Addicts Live Announcement…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just dropping in with a quick announcement about the next Addicts Live…..

Mark your calendars because the next episode of Addicts Live will be airing Next Saturday (May 12th) at 12:00pm ET (for timezone converter check here).

The next episode will feature, as usual, our thoughts about what’s going on in TSTO, lots of laughs, our usual crazy antics and of course we’ll be fielding your questions.  Plus, you won’t want to miss our takes on the next thing to hit TSTO…

And those of you that can’t make the live stream, don’t worry a recording of the video will be up for your viewing pleasure after the stream is over.  So you’ll be able to catch the re-run. 🙂

Oh and if you missed any episodes of Addicts Live! you can catch up on them here.

Remember Addicts Live! is now a Podcast as well!  So if you missed any of the episodes and want to catch them again while driving, running, or even showering now you can!  Check out your Apple or Google Podcasts to download and subscribe.  🙂 

As far as what you’ll need for the live stream?  Well, nothing different!  No new program to sign up for.  Just check out TSTO Addicts on Saturday, May 12th and watch for the Addicts Live post around noon.  From there you’ll be able to directly play the stream…as if you were watching a regular embedded YouTube video!  Nice and simple!

Can’t wait to hang out with y’all soon!

6 responses to “Addicts Live Announcement…

  1. Addicts Live is a great plus to this blog and enjoy it tremendously, especially when I watch it live! However that won’t be the case this coming Saturday. I have often wondered if you’re able to tell how many viewers tune in live and what those numbers are?

  2. I got the rollback bug again this morning (second time I got it) and it’s messed up my crafting, resetting me to act 1. Luckily there’s nothing I really wanted, and I’ve picked up a new land token but why is it taking so long for EA to get a fix out?


    • I got a notification on my phone that the game was going to update on the 8th May and that I’ll need to sign back in.
      Fingers crossed this is the fix.


  3. Keith1Roon991

    What’s the possibility of any of the craftable items having a bonus % after the event ends, statues and police boxes ect

    • not likely. Sorry..

    • Like Patric says its not likely any of the crafting items will have a bonus percentage added. Lately the same item would get released for donuts and have a bonus percentage with them but it would get coded as a different item to the original so the original version will not have a bonus but the new one will.

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