Moe’s Ark Act I Prize Guide – Big Cat Country

Well…it’s about time we all got something that works with the HUGE Lion Sign we got a few prizes back!

This one is cool…and has it’s own rather convoluted Upgrade System that will allow you to make it even BIGGER than the name implies!

Big Cat Country is one of the BEST prizes in Act One. It has a very cool animation, with running water, and really adds some “Zazzz” to your Zoo!

Let’s take a look…

As mentioned, like a couple of the other items in this event, it has the ability to be Upgraded…adding features that make it even Bigger and Better!


But here are the basics…

Act 1, Prize 5- Big Cat Country

Size: 8×8
Jobs: Opens up more volunteer jobs to earn event currency, and adds new characters to the mix. You can now send Martin, Moe and Comic Book Guy to Volunteer at Big Cat C ountry. Giving you even more characters to earn event currency.

Amusement Bonus: 2.25% when placed in Bonus Area
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
All upgrade components are Vanity +100 and can be placed grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt

Questline When Placed:
Big Kitty Corral Pt. 1
Marge starts
Marge: Look at all the pretty cats, Maggie.
Maggie: *suck*…. *suck*?
Marge: Of course, we can go see them.
Maggie: *suck* *cry* *suck* *suck*
TASK- Make Marge Visit Big Cat Country-
4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
TASK – Make Maggie Reluctantly Visit Big Cat Country
4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Upgrade Big Cat Country- x2
Place Big Cat Country Extension-x1
After part 1 is complete there are 4 more parts (to reach Big Kitty Corral Pt. 5) that will appear in sequence (without dialogue) to upgrade Big Cat Country.

See the upgrade post for details about Big Cat Country upgrades. 

WOW! So a ton of extra grinding in this one. But, getting a Big Cat is worth it…right?

This one looks great…has some fun tasks associated, and is one of the best prizes (it may make it out of storage for me) in this act!

NEXT UP- Another Land Tile…then BRITTANY BROCKMAN!! Woot Woot!

26 responses to “Moe’s Ark Act I Prize Guide – Big Cat Country

  1. I’m at a 11% bonus right now! I really don’t want to purchase a 2nd emu experience or 2nd big cat country, but looks like there is no other way to increase bonus %? Or would it be smarter to save my grants for act 2?

  2. I know i read somewhere that the bonus%area for the entire event totalled to 40%. I wonder if that is split evenly through the three acts? Anyone hit the max for act one and know what it is?

  3. It’s already been said BUT… really great design

  4. It’s really a beautiful prize, but I’m annoyed by the fact that the volunteers are all from de rail yard, now I have no one to recycle plastic bottles. It’ll be hard to get more donuts, since I’m a freemium and rely mostly on the rail yard to earn them. There are more than 100 caracters, but the events use always the same ones. >:(

  5. I like this prize. Although I *could* move my discount lion safari sign to this, I kinda’ like what I’ve already done with that sign…put a few lion statues behind it with barriers boxing it in. Can’t get more discount than having your lion safari being fake lions.

  6. Big Cat Country

    Kind of sounds like the hunting section at Bass Pro Shops at the Silverton Casino Resort (and no I’m not a hunter, I just go for the cheap cases of moon pies) 😅

    I actually ♥️ this vs the Emu Barns (if I wasn’t so adamant about leaving my Springfield Zoo so small? I’d get a 2nd ) 👍

    • Moon Pie…….what a time to be alive……

    • would like one of those zombie ammunition boxes, love the walking dead lol

    • Until recently I didn’t even realize the had Moon Pies outside of Mobile and New Orleans…. I mean, yeah, they are in every corner store in the south but… Vegas? BIG TIME!

  7. Best item so far as i love big cats, totally goes with my wildlife park

  8. Sooooo glad i didnt spend the currency prize! Got this and fully upgraded it last night!☺👍 Now i want another!!! I forgot all about Brittany! To me, this is the best prize! She’s cool too….but come on……Big kitties! 🐯🐯🐯

    • And with the way the extensions work you can have a bigger cat country and the cats can have their own section. I’m hoping we get enough time to get at least 4 big cat countries, or that we can keep upgrading bcc in other acts once our act questlines are finished.

  9. Am I way behind? It’s my next prize but maybe a day out.

  10. My favourite decoration of act 1 ❤🦁🐯

    They fit so beautifully together too and all the little rocks and ponds too. I’ve used some of the rocks from the wild west event to make it even bigger with a wild west road leading under the sign into the compound. Finally found a place for that silly cat bus thingy from the awful potter event. I’ve used it as the tour guide around big cat country.

    Love this event! 😊

    • Exactly, it all fits so nicely together with many ways to place the upgrades, and it still looks like one piece, everything blends together. Unlike the emu experiece where the upgrades dont really fit and they have the annoying dark edges that make it impossible to blend the grass into just regular grass, let alone the rest of the enclosure.

    • Justin Henriks

      Yes a very nicely designed decoration with all the upgrades working really well together. Some boab trees would be a nice addition but I’m disappointed I was travelling and missed the Wild West event as the roads and other decorations look like they would have been so useful! Some good ideas!

  11. I still need 1200 units to get it 😅 the absence of premium jobs-ers is to blame 😎

  12. I stored that sign awhile back, I hope we don’t get more signs in the coming acts.

    I was able to upgrade my lion habitat fully the second it built.

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