Moe’s Ark Act One Prize Guide – Canary M. Birdhouse

The Big Zoo Build Continues!

Anyone who is really into this update is going to be happy with the next Major Prize….the Canary M. Birdhouse!

Those that are just grinding it out to get the final prize will be happy that we are now almost halfway there. Yay!

What Zoo would be complete without an aviary that looks a lot like the other aviaries in this game? You just can’t have too many aviaries… right?

OK. So…maybe you can. But we have another one. Let’t look at the details…

Now why would anyone put this in storage? It’s an aviary for Canaries! And you can’t have too many Canary Aviaries.  We already covered this…right? But there is a twist…apparently Burn’s Boss lives there!

Here are the details.

Act 1, Prize 3- Canary M Birdhouse

Size: 8×9
Build Time: 4hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +200
Can be Placed: On grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt and Over river|cobblestone|sidewalk|road|dirtroad|iceriver|klsroad\
Earns: $200, 20xp/12hrs
Permanent Task: Mr. Burns, 4hr task to Visit His Boss (I’m sure this makes sense to real Simpsons fans!) Earns $175,45xp
Animation: Animated when in use, you can see birds moving around.

Questline when Built: Canary M. Birdhouse
Smithers starts
Smithers: Sir, you don’t have to keep visiting this bird.
Burns: Yes, I do, Smithers. He’s still the legal owner of the power plant.
Make Burns Visit His Boss– 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Let’s try and make sense of this…shall we???
This reference comes from the episode “C.E. Doh!!” (S14E15).

According to the WIKI…
“When Homer tries to become a better employee, but is dismissed by Mr. Burns, Homer is angered and overhears Burns mention that the legal plant owner is Canary M. Burns because this protects Mr. Burns from responsibility for any wrongdoing by the power plant. Homer, with Bart’s help, devises a plan to overthrow Burns by releasing the bird from the plant to the Canary Islands. But the bird needs to check the globe first before it can leave. After the bird is released, he tells Mr. Burns that inspectors are here to check the condition of the plant. Out of panic, Mr. Burns, who is unable to find his canary, names Homer as the new owner.”

Hmmm…now it makes sense. NOT!

No worries. It’s free. It’s part of the zoo. It’s an aviary.

NEXT UP- BIG CAT COUNTRY…and an explanation how to use it!

23 responses to “Moe’s Ark Act One Prize Guide – Canary M. Birdhouse

  1. Josephine Kick@$$

    To steal a phrase from your book, HOLY FREAKIN’ SHIRT!, this thing is huge. I do love the new format they appear to be doing with animations/interactions 👍👍 on that EA😀

  2. It’s unfortunate Burns’ task is freemium. He basically lives at money mountain in my game. I have his task from Bart Royale still left undone so it’ll be a while before I see the aviary animated. But at least it’s a permanent task, unlike Cletus’ at the Christmas house.

  3. Hope there’s another 9 free land tiles my zoo is nearly full, also wish there were zoo paths available, about half the size of a road EA.

    • Yes, walkways.. I would love walkways I hope E.A is listening it’s about adding additional and different decorations, landscaping, houses, and more outside tasks for each character just an add on to what we have. Drop the item limit and let us sell or throw away what we feel fit. (Just a remodel) That would be Awesome!! .. It’s just that I have the same trees, shrubs, etc all over town, and I got poor Luigi tossing a pizza 24/7. That’s also why I like crafting, without the rules. I wish that every single item that they introduce they would put in the store. I craft so many bleachers or something and come up with an idea months after the event and can’t finish my design.. but hey just an idea.

      • I’ve gotten to where I try to buy/craft at least 60 of anything basic, like fences or shrubs, before the event ends. I agree, l’d rather see items for sale in the store, rather than try to craft enough of them to make them useful later.

        • Absolutely… Did you ever figure out how my to put your boardwalk tiles on the beach?

          • I tried everything I could think of, but nothing worked. No idea how your neighbor got Squiddy tiles on the beach, but I’d sure like to know🏝🤷‍♀️.

  4. Canary M. Birdhouse

    Permanent 4-Hour Task for Mr. Burns is lol worthy. 👍
    Let’s be honest, Building should be 1/2 it’s size. 👎

    I should earn the 2nd Land Token tonight, still Kem Farming and patiently waiting for Sarah Wiggum (hoping everyone who was glitched by EA has been refunded).

  5. Just looks like a bigger version of the greenhouse. 🤷🏻‍♀️. I’ll take it though.

    • Ya think?

      This event has EALP all over it. The repeat emu enclosures….the repeat big cat enclosures…man. Summer vacation for the programmers…

      • I do find it vaguely interesting that you can slot different animals into the enclosures — but if the Emu Experiences all have an Emu sign above them, even with different animals… well, that does seem somewhat uninspired. Taking the small step of enabling us to change out that sign (perhaps in the same fashion as the animals) would have been dramatically more interesting.

        So yeah… EALP.

      • So that’s what the Dog Dayz teaser meant by “an old school super summer.”

  6. I just unlocked the extra currency in the prize track and I’m not using it so I can quickly advance once I unlock the big cat country. It looks better and has cooler animals.

    • Absolutely, once you get big cat extra characters can earn currency and would much rather have multiple big cats than naff emu enclosure.

    • Totally agree, big cats looks better than emu enclosure and quite happy to have more than one. Also big cat =more characters earning event currency

    • Wasn’t sure…. But now im waiting too👍👍👍 Love me some big cats!🐯🐅🐆🐯😻

    • Totally agree, I just unlocked the big cat country and have it upgraded to the white tiger already, so theres just one more upgrade and then another big can country. I dont care about second emu enclosure…

  7. For those wo are ahead of the clendar: Martin, Moe and CBG will have a job available at Big Cat Country (the two premium characters will have a choice for the Emu exp or BCC). So make sure they are free when you get it, and you’ll not miss out on event currency.

    • Great tip…
      But, the question for me keeps coming back to “what are we crafting?” Multiples of the same…and new animals…is there more? Oh. Wait. That’s the beauty of a zoo…just enclosures and animals.

      • I kinda like the peripheral pieces better than the main enclosures…got 3 EEs…will store the extra 2 pens, but the duck ponds etc. can find homes easily. Same with Big Cats…only one pen will stay out, but lots of places to use extra rock formations.

        • That was my thought when I blew through the sanctuary grants on the prize track this morning – I wanted another duck pond and another awning. I can always store the other EE after the event, and for now they’ve upped my bonus and I’ve got the park earning grants so I should be okay in the long run.

        • Justin Henriks

          Agreed, the extra items can be nicely placed into the overall design whilst only really need one of each actual exhibit. Also, to me it looks a bit strange having a second ‘Emu Experience’ with other animal species inside… not much of an emu experience 🙈

      • Yeah it’s uninspired game design. At least you can get some variety by assigning different animals to the slots. And with some creative placement and rotation it will not be too obvious that there’s two identical buildings…

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