Showoff Reminder: The Springfield Jobs

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A couple of weeks ago we announced the next Springfield showoff featuring your Springfield Jobs designs and here is your reminder post.  We’re getting ready to do the next Springfield Showoff featuring your Springfield Jobs inspired designs!  So prep those towns…because we want to see what you’ve done with your Springfield!

Finish up those designs and send us your designs.  We’ll be putting up the Showoff post, featuring your designs on TUESDAY MAY 8th, 2018….so you’ve got just under a week to finish up your designs if you’d like to be featured.

So work on those designs and send us some screenshots when you’re ready…just make sure to send your submissions in by about 8pm ET Monday, May 7th, 2018.  Can’t wait to see what YOU have come up with.

You can send your designs in two ways…either post a link to the image in the comments on this post or you can email them to us at  We won’t be pulling images from anywhere else, so please if you want to be featured either submit in the comments below or email your images to us.

Note: PLEASE try to limit your submissions to only 1-2 of your favorite screenshots.  We like to try and let everyone showoff their town but it becomes difficult when some of you are sending in 7-10 images.  Pick your favorite areas and send them in (or if you stitch photos together, that works too).  We’ll try our best to get EVERYONE in, but please understand that sometimes we miss a photo or two.  If we miss you one week, we’ll try really hard to make sure we get you in the next week.  You’re always welcome to showoff your town, at any time, on our Flickr page.  We know a lot of you have awesome towns that you want to show off, but please try to stick with this week’s theme.  Remember, this isn’t a contest.  There’s nothing to win.  It’s just a fun way to showoff your town and get some design inspiration from your fellow Addicts.  🙂   

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images  in the Comments below or email us your screenshots at We can’t wait to see YOUR designs! (Need help with images, just ask.) 

10 responses to “Showoff Reminder: The Springfield Jobs

  1. Still working on it. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to do my little Italy, so I didn’t really include it. Second screenshot is mostly to show where my Big Digi-Ben is.

  2. I hope I can get more crafting currency to get multiples of the items except for the First PM Statue, Cheese Truck and Race Car Statue since they seem like you should have one of them. I do wish there were more ways on getting more crafting currency. So far I have been keeping all the items in separate areas depending on the acts they were released in. I do have a design for MoHo House which I uploaded on the prize breakdown post but the other areas are still a work in progress.

  3. I’ve never heard of someone gifting their account to someone. I’d be broken up if I got rid of my town. So much work, money, and time….. almost 5 years of playing. I agree with above comment, keep your town. It’s nice to play the storyline too otherwise you might get bored just having everything at once.

    • Both my towns were technically “gifts” when my daughters wanted to stop playing. My A town dates from the 1st week of the game’s inception & my B town from the dreaded Easter Basket event (whenever that was) – All events seem to collide these days; So I rarely bother trying to remember their event names.
      I play both my towns each day. When I’m awake; Australian timezone; I’m usually playing. As a retiree it gives me something to do. Both my towns are now level 939; With good % bonuses, tons of money & donut rich.

      So many of each of my town’s neighbours have abandoned their top level towns – where obviously a lot of time & care along with money has been spent for premium content. It makes my heart a little sick to see this. I’m loath to delete them in the hope they may return someday! Perhaps gifting is the key for those players too?

  4. omnipotentwiz

    I was just gifted a lvl 939 account! Its even been around for a while! Now i can design whatever i want!

    • Are you going to keep your original going simultaneously? It’s “your” town at the end of the day, that you’ve slogged at, so worth it, plus you get to read all the characters coming in and their storylines, which youll miss with your new one.

      But good for you, what bonus % did it come with?

  5. Hello. Here are a couple of snaps from the London area of my Springfield:

    Looking forward to seeing all the creations!

  6. I’m glad you did another post about it, I was forgetting to send it. I think this idea is really cool.
    And congratulations Alissa 🙂 <3

  7. omnipotentwiz

    I’ll show off my beautiful builds in the comments right here =)

    See them? right above this?

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