Super Safi’s Fun Filled Footwear Forecast 3

Friends, Fans, Followers of Footwear or Foot Fetishes,

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You’ve seen over 600 episodes of our favourite family! You’ve seen them walking around your Springfields! You’ve seen them on our Posts! But how much have you been paying attention?

Here’s some characters footwear. Can you recognize the character?












Which ones do you think you know? Any easy ones? Which ones are real head scratchers? Which character needs a wardrobe update? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.

22 responses to “Super Safi’s Fun Filled Footwear Forecast 3

  1. A. Lisa, B. Sideshow Bob, C. Apu, D. Nelson, E. Willie, F. Lunchlady Dora, G. Cookie Kwan, H. Seymour Skinner?, I. Agnes Skinner, J. Luann.
    The head scratchers were H and J because I didn’t know if J was Anger Watkins or Luann so I put Luann since she is an older character than Anger in the game, I guessed Seymour for J because he has the light blue trousers but I wasn’t sure if he has baggy trousers or if they’re the perfect fit.

  2. Lisa, Sideshow Bob, Apu, Nelson, Willie, Dora, Cookie, Jasper, Agnes, Anger J. Watkins

  3. Lisa, Sideshow Bob, Apu, Nelson, Willie,
    Lunchlady Dora, Cookie Kwan, Fat Tony, Agnes Skinner,
    Anger Watkins

    • I have the same list.. but “H” isn’t Fat Tony.. he has black shoes.
      It’s not Homer because he has cuffed pants.
      So, I am a bit stumped on that one

      • I found an online picture that looks like the picture in the blog…kinda faded colors. He’s the only character whos pants are bagging up over his shoes, so not sure who else it could be. Will be curious to find out🤔.

  4. Here’s my two bonuts worth. Not totally sure on the last two.
    I would have missed e without the shovel 🙂
    a Lisa
    b Sideshow Bob
    c Apu
    d Nelson
    e Willy
    f Lunch Lady Doris
    g Cookie Kwan
    h Homer
    i Helen Lovejoy
    j Anger Watkins

    • OK, revising my list
      a Lisa
      b Sideshow Bob
      c Apu
      d Nelson
      e Willy
      f Lunch Lady Dora
      g Cookie Kwan
      h Jasper
      i Agnes Skinner
      j Anger Watkins

  5. Dark_R0nin910

    Flanders, Flanders, Flanders, Flanders, Flanders, Flanders, Flanders, Flanders, Flanders, Flanders!. (This comment was also sponsored by the letter F)

  6. I’m thinking lisa, Bob, apu, Nelson, Willie, lunch lady Dorris, Cookie, Skinner, Angus, and um.. maybe Jay G?

  7. Lisa.. Sideshow Bob… Apu… Nelson… Willie… Not sure lol… Cookie… Skinner… Edna and frankie??

  8. That was really difficult this time!!! 😂
    Love this game… finding the characters in my town and zooming in their shoes. 🖒❤

  9. Weird confession moment, I’ve always been a little jealous of Lisa’s shoes. They look so comfy yet so cute!
    Abrupt unrelated segway: does anyone else’s daily task just say “locked”?

    • Crap! Never mind! It’s gone 😬
      Also, I suck at identifying shoes 👠👟👞🧤👢👡

  10. Lisa… krusty? …apu …nelson …willie… dora …cookie …skinner… eda
    na…dont know?

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