Itchy and Scratchy Land Act III Prizes – Prize 1- The Zoominator

Before anyone else points out the fact that we already have a roller coaster in our ItchyScratchyKrustyLand (the Tooth Chipper), all of us who are roller coaster aficionados know that just like cowbell in a great rock song, you can’t have too much roller coaster!  And, this one is a Monster!

Besides pretty much being required to move through the questline for Act III…and once again, creating “Lag City” for a good number of players…it’s a pretty cool, ambitious and fun addition.

Let’s take a look at the details..shall we?

When you first place the Zoominator, do your best to have the majority of the pieces touching the bonus blue area of ISLand.  The max bonus you can earn is 50%. It will make “getting everything” easier…by…well…almost 50%.

What you will notice, once you have all of the dots connected correctly, and the animation is working, is that there seems to be a couple of weird things happening with your eyes. No worries. It’s not your eyes. It is the EA programming again.  So…don’t worry about the fact that it doesn’t look like the tracks line up correctly. As long as you “CONNECT THE RED DOTS” they are properly aligned. Mostly.

I say “Mostly” because if you look at the corner of the Zoominator, as it comes to us “out of the box,” the top tier of the corner doesn’t hook up to anything.  The animation runs fine…but the tracks aren’t engaged.

No worries…as it turns out, this is only part of the “decoration” aspect of this corner. It will never hook up to tracks…it is part of an old section that has been “decommissioned” and left to rot.  (you can see where the track is twisted).

However, is where the “Craft Zoominator Plunge” task comes into play.  The “plunge” parts are two-tier, and have to have a lower part on one end, and an upper part on the other. So, just winning the “Plunge” isn’t going to do you a whole lot of good, without some other spare parts.   And yes…the Plunge isn’t accessible until Level 10 of the Crafting. So….be prepared for a whole lotta grinding to get there.  I had more than 20K stored before the act hit…and I was able to get to Level 10 quickly…but, still have to grind for parts to complete the “Craft/Place” aspect of the Zoominator.

I have not been hit with the Lag issue…so I can/will craft a very large Zoominator (did I mention that I love Roller Coasters?).

Here are the basics…not much to it, except that if placed properly, it will add to your ISLand Crafting Bonus.

Prize: Zoominator Bundle
Size: 20×15
Earns: Nothing, but complete bundle earns 6.25% Amusement Bonus
Conform-O-Meter: Each component Vanity +100
What Does It Do: Always animated when connected. Bart, Lisa, Marge and Homer can Ride the Zoominator. 4hrs and earns $175, 45xp each. Also, this unlocks the ability to craft additional Zoominator track pieces

And there you have it!
Next Prize- Free Land Token…(which I won’t cover)…so…Prize #3- Parent’s Island Gate! (What happens in Parent’s Island, stays in Parent’s Island!).


36 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land Act III Prizes – Prize 1- The Zoominator

  1. I can’t figure out how to put the Zoominator together. I get the concept of aligning the red squares, but whenever I have to turn pieces to the 90 degree angle to avoid everything being in a single straight line, the red squares stop being red squares and become entire red no-go blocks. I don’t get it at all. This whole annoying th8ng is about to go into storage.

    • The corner pieces have red dots on the corner edges. Start by connecting two corners first…to create a U shape. Then add the straight pieces.

  2. Zoominator

    I had high hopes for Crafting a fun Roller Coaster, except a lack of EA programming thru a 🔧 into that idea via a darn Game lag / freeze (it pains me to say it, but this may end up being my least favorite Event in 2018 ’cause EA royally scrood the 🐩 in too many ways – oh well, October is quickly approaching and they couldn’t possibly mess Halloween up again – right?)

    Just gimme Land Tokens (LoL) 😅

  3. How do I retrieve zoominator track pieces I’ve accidently deleted

    • I’ve now told you like 15 times, you cannot delete them. Check your inventory. If they’re not there contact EA.
      We cannot go into your game and find them for you.

  4. How do you retrieve piece you my have accidently deleted? I’ve delete pieces to my zoomintor and the injury 500 it won’t let anyone collect point cuz it says missing pieces. Please help me retrieve them.

    • You cannot delete the prizes, or pieces to the Zoominator, Log Ride or Injury 500. It’s not humanly possible (unless you’re not playing a legitimate version of TSTO, ie you’re playing a hacked version that you downloaded from the internet instead of from the app store). Check you’re inventory.

      If you’re still having issues, contact EA.

  5. This didn’t help me for reassembling the zoominator. I need help putting it back together and ithink I’m missing piece I’m also missing piece for the I jury 500 please help me

    • When I re-designed the log ride, I couldn’t get it to work. After 3 tries going piece by piece all around the ride, I finally took it all apart. I just started over with the basic 4 corners and 4 connector pieces. The ride animated…I then just kept adding 2 pieces at a time (front and back, or side and side), waiting till it animated to add more. It finally got it back to the right size and it has been working ever since. Don’t know what I was doing wrong before, but this way worked…it’s not quick, but it does work.

      • It is because it is not always easy to tell if you haven’t aligned it correctly.

        Reminds me when I was in school, trying to fix an error in a program. Spent a couple of hours trying to find the error, finally (after assisting a couple of other students) I just rewrote the program from scratch and it worked the first time.

  6. The Zoominator has redeemed itself! I like it much better as a Squiddy World attraction. The trees on tiles are kinda wierd, but I can live with it😄. Can build more around it as I get more tiles.

    • I already have the Christmas Rigelian UFO on tiles (complete with trees/rocks), so it seems I’ll be wrapping the Zoominator around it at the end of this event.

      The animation should be lots of fun fun when the B.S. League is fighting while the coaster is zooming around…..

      • Sounds great…this arrangement takes 27 (9X3) tiles plus 2 tiles to connect to Squidport. To put something in the middle, I’ll need lots more tiles…dive little sub, dive!😄

        • The UFO is resting on a 3×3 section, so I figure I’ll expand it to a 5×6 section. It won’t be quite the same but should be able to incorporate at least 1 long section.and only require 21x additional tiles.

          I got the Submarine about a year ago and it’s been diving for tiles/piers non-stop. All kinds of excessively large buildings/decorations have found their way to the sea…

  7. johnnyicemaker

    Grinding is RIGHT!! Looks like they changed the crafting requirements from your initial report of 11,000 to now needing 14,000 IS$ to get to Level 10! just to start earning for the Plunge and Loop. WOW! Hopefully the earning gets better as we go. But getting only 4 IS$ for tapping each park visitor will seemingly take a looong time to get there.

  8. Quick question on the Rommel wood eliminator is there a cap on the amount of warheads you can earn? Thanks.

    • No limit when it comes to prizes from the mini-games.

      I’ve got lots of warheads plus Kodos/Kang topiary from the rocket launches.

  9. Has anyone tried placing pieces on Squiddy tiles? After the event, I’m going to try and make a Sqiddy annex with the Zoominator, accessed by the pirate bridge.

  10. I’m so disappointed in this event… I would rather take my chances with the prize wheel again… 🙁

    I was really excited to incorporate KL into Springfield… they missed the mark with the prizes and crafting this time. I don’t like the Injury 500.. The log ride was cool.. and I was REALLY looking forward to to the Zoominator because I LOVE roller coaster too.. but the insane amount of crafting currency and the actual pieces of the roller coaster have killed this event for me… Instead of crafting all these ‘pieces’ I would rather have to grind to craft whole rides.. b/c essentially what they are saying is that KL has ALL these great rides and I&SL only has 3.. bummer… 🙁

    • Is it bad but I never hated the prize wheel? Lol. The rides have been very luck luster indeed. Shame I was very excited too.

      • I liked the prize wheel too. I was pretty new to the game then and didn’t know you were ‘supposed’ to win everything. And I didn’t. But I’d take almost anything over the monotony that these events have become.

    • Nailed it!

  11. I love roller coasters but can already tell crafting this one is going to be a journey of frustration If you care about roller coasters, A coaster of this type have many layers of track on top of each other (like the corner piece) but it’ll be almost impossible to build it & customize it like that……….I also had to temperly get rid of the tooth chipper until the event is over to maximize bonus %

  12. I have not had the lag issue until I got the Zoominator. Had to disconnect it and the log ride 😕

    • Once I got rid of the Zoominator, the lag dissapeared and I could run my log ride again…the log ride animation doesn’t seem to create as big of a problem.

  13. I really dislike the look of this rollercoaster. I

  14. Actually, the Plunge works just fine “in line”, with both ends on the same level. It rises up on one side, plunges down on the other.
    If it’s on the “near side”, you see the log rising, and then it disappears quickly. (The ride goes clockwise, so on the “near” side, it’s moving away.) If it’s on the “far side”, you see the log suddenly rise on and drop down in front of you. I find this latter animation MUCH more satisfying, as the riders are raising their arms.

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