A Memorial Day Moment

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In the USA it is Memorial Day. A day when Americans remember those who fought for our country and freedom that are no longer with us. A time to mourn the loss of those no longer with us, but to also appreciate all that have done for us to protect our freedoms.


A few years ago Wook took the time to lay out his thoughts on Memorial Day as a Veteren of the US Air Force, definitely worth the read and can be found here.

Take the time and enjoy the day my friends, but please remember why you get to enjoy the extra time in the first place.

Here at Addicts, we’re taking the day.  Spending some time with our families and friends.  We’ll still be popping around the comments, but this will be our only post of the day.  We’ll be back at it tomorrow bright and early for y’all.

To all our readers who have served or continue to serve in our US Armed Forces (and Armed Forces around the world), thank you.

If there is someone special you’d like to honor in the comments, please share.

12 responses to “A Memorial Day Moment

  1. Thank you, to all the brave souls

  2. I’ m late too to honour the Americans for their memorial day. Basicaly because we don’t have it on the same day. The day you could compare with your memorial day is november 11 here. That’s the day WW1 ended. I live in Ieper (suffered enormously in WW1) and the celebrations this year will be enormous. For all the soldiers who came from all over the world, we will remember them. Even now every day there is a rememberance (wrong written i suppose) under the Menin Gate. To honour all who died there. I don’t go often, but every time i go there i have tears in my eyes.

  3. This Is a day late but I was working Memorial Day. I’d like to honor my mom’s boyfriend that died in Vietnam. I’d also like to honor a few veterans who came home but not whole. My father, Don, served in the Army during Vietnam. My uncle Terry, was in the Army, and served in the Korea. My uncle Dave who faught with the marines. My grandfather Roy and great uncle Bob who both faught in WW2. And last but not least my friend George who faught in desert storm! Thank you to all the men and women who have served our country!

  4. Dark_R0nin910

    My relatives fought in world war 2 and Korea, and undoubtedly other places. One of my relatives died in ww2, I never got to meet him. However, I also like to mention someone else, who didn’t fight in any wars. This relative of mine couldn’t, because he lost an arm in an accident. So, during ww2, he made sure every other family near where he lived had food, their children had jobs, and other things like shoes. As many as 5 children were named after him. He may not have fought in the war, but he fought to make sure those who’s father’s were away fighting, could still live.

  5. In Australia and New Zealand we commemorate our lost on April 25th (ANZAC Day). I never met my great uncle Thomas as official reports show that he was killed in the jungles of New Guinea during WWII. Thomas was on duty as a scout and was shot by Japanese soldiers which started a firefight that went on for hours. The next day Private Thomas Josh was found cannibalised.
    I feel a terrible loss for this man i wish i had met.

  6. Every week I pray that God watches over members of the military and keep them safe from harm while doing their duties and that they come home safe to their families and loved ones.

    Today is the day that we honor and remember those that did not make it home alive. This day is meant for them.

    Also, for those who don’t know about holidays for our military in the United States:
    Armed Forces Day: 3rd Saturday in May to honor those Serving
    Memorial Day: Last Monday in May to remember those who Died While Serving
    Veterans Day: Every 11th of November to honor those who Served

  7. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    In memory of my father, who passed 10 years ago.
    He never spoke much about his WW2 experience, though he spoke more in the last few years – but only of the humorous.
    He was in the navy
    One time time the big guns were blazing away and the call came out:
    Well, all the big guns were hot and had live shells in them.
    My father told his crew to FIRE. And then s not them off duty to the chow hall.
    Officer came running up demanding to know what happened.
    Father told the officer, “I emptied the gun through the end of the barrel”. A legitimate procedure.
    And while the other crews remained at their posts until the guns cooled down enough to open the breach and remove the round (Can’t leave a gun unattended with a live shell), dad’s crew was relaxing.

  8. Thanx to all!!! God bless!🇺🇸💜😊💜🇺🇸

  9. God Bless those who have served 🇺🇸🦅❤🦅🇺🇸
    We miss you Pup Pup, Pap, Grammy Lois, and Steve.
    Thank you for your service.

  10. Thank you to all the men and women who serve in the forces .

    See ya bye . 👽

  11. Thank you. Thanks and God bless to all who have served.

  12. In memory of Ron, my first boyfriend in high school. He got his mom to let him join the Army before he was of age. He was sent to Vietnam. It was his third day there, they were on patrol when he stepped on a mine. I won’t go into the graphics but there was really no “body” to be sent home.
    I’d also like to remember an uncle I never met as he was gassed in “the war” and died of T.B. He was my moms favorite brother and spent a lot of time giving him hugs and sitting on his lap when he came home. Because of that contact, she always tested positive for T.B. It never got sick from it.
    To all the brave men and women, a Hugh THANK YOU for your courage, sacrifice and bravery serving our great country and keeping us safe and free. Also a shout out to the brave four legged soldiers who also serve our country.

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