Friday Filler – When EA Bores You- A Master Class in 3-D

I guess if you saw the last Addicts Live, you realize that I am not a fan of this last Act.  If there was ever an argument for shorter, 2-Act events, this…is…it.

There was such a lack of continuity in this final mix-mash of content, that I kept looking up from my padular device to scream, “where ARE we????”  This of course alarmed my wife to no end, as I am approaching the age where someone who may be showing signs of CTE from too much football and rugby, may very well forget where he was occasionally.

“You don’t get it! They are giving us stuff from the Caribbean, and then a couple of casinos that aren’t part of the other casinos which might be in Miami, or Cuba…and then we go to the Hague!!!  THE HAGUE!!!! They never really went to the Hague!! And then there is a skinny version of a fat guy who ISN’T the fat’s all so confusing!!

By this time, my wife as banished me to the adult version of “time out,” which is going into the living room, and leaving my padular device on the table, while she checks the browser history.

So…yes…now I am bored. I have once again finished the event with LOADS of time to spare…and have earned a ton of bonuts…without anything I really want to spend them on from this event.

So…what to do…what to do?  Maybe create something out of nothing?? Create something WAY cooler than anything EA is giving us this event…out of a bunch of clutter from other events?  BOOM! Let’s Go 3-D-ing!

In my last Friday Filler, I covered some 3-D designs from a few of my neighbors. Some fun little ways to re-purpose clutter left over from other events.  But, I also asked if anyone had any good 3-D designs they wanted to share.

I found a master.

In the email, Joe (not our Wookie Joe) wrote:
“Good afternoon Patric,
I’ve been a fan of yours since your tstofriends days. Your article on 3D designs caught my eye because I too like to use a little creativity to grind through long events. Since pickles210 was kind enough to gve me a shout-out in your comment section, I thought I’d snap a few pics and send them off. If you enjoy the designs, please feel free to send me an invite (njscorpio16) and I’ll happily add you to my friends list so you can check out some of the bigger (!) buildings. Thanks for your time and your contributions to the site.

So…I friend requested him…and HOLYFREAKINSHIRT!!!  This guy takes 3-D to an entirely different level of amazing, cool, and fun!

Buckle in… Here are some Screen Grabs that he sent, along with some captures I did on my last visit. I didn’t do a video this time…because I wanted you to be able to take this in at your own pace. These really deserve more screen time than a video enables.

There is only one word for this kind of work, njscorpio16…AWESOME!!

Take your time…look at the details and creativity. Just…plain…cool!

And, you want TALL?? He DID say Tall…right??  

Are those cool…or what?????? I have to believe that he gets the “Item Limit” warning all of the time. I tried to count how many fences he was using in a couple of those…and stopped after my wife told me to “count to yourself!” and lost count.

The bottom line here, and the amazing thing about 3-D rendering with 2-D clutter, is that it adds a new dimension to the game that the LazyAss Programmers at EA hadn’t thought of!  Instead of repeating, or slightly altering old buildings and decorations (repeatedly)…or going into random worlds that may or may not have ever really been mentioned on the TV Show or Movie, you are able to create almost any kind of  structure you want!  

Building blocks of clutter…a little imagination…and BOOM!  You have a work of art/architecture that is completely unique to your town. 

And speaking of building….
We got off to a GREAT start on the funding for our building in Buyijja…and then it kinda sputtered.  So, if you can find it in your heart to be creative, supportive, and generous, please donate to this worth cause.  We want to break ground over the summer… every dollar helps!!

Donate HERE



39 responses to “Friday Filler – When EA Bores You- A Master Class in 3-D

  1. I started doing 3-D landscapes until EA put a cap on how much Decor we’re allowed …. I still find some impressive examples from my Neighboreenos …. and YES this Event just lagged by the 3rd Act (EA didn’t stick with an Australian / New Zealand theme, they dumped unnecessary Buildings – Decor – Characters, it was met with a NOPE from me!) 🤔

    I think the Cinco de Mayo surprises offered in the Store perked me up. 😀👍

  2. I just read your note to Patric more carefully, and I’m so glad that you saw my comment and sent stuff in so that many more people can see your amazing designs!

  3. Yay!!! I’m so glad you sent in these screenshots, Joe! I don’t know if you saw my comment on Patric’s Friday Filler post, but I was so hoping that you would show everyone some of your designs. I love visiting your Springfield to see your 3-D art!

  4. This is nothing short of amazing! I never got beyond a couple of hedge-hills, everything bigger takes up way to much space. Not to speak of the lack of talent…
    I vaguely remember a few “how to” posts about 3-D structures from the early days of this blog, but I couldn’t find them anymore. The Lincoln Memorial was in one of them, if I am not mistaken. Alissa, could you give me a hint what to search for? Or am I thinking of another blog? Thanks ever so much!

  5. Wow! These are awesome.

  6. O.M. FREAKING G! Absolutely breathtaking! Thanks so much for sharing these……💜X

  7. Amazing!!!! Awesome job!

  8. Amazing designs man. Very inspiring.

    And yes. What a dull event. Like every act is 5 days too long.

    Got a bit excited at the notification for last chance to buy stuff. But… I already got it all.

    Can’t wait for some new content. Brutal event. Not bad really but way way way too long.

  9. Great work.

    A question for others, when visiting neighbors that are over the item limit does it effect your game? E.G. does it take longer to load, move around, crash your game, crash your device?

  10. Such creative designs…I especially love the tall sky scraper with the gold dragon on top😁. The use of different fencing materials to change out textures is inspired…truly exceptional creations😄👍👍.

    • The design is definitely better than yours lol

      • Two different styles….. 3-D is its own art form. Ebron is still the “A Town I’d Like to Live In” leader. Scorpio is more about, “I’ll make my own building, dammit!”

        • Justin Henriks

          Yes you can’t compare as they are two different ways of designing, I like both for different reasons.

      • I couldn’t agree more…my small attempts at 3D have never been very noteworthy. I’m so impressed with the planning these must have taken and the time involved in getting every piece exactly right. A lot of artistic talent shows through😁.

        • I find your entire town noteworthy and unbelievably cool, ebron! I often look to your Springfield for inspiration. I do agree that Scorpio’s 3-D designs show creativify, a mastery of spatial relations, and dedication that blow me away.

          • Thanks…lately I’ve been frustrated with the whole “over your piece limit” thing, so I appreciate the kind words. Been trying to move things around and condense my Future Springfield, so I can put my British stuff back in the Efcot area…should have a whole new look back there in a few days. 🤪

  11. Is anyone else tired of how long it takes for your cash and xp to collect. I tapped everything this morning and after tapping, it took three and a half minutes for everything to collect. While that’s happening, the game is slow to respond. Also tired of the huge buildings for all the events lately. I play on my phone. I don’t have a tablet and don’t have a need for one. I haven’t done any design work for a long time now because it’s hard to do on the small screen. I saw a post by Patric a while back about the difference with a tablet.
    Maybe not the right post for this comment, but definitely the right poster.

    • It is amazing the difference a device can make. My new iPad Pro 10.5 collects a lot faster (by a couple of minutes) that my Air2 did.

      If you do not mind losing out on one cycle, you might try this. (1) do one cycle to figure out how much cash you normally get (2) on a second cycle go to Krustyland or visit Friends or exit app. I am not sure but I did one of those and I came back the collection cycle had ended, but I don’t know if I lost any cash.

  12. Thank you for all the shout-outs and respect! TSTO’s been a great stress reliever (and money pit) over the years and I’ve enjoyed the “making something out of nothing” aspect most. I’ve received lots of ideas and inspiration from friends and neighbors as well, and I appreciate all of my fellow long-time (5+ years) Addicts out there. Thanks again to Patric and the team for featuring my Springfield!

  13. Wow, just wow. Words cannot do this justice. Much respect. 😊🇬🇧

  14. Absolutely Incredible!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  15. Excuse me while I pull my chin off of the floor! Incredible design work!

  16. You’re not wrong in your assessment.

  17. wow, just WOW! I’m blown away by thosee amazing designs, Great Job Skorp! Very creative.

  18. WOW!!! Speechless just wow!

  19. Mulierositas

    Yeah this event has really made me think of putting this game on the shelf. It has been so booooring lately. And all the random thing they are throwing at you. My town is overflowing with stuff, then on top of that they try to limit how big of a map you can have, which kinda ticks me off. And I’ve finished act three days ago, with lots of crafting opportunities but to be honest non of the items interests me at all, I really don’t want more than one of them. So yeah they need to step up, missing the “good old days” with this game. Just boring events lately. By the way good job njscorpio16!

  20. Some great 3D stuff.
    Interesting that you have finished Act 3 so early. Not me still a few days away. I believe we have to amass about 10,000 extra currency than Act 2, so about 3 days longer to obtain the final prize.
    Mind you I have just chilled out this event, maybe 3 visits a day.
    Man, the whole thing is certainly dragging though, seems to be going on for eternity.

  21. Justin Henriks

    Very creative! Some super impressive designs and yes he must be hitting ghat item limit with so many items contained in each structure! The best 3D designs I have seen so far. Thanks for sharing 😃

  22. Keith1Roon991

    Agree, very bored, hum drum going through the motions, recreated past events , moved, stored and created new spaces in my town, 3d redesigned but no room as this event has taken it all, space i mEAn, messed with my 4+ years of towns design.
    In comparison to the towns you have picked, mines had nothing to offer, thought it was ok but NOT, nothing achieved in 4+ years, DOH!! Think a good sized NUKE or DELETE ALL might do it …..

  23. This dude is going places lol i never liked 3D designs because I always thought it was just some crop circles or something(you get the idea)

  24. Holy holy smoke! Makes my town look like a….pile of puke. Props to the artist!!!!! Amazing!!!

  25. justinmwat151

    Stunning…unbelievable work….great job njscorpio16

  26. This is neat. Question : any word on the game Rollback fix? I’m sorry to put this here, I just havnt heard anything in awhile, from EA or otherwise.

  27. ddfromatlanta

    Just WOW!!! Kudos to NJSCORPIO16!!!
    and now I’m going to go look at my pitiful attempt at 3D and try to do better! 😀

  28. Love these. What talent.

  29. WOW.

  30. omnipotentwiz

    Oh. My. Goodness. Thats Amazing!

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