Rumor Mill: Next Event Speculation

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Now that we know the next event will hit our games tomorrow I figured we could use tonight to get the old Rumor Mill up and running!  So in the comments below share rumors, speculation and other projections in what you think will be coming with tomorrow’s event!

In the meantime, we should be able to post some info for y’all in the morning.  And keep your eyes on the app stores, Springfield Jobs update hit app stores the night before it went live in our games…it’s possible this one may too.  We’ll keep a lookout!

109 responses to “Rumor Mill: Next Event Speculation

  1. Kindle, on Amazon …still no update west coast

  2. With the sunblocker item in the last update I am hoping that is a precursor to finally getting a night mode for STO!

  3. Poochie!

  4. I’m trying to be excited for this update. The itchy and scratchy land theme has a lot of potential to be a great event. However, as I wait for this update to hit, looming doubt is coming over me. Is this just gonna be another cookie cutter event filled with a bunch of garbage items and forgotten characters? Is it gonna be the same grind we’ve been doing for the last couple of years? If there is any type of new element introduced is it actually gonna work or will we have to wait for EA to pull their heads out their rears and fix it meanwhile we won’t be able to properly advance through the event? Something tells me to be prepared for disappointment. I can’t wait!

  5. Ok I’m so over this update……… WORST UPDATE EVER, so far

  6. Wait does this mEAn Patric now has a direct pipeline to EA? No longer having to spEAk to them in code?

  7. Really looking forward to this 2 month, 5 act event based solely on the Giant Toilet 😀 – sure it’s going to be worth the hype!

  8. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Oh, my! I awoke in the middle of the night, nearly 3am here. Went to the App Store. There was the update.
    1.25 TB — HUGE!
    Well, back to sleep while the update down loads.
    Maybe next week it will be finished and I can begin to play.
    G’night folks. Hope it’s worth the hype.

  9. How much longer is this game going to continue ? I have sooo many characters it take me ages to give them jobs. I’m addicted to playing but I’m fed up with it now.

  10. im already behind and im not going to get all the prizes. Are you gonna do a “do the math” post?

  11. can you share the time EA anticipates the event will start?

    • It’s hard to say because a lot is up to when it physically hits app stores. They said yesterday there was a small delay so they pushed back from 10a ET (2 GMT or UTC however you wanna slice it) to 12p ET (4 GMT/ UTC). But that doesn’t mean much considering the last few events hit the app stores between 4-6p ET. So we’ll all have to wait to see when it physically hits app stores.

  12. What I would REALLY like is the option to put ANY item I like in either Springfield OR Krustyland, but I hope the new event allows us to at least put these new event items in either. KL seems like a great spot for an Itchy and Scratchy theme park and I have plenty of room there.

  13. Maybe it’ll incorporate some of the unused land between the mountains?

  14. Nobody seems to have considered that this might be the end of Krustyland as we know it, rather than new stuff for it as it is.
    A complete, bus and splash-screen free major overhaul
    ( although the bus may remain as a teleport ?? )
    A way for characters to EAsily have tasks in the new park or in town
    And some shiny new fun content
    – Find out in the next few hours, but that just might work

  15. I was all excited for a new event, my 48-hour rollback period ended this evening so I was all set up for a new event. Except…. I’ve reinstalled the game on my phone, logged in, and the rollback didn’t take. I got the bonuts they mentioned in the email, telling me the rollback was done, but nothing else was changed and my game is still broken. I’m so bummed! I’m on hold with someone in India right now, since it’s after hours in the USA, waiting for them to “escalate” my ticket. So now I’m really hoping this new event will be a long one, so I can start in 2-3 days and have time to catch up. 🙁

  16. I have a question for the mods. In your opinion, do you think this new update is worth the hype? I will preface this with you can change your mind after getting deeper into the event.

  17. Matthew Szekeresh

    I heard the new event won’t be a three act structure, will get rid of land tokens, allow cars to get be placed on roads, and will also go back in time and keep my parents from getting divorced.

  18. Announcement on the speaker:
    “Attention, Marge Simpson, your son has been arrested.”

    Customer in the shop:
    “I’d be terribly embarrassed if I were that boy’s Mum”
    (Marge tries to hide from embarrassment)

    A few seconds later…

    Announcement on the speaker:
    “Attention, Marge Simpson, we have also arrested your older, balder, fatter son”
    (Marge groans)

  19. If it’s a Krustyland event there’s a good chance I’ll be sitting it out. I regret every single donut i ever used there.

    • Wow. Now that is bitterness personified! A lifetime of regret…over a theme park and donuts? You must live near Universal studios.

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