Itchy and Scratchy Land Act III Prize Guide – Prize 3 – Parent’s Island Gate

Anyone who has spent hours, and hours, and days at an amusement park, standing in line for an eternity for a two minute ride…only to hear the kids yell,  “AGAIN!!” understands the fantasy of a “Parent’s Island.”

In the episode that about 95% of this update is based upon (Itchy and Scratchy Land S6E4), we see Marge and Homer making a parental escape…

Marge: You know, part of spending time together as a family is spending time apart as individuals.
Homer: Parents’ Island?
Marge: I’m sure we’ll appreciate each other more when we meet up at dinner. Are you kids gonna be all right? Kids?

After entering “Paradise Isle,” marge and Homer stumble upon Itchy’s Disco…

Marge: It is the ’70s. Right down to the smallest detail.
Homer: Hey, the bartender even looks like John Travolta.
Travolta: Yeah, “looks like.

Later They Visit TGI McScratchy;s…
Waiter: Welcome to T. G. I. McScratchy’s, where it’s constantly New Year’s Eve.
Bandleader: Here we go again. Three, two, one.

Marge: It must be wonderful to ring in the new year over and over and over.
Waiter: Please kill me.

Prize: Parent’s Island Gate
Size: 6×4
Earns: Nothing
Conform-O-Meter: Consumerism +5
Can Be Placed: Grass|Pavement|Boardwalk|Pier|Dirt. Also can be placed OVER roads, cobblestone and rivers.
What Does It Do: Nothing, just a decoration.

OK…so this is a pretty lame prize. It earns nothing…it doesn’t help with the Event. It just sits there. But, how can you place value on an escape from the kids surrounded by other carefree adults?  You can’t…

AND YES…you CAN PLACE THE BRIDGE OVER WATER…just place the water First…then the bridge!

Next Prize…another “get rid of the kids for a while” item. The Child Care Center!


30 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land Act III Prize Guide – Prize 3 – Parent’s Island Gate

  1. Miss H R Levers

    I need help, I got log out, I am a level 199 and now it said im level 1 and ive lost my game please help me


  2. Parent’s Island Gate

    Thank you EA for FINALLY offering an Event Prize that’s scaled to Krustyland (and yes I’ve made an Adult’s Only Island in mine)! 👍


  3. Dark_R0nin910

    Yay! A bridge! (This has been my aBRIDGEd comment)

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  4. I took it easy this event, the weekends i almost didn’t play. I should get the corporal saturday morning. I could take a break then, but i feel i haven’t enough crafting stuff yet. Crafting (IMO) goes slow, some ‘prices’ are very expensive. Probably they (EA) won’t let you craft more ride expansions, i think it’s not build in. Well, six more days and we will see where we get

    Liked by 1 person

    • Isn’t it nice to take a healthy step back From The Grind to enjoy Life? I definitely learned from Patric and no longer sweat over whether I get everything during an Event! I will have to final Act 3 Prize tonight and took 3 days off from playing. 👍


  5. The KL items can go on the KL tiles but I&S stuff cant? This is lame. EA can’t keep things consistent. “Build a brand new amusement park with all your old designs, and add new things that don’t fit with your old design”.

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  6. Damn, I just realised I forgot to buy the TGI… 😥


  7. Keith1Roon991

    Will get corporal punishment in about 3 hours, and end of event for me. If only the rides worked it might have been a good event.

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  8. I may be in the minority but I love it when we get bridges, entrances and signs that can go over roads and rivers. 💚I do like seeing the characters walk over the gate while they’re getting the event currency. 🙂 I would of been easier if the K-Land paths can go on the gate (not under) because now I have a square of pavement in its place at the front of the gate. 😦 I don’t plan on buying T.G.I. McScratchy’s and Itchy’s 70’s Disco but I plan on using some K-Land items with it instead including the Palm Trees, Fleet-A-Pita and Taco Trucks, Tiki Bar and some stalls for the parents of Springfield. 🍹 🥙 🌮🌴

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    • I love any kind of bridges…lots of water in my town, so would really like to have some kind of bridges that would connect cobblestone roads or even dirt roads. 👍😁

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    • I found a solution to adding the K-Land paths on the front of the gate which should work. If the writing in the image is too small read the descriptions under the pics, I will add it under the image. 😀

      1) How the Parents’ Island Gate (PIG) looks without the Krustyland tiles on the front of the gate.
      2) Use the area selection tool on some Krustyland tiles or the nearest tiles to the PIG.
      3) Move the selected tiles to the front of the PIG with at least one full tile at the front of the PIG.
      4) After tapping the tick on the selected tiles in the new place, it should place them down without the PIG needing to be moved after.
      5) Fill the new gap with another Krustyland tile and the PIG should be placed on Krustyland tiles.

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  9. The problem with the bridge is it can’t be placed on krustyland paths. so i have to either have an empty space or an unmatched tile to fit it over the water. or have no water under it and have it look weird.

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  10. We should’ve gotten a parents island to go with bridge


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