Moe’s Ark Act One Prize Guide – Brittany Brockman

OK. This little lady has a ton more smarts than her Dad, Kent. And unlike a lot of other “Randoms” that show up in our game, she has appeared in no fewer than TEN episodes of the Simpsons, as well as the Simpsons Movie!

The only real issue…is that almost none of them feature the Zoo, and her most notable appearance is in the “Malibu Stacey” episode.

But, hey…she’s a FULL CHARACTER…and she’s FREE!

So..let’s dive into what makes Brittany da bomb of Bart girlfriends (kinda) and Lisa’s rival (kinda)…but mostly just a new character for our games!

Act 1, Prize 7- Brittany Brockman
Has 4hr tasks to earn Event Currency at Emu Experience and Big Cat Country

Questline: Nightcreeper Pt. 1
Kent starts
Kent: Brittany, what’s this I hear about you trending?
Brittany: I used my phone to record a robbery. They caught the guy and now I’m the hit of the internet!
Kent: Be careful, honey. Social media can be as fickle as a newsman’s credit score.
TASK- Make Brittany Brockman Search for a Story on ViewTube
4hrs, Earns Event Currency

Nightcreeper Pt. 2
Brittany starts
Brittany: Dad! Someone in my class saw a Chupacabra last night! Can I get the scoop on this?! Can I?
Kent: Well, you did just ask twice. Okay. Just get this scoop before 8 PM. It’s a school night, remember.
TASK: Make Brittany Brockman Search for the Chupacabra-
4hrs, Earns Event Currency

Nightcreeper Pt. 3
Brittany starts
Brittany: I couldn’t scoop anything. Maybe there isn’t a Chupacabra after all.
Kent: Maybe you should Chupa-call-it-a-day. Give up on your dreams. Let the professionals handle the reporting.
Brittany: A father’s not supposed to say things like that to his kid! You’re just jealous that I’m better than you! I don’t need you, I’ve got Lisa Lionheart. She’ll help me find the Chupacabra.
TASK: Make Brittany Brockman Search Around Springfield with Lisa Lionheart
8hrs, Earns Event Currency

Nightcreeper Pt. 4
Brittany starts
Brittany: Excuse me, mister, have you seen any Chupacabra around here?
Cletus: I thank I’d member shootin’, stewin’ and chewin’ somethin’ like that.
Here’s some hillbilly wisdom: ya catch more vermin when yas set out bait. Critters is always hungry and will come runnin’.
Brittany: That’s a good plan, thanks!
TASK: Make Brittany Brockman Throw Bologna Sandwich as Bait-
4hrs, Earns Event Currency

Nightcreeper Pt. 5
Brittany starts
Brittany: For a slack-jawed yokel, that Cletus guy seems smart. What’s that sound? Hey! I see you in the bushes following me! Don’t run away! Kids run faster than Chu pacabras! … I think.
TASK: Make Brittany Brockman Chase a Shadowy Figure-
4hrs, Earns Event Currency
Kent: Chupa-chupa-CA-BRRRRAAAA!
Brittany: Dad! What are you doing?
Kent: There is no Chupacabra, there never was. It was me all along, so I could create my own sensational story. Local news is so boring! How many times can I report o n Kwik-E-Mart robberies.
Brittany: I know we live in a horribly boring town, Dad. I forgive you

*During Event, her 8hr task will earn Event Currency. She’ll also have a 30m task to Sneak and Ice Cream and a 2hr task to Catch a Movie…provided you have the Ice Cream Truck and Big T Theatre.

And That’s It!
Now on to the real task…Grinding for Bonuts!

20 responses to “Moe’s Ark Act One Prize Guide – Brittany Brockman

  1. Will Brittany go wizardry school also? There is only one kid character that doesn’t go to WS.

  2. Jeremy D Schell

    What a boring event… no crafting. Just click click done.

  3. I always forget to drop frogs into neighbors towns and now I have 400 frogs. Oops.

  4. Gotta love vacations and events….. I should be close to getting this prize; worse case a few donuts.

  5. I should get her shortly. This is the longest it’s taken me to get the final prize in an act since I can remember.

  6. 65th straight Character/Costume since the last 24-hour animated/visual Job (Buddha)…

  7. *event currency

  8. I so enjoy that once we get the final prize we get 200 game currency, but since we dont start accumulating towards bonuts until after the questline, that 200 counts for absolutely nothing…it actually makes me laugh every time

  9. If you’ve got Brittany:
    1. Complete, but don’t claim Daily Prizes. The reward will convert into the next currency when the next stage kicks in. The exception: if you’re running low on slots in the Daily Prizes.
    2. Don’t drop any more toads in friend’s towns. Stockpile them so you can dump them in friends’ towns when the next stage kicks in and the currency changes. The exception: if you have a Daily task to drop 3 into friends’ towns.
    3. If you’ve upgraded both the Big Cat and Emu attractions, hold on to the Sanctuary Grants you’re earning – don’t get a second Big Cat Country or Emu Experience yet. This will give you a leg up to quickly upgrade the new attractions in the next phase, which will also increase your multiplier.

    • You can hold off and not complete the “drop toads” daily challenge…just ignore it till Wednesday, it will still be there waiting to be done.🐸🐸🐸

  10. Brittany Brockman

    I’m thankful we have a helpful Character vs a useless Character (cough, cough, Bort)! 👍

    I’ve milked Bonuts since Thursday, so it’s just waiting for Act 2 with plenty of time to take days off Tapping. 😀

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