Halloween Update Day!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s update day!  Yes, later today (as in 10am ET, so about 3.5 hrs from now) we should see Halloween hit our games…it’s not live yet.

Remember, this is an APP STORE update, and the update hit app stores yesterday.  So if you haven’t updated yet you’ll need to check your App Stores for the update.  (if you don’t see it try hard closing your app store and restarting your device.  Also, try searching tapped out.  Sometimes it doesn’t appear in the update list)

There’s no significant prep to worry about for this event, just remember to keep certain characters free (listed in this spoiler post) for event tasks.

We’ll be back at 10am ET with the Act 1 details until then treat this post as an Open Thread to ask “is it here yet? is it here yet?”…. 😉

60 responses to “Halloween Update Day!

  1. The Halloween store has disappeared in my game. Anyone else?

  2. Is anyone else having a problem not being able to update the game. All day mine has said download pending. I have closed out the app and restarted my phone. Still nothing.

  3. 10am ET in the USA is midnight ET in Australia… I hope it starts in 5 minutes because I really need the sleep.

  4. I’m too exited, I can’t believe I still have to wait 5 minutes.

  5. Please check the code for your site for phones, i Click on an article and then it directs me to Spam. Love the site just please get that fixed

  6. updated my game ready,why did i put my characters on 8 hours jobs this morning why 😢.anyway this uk simpson fan is eager and ready to play halloween 2018 event👍

  7. Looking forward to the event, but still have that annoying goo Superhero task in my sidebar that hasn’t gone away. I’m hoping it will once the event starts!

  8. Did the Halloween update but for some reason when I go into the game it’s not there, instead I have the mini game they just ended restarting. Hoping this is just a minor glitch that has popped up for whatever reason 🙁

  9. 30 more mins!!!

  10. I know I could just wait for 45 minutes and find out, but I was about to rearrange things and make some room for more Halloween buildings, but then I wondered whether this would be another event like the last few where everything is initially dropped into a new set of land they open up. Any idea what’s going to happen? Am I wasting my time rearranging things to make space now?

  11. VERY excited for this event!~ The last Halloween event I got excited over was the kids telling the spooky stories.. I really hope we can leave monsters or candy in neighbors villages too! I love dropping things in neighbors villages! Also, funny story, today at work I had my ipad open.. yeah on the TSTO no less (DOH, busted!)… a coworker came by and saw it.. now we’re neighboreenos, LOL. It’s a small world and you never know who is an Addict.. LOL!

    • For those wondering what JOB do I have that allows me to play TSTO? Front desk receptionist… I do get a lot of down time when folks not at my desk. :-).. hubby laughs at me “must be nice!” doesn’t happen a lot though!

  12. Is it hear yet? Is it hear yet?

  13. I probably won’t log into this Game App until my first break at work (10 am Pacific Time) ….. but that’s alright, because I’m confident there will be an Act 1 Rundown / Event Calendar waiting to guide me later today here at TSTO ADDICTS! 😀👍

    • LOL. That was the most “passive/aggressive” “GET TO WORK!” ever! Yes. I have the calendar done. Alissa will post later today…

  14. Why am I never able to get the update from the Apple App Store anymore? For the last 5 or 6 updates, the only way to get it has been to delete my game and download it fresh. (I’ve tried iPhone reboot, killing game, killing App Store… nothing works except delete game and re-download the whole thing from scratch)!

    I was on an iPhone 7 Plus, but for this update it is the iPhone XS and I still had the same results. (Just finished the giant download & updates.)

  15. Well, I downloaded the update a few hours ago, and I’m looking forward to this event, but I fail to see how the Fortune Teller and the event teaser questline are a definite teaser for the theme of this year’s Halloween event.

    Also, I don’t like the inclusion of the Devil into the game as a character, and so I’m hesitant to buy the character when time comes due to religious reasons. And I think that that sort of thing should addressed in a “Should I Buy It” post regarding this particular character just in case other players have similar reservations towards this character.

    • If i list it as a con id have to list as a pro too (for those who like the devil)

      • That is up to you. I’m just voicing my opinion about a character who is not something to be joked about and not taken seriously, even in fictional setting like “The Simpsons”.

    • I dont see why religious views (yours or anyone else’s) should be taken into account in SIB posts. Alissa looks at the practicality and importance of the character within the show. You can always add your own pros and cons to the list, which might tilt the decision for you. And with the devil you already made your mind, so you won’t even need to read the SIB post…

      • I haven’t yet made up my mind regarding this character. I still may buy this character. I will make that decision when he becomes available to purchase.

        And, although my religious views are a major factor in what my decision will be (and I’m not a very religious person), even outside of religion, the Devil, and demons in general, are considered to be the ultimate evil. That is something that should not be taken lightly, even in a fictional setting, regardless of my personal religious views and regardless of the personal religious views of other players. That’s why I think that it should be addressed in an SIB post.

        • Uhm…we are waaaaaaaaaaay past that place in this game. “Evil” is subjective at best in the cartoon world. Have you not been playing long? Do yuh have the Devil Donuts cart? Pure evil. I gained five pounds just tapping it.

          • What you said about the donuts cart was funny. And, yes, I do have the donuts cart, but I recall it causing me to gain weight just by tapping it. I don’t have the other two small Devil themed decorations, and it still remains to be seen as to whether or not I will ever acquire those particular decorations. As for how long I have been playing, I have been playing for about a year and a half, and this is my second Halloween event.

        • Nope, in my opinion the ultimate evil in the universe is the Borg which you identfy with in your name. Halloween has always been a time with goblins, ghouls, ghosts, and the devil.

          • And what exactly do you think make the Borg evil, huh? The Borg are not truly evil. Any being that is truly evil has an insatiable desire to purposely cause pain and suffering. That is what makes the Devil truly the ultimate evil, because he wants all of mankind to be condemned and suffer for all of eternity. The Borg are not like that at all. Yes, the Borg do use excessive force and conquer through assimilation, but their goal is not cause pain and suffering, which is an unintentional side effect due to resistance from those races that they assimilate (or try to assimilate). They just want everyone to be one big happy family (in a sense) as part of their Collective. Unfortunately, they try to achieve this goal by force and, essentially, virtual enslavement, because that is the flawed will of the Borg Queen. She is the only about the Borg that even comes to being evil, and, yet, she is not evil, she is just flawed and misguided in her thinking.

            As for my username, I chose that name because I am a fan of the Garfield comic strip and of Star Trek, and the Borg are my favorite Star Trek villains who are not inherently bad. The username is also based on a Star Trek card game. But I do not identify with the Borg, and my real name is Jimmy.

    • Logically thinking, the “Devil” has a full time job working for an entity that you call “God” (and then gets bad PR for doing it!) – answer me if you must, and I will briefly explain!

      But don’t worry about it – neither exist anyway

      Great work Alissa, I look forward to all your “Should I Buy” posts

      • First of all, the Devil DOES NOT work for God. He is totally against God.

        And second of all, both God and the Devil do exist. There would not be any kind of evil in world if they did not. Whether or not you choose to believe in them is your business.

        That is all I have to say to you on this matter.

        • And what does the Bible say about the Devil’s use of technology? Have you seen the last 20 minutes of “Time Bandits?” Check it out. Then go re-read Revelations.

        • Whilst this isn’t the place for theological dogma to take place, this is my final say about the “Devil” working for “God”
          Your bible teaches that you go to heaven to be rewarded for your good deeds in life and you go to hell for your bad ones (and to be tormented and burn for eternity) By this reasoning, the “being” (or “The Devil” if you prefer) in charge of hell IS DOING “Gods” work for him by carrying out his instructions by making these souls suffer for eternity. I know you’ll dispute this but if the “Devil” was working as a free agent then “hell” would be an alternative place to be greatly rewarded for carrying out all your bad deeds against “God” and all he stands for, because the “Devil” would like hell full of minions who are happy to carry out his work and not be “burnt for eternity” for doing so

          As an aside – there is plenty of evil in the world , it doesn’t need a god or a devil to exist to make it so

          • You are correct sir. This is not the place…
            More to the point, if you took a broader approach in your theology, you would find several interpretations of heaven, Hell, God and the Devil. Yours is a tad too literal.

            It could be argued by your reasoning, that only Christians need to fear the Devil and Hell…as many other religions do not work within such an “honor/punishment system.” You aren’t exactly painting a great picture for recruitment.

            One thing that almost every religion has at its base…”do the right thing, because it is the right th8ng to do,” and “love one another unconditionally.” Both sound good to me.

            • Enough of this metaphysical meandering. Most religions have a good and bad side and everyone can believe in what they want to, even the tooth fairy – now, back to the 4 hour grind which is much more fun.
              Great calendar by the way, lots of big numbers to achieve!

              • YEP…my point exactly. They are all pretty much a mix-mash of the same concepts…with different places to send the money.

  16. Why is it that people don’t listen. How many times do they have to be told that the event hasn’t started yet. I’m glad that you have plenty of patience Alissa or you would end up throwing in the towel. Please everyone read the posts, then you will have all the info you need!
    Thank you Alissa and all the gang for everything you do!

  17. Updated the game, ready for the event to start now. There is one thing that I noticed: I can now Make Homer buy Champagne!!!!
    I was stuck with that task for the Much Ado about Mindy PT.4 for a year and today I can complete it.
    Sure not the best day for 12 hs task of Homer but I can’t pass the opportunity… A YEAR!

  18. I would really like to see a festive light plunger but for the Halloween skins since there were some skins (Krusty Burger, Simpson House, Kwik-E-Mart, church) available throughout the years and the outlands skins from the start of the year could also work with the Halloween theme. I also hope that there will be new skins for buildings & decorations and some more medieval gates since one is not enough. 😀

  19. Looking forward to the event going live in the UK at 3pm. Thanks for all your updates, always appreciated!

  20. It’s 1pm in England and waiting 2 more hours is killing me! So ready for it happen. Don’t get me wrong last Halloween event was cool as I am a massive Harry potter fan but I love traditional and spooky Halloween

  21. Thank you for the update. So glad I’m free all day

  22. Hey…guessing it doesn’t work BEFORE the event, like it does between acts but… is anything gained by saving daily prizes until the event begins?

    • In this case, no…except keeping someone free you might need.

    • Well, you can keep tasks unfinished and after the event start you can change them, they should change into task earning event currency. I do it, but its more an accicent than intention, as I always try to change tasks to ones earning donuts. So right now I have two unfinished task waiting (one is collecting furniture, the other collecting coffee).

      Saving finished daily tasks is of no use.

    • You can swap them one a day once the event starts, but they dont change over automatically. It still gives you a bit more event currency by manually changing them each day.

  23. I still don’t have any quests despite the update. Any ideas who starts or what time? Thanks.

  24. This event better be freaking AMAZING to distract me from my major cubbies let down last night (no i AM NOT use to losing, despite what everyone thinks about being a cubbies fan…) and the impending baseball-less-ness of the next 5 1/2 months for me. Come on Halloween!!!!!🎃👻💀😮

    • I feel your pain because we only have a Minor League Team here in Las Vegas ….. but I will keep #VegasStrong and welcome another Hockey Season with the Las Vegas Golden Knights!
      🥅 🏒

    • I know that was rough last night.

  25. Been looking forward to this event all year. Going big with the donut purchases early.

  26. It will be a wasted morning waiting for 9:00!

  27. When you get to the app search for simpson’s Tapped out. Make sure to tap on the Halloween 👻 picture then your app should start updating.
    Happy Halloween 🎃

  28. Thanks for the post Alissa ❤ happy tapping everyone

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