Addicts 5-Year Look Back: Sarah Wiggum

So my main role on this site has always been game content.  I’m the one (usually) writing update rundowns, walkthroughs, should I buys and general “how-tos”.  They have always kept me busy and I like doing them (most days). I always enjoy getting to explore the ins and outs of the game and sharing it with you guys, after all that is the primary function of this site right?

So when it came time to look in the archives for posts I’ve written it wasn’t as easy to find one to post this time around.  After all who wants to re-read a walkthrough from Level 36?  BUT I did remember that, back when I wasn’t a mom and had way more time on my hands, I used to occasionally write things for fun. Sometimes opinion pieces about an event, other times in-depth WDTCF like posts.

Some of those WDTCF posts were for a series of posts we used to do called The Real Housewives of Springfield (we also had a similar feature for the men of Springfield called Mad Men of Springfield).  And then I remembered, Sarah Wiggum!

As y’all may recall from episodes of Addicts Live, or even some of my posts, I’ve long been advocating for Sarah Wiggum to join our games.  So long, in fact, it goes back to the very early days of this site when I focused a Real Housewives of Springfield piece on Sarah Wiggum herself.  I tried to make the compelling case on the Springfield NEEDS Sarah.  Apparently, four and a half years later, it didn’t work…since Sarah STILL isn’t in Springfield.  Hopefully, this time around it’ll make EA see Springfield needs Sarah.

So without further ado, let’s travel back to the winter of 2014…

housewivesTV sarah

From the Real Housewives of Springfield: Sarah Wiggum…February 23rd, 2014

This week we’re talking about a character not in the game, but who should be.  The wife of Chief Wiggum and mother of Ralph, Sarah Wiggum.  I know I know she’s barely in many episodes & even when she is she barely says anything. BUT every good reality show needs the strong silent type right?  So let’s explore the woman behind “Oh Clancy”…

Sarah 17

Sarah Wiggum is definitely the strong silent type in Springfield.  Although she’s very rarely heard from, her presence is known and it’s clear that both Ralph & Chief Wiggum wouldn’t survive without her.  I’m amazed they haven’t blown up their house in Tapped Out yet!  

Let’s start off by taking a look at the first time Sarah appeared in The Simpsons.  To find this episode we’ll have to travel all the way back to Season4, E16: Duffless.  While teaching a class about Drinking and Driving (to a room full of Spingfielders with DUIs) Eddie & Lou accidentally show one of Wiggum’s home movies.  In it Chief Wiggum plays a little joke on Sarah and sprays the hose at her. This is the first time we catch even a glimpse of Sarah in The Simpsons, and first impressions are everything.  So naturally Sarah doesn’t speak, or at least we don’t hear her, but it’s evident she is not amused.

Sarah 16

Throughout the years we’ve been slowly let in on more details behind Sarah and Clancy’s relationship.  The details are revealed, of course, without Sarah saying much.  We first learn of how Sarah and Clancy met in Season 14, E13: A Star Is Born-Again.  While dancing at Jellyfish Festival Clancy tells Sarah she’s even more beautiful than when he arrested her.  (Sarah’s response…of course…is “Oh Clancy!”)  Shortly after we learn that Wiggum planted Crystal Meth so she would notice him.   Good to know she wasn’t actually doing Crystal Meth…although that might explain more about Ralph!

Sarah 1

Sarah 2

We also learn of Clancy’s “pet name” for Sarah in Season 10, E14: I’m with Cupid when Sarah sees I LUV U Poppinfresh in Apu’s skywriting gone wrong (you can see more about this in Wookiee’s 2D post here), revealing that’s Clancy’s nickname for her…she then proceeds to giggle like the doughboy!  (Bonus…we also learn where Ralph gets that great haircut from!)

Sarah 5 Sarah 6

So we’ve revealed a bit about Sarah’s relationship with Wiggum, but what about her strong side?  Her independence?  To take a closer look at this let’s travel back to Season 8, E14: The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show we see Sarah in the audition room trying out for the voice of Poochie.  Of course we don’t hear from her & she doesn’t get the part but we do learn that she does have a bit of an independent streak & is willing to try new things.

Sarah 3

In Season 21, E18: Chief of Hearts we learn that Sarah does in fact have a life outside of Ralph and Clancy.  In fact she not only has a life but it’s one that she doesn’t want Wiggum involved in.  When Clancy calls her to let her know he won’t be home too late and maybe they could do something that night, Sarah reminds him of her Book Club meeting she has that night (they occur quite often).  When Clancy suggests he joins her, she reminds him that there just aren’t “enough chairs” for him.  This perhaps is one of the strongest examples we see of Sarah’s strong, independent side & of course it’s a completely one-sided phone conversation.  We only see and hear Clancy on the phone, Sarah’s words are only repeated through him.

While independent we also see her devotion and love for Clancy later in the same episode.  After he’s shot Sarah is at his bedside, worried & crying.  This shows us that even though she’s got her independence, her devotion and love of her family is top priority in her life.

Sarah 8

Sarah Wiggum has been in and out of episodes of The Simpsons since the early days.  Often seen, rarely heard but we know she’s keeping Clancy and Ralph under control.  We see her independence from her family & her time out with the girls when she goes Crazy Bowling (Season 21, E3: The Great Wife Hope):

Sarah 12 Sarah 11 Sarah 10

But we also see her softer family side & just how much Clancy and Ralph need her throughout the years as well.  Heck Clancy can’t even dial a phone without Sarah’s assistance! (Season 8, E19: Grade School Confidential):

Sarah 13 Sarah 14 Sarah 15

Sarah is the glue that holds the Wiggum family together!  It amazes me that she hasn’t made it into Tapped Out yet.  Of course, I’m also amazed that Wiggum can remember to put his pants on without her!  Do you have a favorite Sarah Wiggum moment?  Would YOU like to see her in Tapped Out?  Do you think Clancy and Ralph are surviving ok without her keeping them in check?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Until the next episode of “The Real Housewives of Springfield”.

We hope you enjoyed this look back in the TSTO Archives!  Do you think Springfield needs Sarah?  Don’t you think it’s about time EA adds her to the game?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

20 responses to “Addicts 5-Year Look Back: Sarah Wiggum

  1. I would love her in my Springfield.

  2. Sarah Wiggum ♥️

    Yep! This Game App definitely needs Her, and more Female Springfield Characters (meanwhile, having over 200 Characters in my Springfield – not counting the NPC’s I have in Storage – tells me how long I’ve been Tapping). 😉

  3. I remember Sarah most from the Hunger Games parody in Treehouse of Horror when Ralph is immediately eliminated and Chief walks in “What did I miss?”

  4. Maybe we could try reverse psychology and if everyone talks negatively about her saying we don’t want her and it will be another step towards the death of tapped out EA will take notice and try to prove us “wrong” by putting her in the game.

  5. “The Real Housewives of Springfield” would also be a great name for a mini event to introduce her…

  6. We longed for and constantly asked for Maggie to join the game and finally got her for Christmas. There was long desire for Bleeding Gums Murphy and we finally got him for a donut purchase and then later as a mystery box item…which is how I got him. I think Sarah is on the way, but it what format? Big donut purchase? Mystery box item? Event prize? Character with donut bundle purchase? Only time will tell.

    • Because she’s been so requested, my guess is it’ll go BGM route. Expensive premium. Likely more expensive than BGM initially.

  7. If you build her up too much, EA will make the character available in a donut package costing $100, then release her again 6 months later for 500 donuts. She will be the most expensive character in tsto.

    • lol there’s no doubt in my mind that they will try and milk us for all the donuts we’ve got to get her. They waited long enough to bring her in. I don’t think 500 though. I think she’ll be one of the (if not the) most expensive characters, but I think somewhere between 250-350 is her sweet spot of pricing.

  8. For me personally my favourite Sarah wiggum scene will always be the town meeting in “bart after dark”. With her two exclamations of Clancy! and the “your in trouble when we get home” look she gives him.

  9. Even if she doesn’t talk much, Sarah’s had much more screen time in the show than many of the other charachters we already have in in the game.
    We rEAlly need her, EA find a way please!

  10. Shes got to be the most glaring absence on the game. A funny job for her and Clancy together might involve the suits from the Curling episode.

  11. TallSpiderCandy

    I love Sarah and really hope EA brings her to our towns…maybe for the holidays?! *fingers crossed*
    There are sooooo many characters that can yet be introduced, I hope EA gets on the ball and rolls them out! : )

  12. Has anyone had issues with thd job centre? I could only give 7 people tasks this evening, had to do the rest manually. No otstanding tasks in the diary.

    • It’s probably because you need to do the daily challenge ( upper right corner).

    • If you’ve already ruled out all of the flavors of “incomplete tasks,” I would wonder if perhaps you’ve recently dismissed a non-donut based daily task. I do that frequently; once in awhile the game gets confused and still wants the characters associated with that task to do it anyway… and if the task was assigned to one of the larger groups, it can get to be a bit annoying. If this is indeed the cause of your issue, the good news (mediocre new?) is that it should just auto-magically fix itself tomorrow morning.

      • If a daily challange asks for “springfields do…” and I skip the challange, the game still wants them to do it, but simply closing the game and opening it again will fix it.

        • I’ll double-check myself the next time it happens, but I could have sworn that I’d tried that before with no success. It seems to consistently clear itself the following morning, though.

      • I think thats what it was, a daily task that paid cash so i swapped it for a donut one, its cleared up now.

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