Friday Filler – Of Lags, Limits, and Loops

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

Ah…another Act is upon us, and another “Grindtastic Weekend” awaits!  Is it possible to stay on track to “get everything,” while still having a life? Yes. Yes it is…if you are smart about how you spend your time.  Most of the “grinding” these days is actually “Grinding Lite,” as the  critical stuff only takes a few seconds.

But, EA has continued to make things challenging, once you win items…in that with the item limit restrictions in place, some of us have to be pretty clever in how we maximize our bonuses. We need to have fun with the items that we win…without getting the dreaded, “YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR ITEM LIMIT…YOU SUCK!” message (I might have been paraphrasing there a bit…but it is the way it makes you feel).

Nonetheless, (don’t you love a word like “nonetheless?” It looks like a run-on mistake…but it really is a word! Like aforementioned, and heretofore…English is so weird sometimes), where were we? Oh. right…Nonetheless, there are ways to deal with the Lag Issue that some continue to face, as well as trying to figure out ways to maximize our bonus earnings while cramming everything into the “Bonus Blue” area for Itchy&ScratchyLand.

Let’s take a look at some solutions.

The two primary things that are making our Tapping Lives Terrible (or at least challenging), may seem like they are related. But, in fact they are not.  MOST of the LAG issues that people are facing have to do with their device’s ability to handle all of the animation that is going on in your towns. And it is exacerbated by some of the untested, or weirdly lazy programming that is going on by EA.

Case in point:
Lags that only occur when you have your Injury 500 Track assembled and running (animation running).  This has been worsened by the animation running on the Log Ride after you place and assemble it.
There are loads of people offering suggestions…but the most basic one, is to simply disconnect the tracks slightly…or remove them altogether.

Ebron has opted for a full-blown “Reductionist Approach” to her Injury 500. She has removed all of the track completely…and made a bumper car version instead.

This is hilariously cute…and seems to take the “lag” out of her game (which for people at my age, means something completely different).

The initial problem with this, is that you give up most of your Earning Bonus for ISLand.

To make up for this, she has maximized her Log Ride…and a beautiful Log Ride it is!  She reports that with various decorations, the main gate etc. she still maintains a 20% bonus, without the “Lagtastic” Injury 500 track running…while still minimizing lag.

She continues to face the same Item Limit Hell that I do…but, isn’t afraid to wipe out old designs for new…allowing her to stay just back of the current Item Limit Hard Barrier of 11,500 items.

I am 18 items away. (I tested by placing bunch of flowers until I got the limit warning). Ugh. But, I won’t get into that again…as EA has already had an earful (and any other orifice I could reach) about this ridiculous issue.

What I HAVE done…is figured out a way to maximize my earning power (almost) which will allow me to cruise to the finish line…with nary a worry about “Getting My Bort On!”

As of Thursday Night…(day 2 of this act) I am at 35% Bonus. I will add to this when I add to my Log Ride…but, have to hold off on any more decorations, to keep from having to “go pruning” again in my gardens and forests to keep me below the limits.

Here is what I have  design-wise so far…

As you can see, I have my “animation studio” off of the grid…as it doesn’t give me any bonus.  I have also kept some land to the left of my track, to be able to fit my ‘Zoominator” when Act II hits. After this event is over…all bets are of, and  will go into heavy re-design mode…

For me…the real “crime” of EALP (EA Lazy Programming) along with the Lag Issues…is that it is so brain-dead EAsy to complete the levels...while offering uninspired, parts of a prize we already earned.  I’ve said it before…It’s like winning an IKEA shelf unit.  You won it…but still have to put it together…and all of the parts may or may not be there.

But…it does give you your life back.

The TARGET to hit on a daily basis is 3980 Axes (they call them Axes…but, they are actually more of a hatchet size).  So…I currently cycle 11 characters, that each earn 81 axe-ets each.  Log on 4 times a day…for 1 minute…and you are golden!

4 x 81 x 11 = 3564… and we almost always get a 1,500 bonus with the Daily Challenge. That’s without taking the time to hunt down any of the Park Attendees. And that is with a 35% multiplier…not the full allowable 40%.

Four times…a minute each time… You will Get Your Bort On!

This event has been less than ideal…I admit it. Lags. Bugs. Limits. It is a challenge to say the least. But, the key here, is to just Chillax…take it as it comes, and remember that it’s just a game.  You don’t need anything special to play it…or really even need to spend money (unless you want Maw Spuckler...I don’t).

So…have a great weekend. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just log in…clear/send your Ride team. And have a life! 

41 responses to “Friday Filler – Of Lags, Limits, and Loops

  1. Is anyone else struggling with the crafting on this? I didn’t have enough to get to level five in the first act even though I crafted when I could, and I’ve only just got enough for that plunge the quest asks for. It’s also a bit odd that the log pieces are more expensive to make than the track but give less percentage per piece?

  2. I wish it were as simple as that for me but my lag issues started before I&S event 😭 And i’m on an iPad Pro with tons of free memory…and haven’t ever had a item limit warning yet.

    Love the bumper car idea! Kind of fun to put 4 corner tracks together too and have them smoking…maybe near tire yard?! 😂

  3. Since blowing up Krustyland my game has got really slow and keeps Freezing , what can I do to stop this, please help

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      Have you tried the various steps that have been offered in the I&S Land articles? There are four or five suggestions on how to reduce the lag….

      If so, then there is probably nothing more to be done.

  4. I’m almost at the 2nd to the last Act 2 Event Prize (yep I spent Bonuts to rush it because I’m going to be too busy Sunday / Monday), but hey I’ll have Bort – and earn Bonuts – very soon.

    I’m not satisfied with EA’s execution of this Event (lag, freeze, item limits), but I have learned stopping anything animated (Decor, Buildings) solves a similar situation when too many NPC’s wandered your Springfield.

    It begs the question – why offer it EA if it’s going to cause a consistent lag / freeze? We’re all going to be putting a lot into storage, I guess.

    So, yes, it’s “plop for now”, then come back to “decorate later” – and yep Tappers may have to eliminate some things from their Springfield – but I refuse to let any “grind” ruin my Zen approach.

    Happy Dad’s Day Everybody 👍

  5. So that’s how the LAG came about. For the first time since playing in 2015, I’ve started to experience the lags so much that I consider quitting it. In fact I laid off the game for while now during this event. Time to give these ideas a try and see if the LAG disappears…

  6. David Billington

    How do I get the tyres in the picture of the dodge version of the track. Many thanks.

    • Those were from a former event. I guess u could buy them

    • Do you mean the first picture of this post of Ebron’s Injury 500? I assume you mean the tires on the border of the Injury 500. That is the Tire Fence that should be available in the store under “Town Building” for about $250 in game cash.

  7. All of my four games get kicked out of logged in. It doesn’t allow me to log back in and the only way is to uninstall the app and re-install it again. iOS and android. That’s 10 min waiting for 2gb to load. Anybody with the same issue?

  8. I got yet another roll back error. How fun it is to get screwed by EA. I’m considering uninstalling the game and just give up. I was planning to buy scratchy but the idea to give EA money for a manurw worthy product….

  9. Like your ideas Patric , thx for sharing !

  10. Surprised no one has really mentioned the krustyland itchy balloon on here yet. A permanent store addition that gives 2% for 30 sprinkles. I think that’s probably better a better return than the average for the mystery box. I’m expecting to see fields of these things in Kem farmers towns.

    • 15D per 1% is quite good, but the MB yields 1% for 7.8D.

      • I appreciate it works out decent with the winning donuts back, but I just don’t enjoy spending them to win seemingly endless ponds, civics and krab kalash stands.

      • Just showing my ignorance – does MB stand for Mystery Box, not Monty Burns. The Itchy balloon has a small footprint.

  11. Thanks Ebron for the cake it’s yummy! 54 today!

  12. thank you Patric
    killing the animations on those rides made the game playable again

  13. Keith1Roon991

    Agree with your post patric, life is more important, log in 4 times do what need done, move on, not much fun but life can be, think everyone should spend 5 minutes logging a compliant with ea, until they take action on all these bugs, are ea deliberately trying to lose players???

  14. oktober10aussie

    “…and seems to take the “lag” out of her game (which for people at my age, means something completely different).”

    …I’m afraid to ask =-D

  15. Ebron, that is awesome looking.

  16. Thanks Patric for the kind words 😁. I love the log ride as much as I hated the track! Zoom…zoom…💦splash💦!

    As of yesterday, I was able to reach 35% by adding a few more ticket “bombs” and moving my 4 I&S parking lots, so that they just overlap the edge of the blue zone. The lag has all but disappeared, even when collecting cash from all my character jobs (which was a nightmare when I had the race track going). I am running the animation on the log ride and have my monorail running, and still no lagginess. I highly recommend doing a “test storing” of all the track pieces to see how it affects your game. You can always store them as a group (or several groups) and then pull them out if you need the bonus when it’s time to collect on the gate jobs. Just remember to “grey out” the land tiles before you move them (or better yet, remove any land tiles underneath them) or you’re in for a long wait.

    That part of the game is still sucky…I wish they’d get rid of that whole “store the land tiles with your selected area” fiasco. I love the group storage idea, just get rid of the land tiles option…it isn’t needed and it’s gumming up the works.

    Also Patric, you’ll be glad to see that your favorite area (Britain, Italy, France) is back…replaced it all in SH, with smaller versions of Japan and Brazil…turning SH into my Efcot area. Had to give up Future Springfield, the Egyptian area, and my Casinos, but now I’m hovering at around 11,300 pieces. This gives me a little cushion to work with and I’m not constantly waiting for the “we don’t like your kind and we’re not going to let you put that there” message to appear. Ah, the joys of decorating…bet they wouldn’t cut Martha Stewart off🙎‍♀️😆.

  17. I would like to know if anybody’s phone tablet isn’t lagging. If not what they have?

    • I have an old iPhone 5 with max memory, but I don’t have a lot of apps on my phone. I have the track and log ride animated with no problem; although, my town isn’t maxed out on land (I’m a land miser).

    • Since you asked specifically if there’s anyone *not* having issues on their device: I’ve observed no noticeable lag related to the ISL decorations, and I have both the Injury Track and the Log Ride connected and running — but the all-important-follow-up detail that you’re looking for, is that I’m on a flagship iPhone X. So while I feel bad for the people who encounter performance issues on their devices, I’m not certain if its generally appropriate for me to chime in during those discussion, as I’d just feel like I’m bragging. On those rare occasions when I *do* experience lags or bugs, that almost certainly means that *everyone* is experiencing the same or worse.

      That said: I do occasionally encounter that one older lag issue where *everything* bogs down to nigh-unplayable levels, but that promptly clears up by simply force-closing the app and relaunching. (I experienced that particular bug quite a bit more frequently when I was using an iPhone 6.)

  18. Happy Birthday Helen (me!). Beautiful sunny winter’s day. The fun starts now!

  19. “And that is with a 35% multiplier…not the full allowable 40%.”

    Um… How do you get it up to 40%? I have 38,73% worth of stuff in the blue area and it still only shows as 35%…

  20. Nuking Krusty Land has killed this game. There’s too much going on our towns for the game to run smoothly. It makes me wonder if EA even tried to test the game’s performance before the update went live. At least EA got one thing right. “This game is life ruining fun”. Just at the moment it’s not fun right now.

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