    One question, sorry if you have already told us this, do you spend the extra 50,000 on each chance when you don’t get three donuts on the first pick?

    • The rat trap thing is a very good way if you need donuts FAST. You have enough in game cash to afford some. But in the long run, with KEM you don’t burn your cash. If you bought all land you can buy for ingame cash allready, there’s no need to save anymore, since that cash has no use anymore

    • Yes. 50k

    • When you can get your chance at 3 donuts every 6 KEMs it is more cost effective to stop if you get 2 donuts on your first try. When you get a chance at 3 donuts every 3 KEMS, then stop and try your luck on the next one.

      14,400 – 1
      28,800 – 2
      43,200 – 3
      57,600 – 4
      72,000 – 5
      86,400 – 6
      108,000 – 7

      • Don’t get it, totally baffled buy this????????

        • Lol me too I read it twice and still can’t make heads no tails of what all those words mean wail strung together in sentence form.

        • A bonus of 1440% would look like this;
          14.4×2,000x5x7(kem)=1,008,000 xp so $100,800 for 7 kem @ $14,400 each or two “guesses”. You’d be better off taking your luck with a nother round of kem. I’ll guess if I hit one donut or if I need them quickly. And no, I don’t have a 1440% bonus. In the end its all how YOU like to play. Just remember the first 25kem only cost $89,570 the next 25 cost $360,000. Hope that helps.

      • Unless you have the cash and don’t care. Did you also run stats on how many donuts you leave behind by stopping???

    • It’s more cash-efficient to stop at 2 donut/box rather than risk the 50,000, but it’s not TIME-efficient. I always keep tapping for 3 bonut/box since I’m actually farming well below actual in-game revenue. I can easily have a much bigger KEM farm, but it’s too annoying to tap that many times in a given game-session.

    • You’re right, it’s definely more cash efficient to farm KEMs.
      I only encourage tappers with an XP bonus over 800% (1000% is even better) and cash over 50 million to regularly farm RTTs. At that bonus level, you generally make more money than you can spend, so RTT farming is a way to burn off some cash (and it’s much quicker than KEMs). If you are pulling in a million plus dollars a day (without the collider on), you can spend 15 million on RTTs twice a month (with the collider on) and keep your cash level stable. I always go for the 3 donuts…again, not the most efficient for keeping you cash, but it maximizes your haul if cash isn’t an issue.

  12. Just a reminder…if you already have 20% bonus at your museum, you might want to start saving your crafting currency till the start of act 2. We’ll probably be asked to build a 20% bonus around the next item as well (we may be able to switch out buildings like the last event, but then again, we may not). It looks like the next base is the Tower of Springfield (with a similar footprint)…don’t think I’ll want it in my Museum district, so I’m saving now to add stuff around it next week.

    • Good call!

    • Everyone keeps saying this but what currency? I thought the currency changes with the new act. Save the Plunder?

      • Each event has 2 different types of currency (usually). Prize track and crafting. Prize track changes each act, crafting remains the same throughout. So when someone says stockpile currency they’re referring to crafting (generally)

    • One thing to keep in mind is that spreading out the event buildings would also spread out the tappables. It’ll make it more time consuming to gather up the event currency.

      That’s one reason I have a designated area in my town where I put the mandatory event-items, and do a re-design after the event.

      • A practice I do as well. Leave green space for event items needed to interact with said event and then redesign to an open plot after the event is over. Helps to put said items near your KEM farm if you do KEM’ing.

      • Smart plan…I may have to move some stuff around to make room for all three acts in my SH section….👍

  13. When I got the free land token in this new quest, it froze my game. Tried everything, contacted EA, no luck

    Every time I log in, I get offered the free land
    Token, and when I say ok, Springfield freezes

    All I can do is wait for next update 🙁

  14. I did not receive it until today, it’s almost a week ago 🙁

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