Episode 36- But Is It Hallo-Richard Enough?

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Dark screens, murky waters, possessed characters running around…looks like it’s time for Halloween in Springfield! But after last years magical disaster is this year’s event Hallo-weenie enough? Join us as we discuss the Vampires, Mummies and Werewolves of the 2018 Treehouse of Horrors event!
In this episode we’ll be discussing Halloween, insanely high prize goals, premium purchases, Patric’s calendars, and more! Plus we’ll share our thoughts on The Simpsons Season 30!
And as always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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51 responses to “Episode 36- But Is It Hallo-Richard Enough?

  1. Finally watched episode 36 and it was worth the wait. How great to see Brooders (great lighting by the way) and share her enthusiasm for the game. Loved her idea if this had been an IT event with popping balloons filled with blood but this event really isn’t that bad. However sticking to the Simpsons cannon is a concept I hope EA will embrace one day soon. Alissa, I feel your angst when people don’t read what you have posted and have screamed at my device for those lazy tappers wanting you to spoon feed them. Bless their hearts as my grandmother would say. I hope you will have her back time to time and would love to see all of you together! As always thank you for your hard work! Oh, and Sam is adorable!!!

  2. Listening to Pat talk about the programmers and glitches and the programmers not pulling bugfixes from one event to the next…

    I suspect that the core game branches for each event, and then they revert back to the core + the new characters, buildings and decorations. However, if they added a bugfix (say removing the XP/Cash animation) in the middle of the event, then this gets reverted as well. (It’s not Bob’s fault! (unless it is; does Bob do change management?))

    It would only be if they have a major functional change (such as the addition of SH, nuking of CL etc.) where a new core would generated…


    Regarding Clowns… Krusty as Pennywise … maybe they’re an event ahead to troll us,.. and IT will be a Christmas thing (or he’ll be a ‘what, I missed Halloween?’ turning up after the event with a, “well there’s always next year (if I remember)” sort of comment) 🙂

  3. I’m kind of between a few of the options in the poll… It’s not bad thus far, but I need more of it to get an actual feeling for how good it is overall. Right now we’re basically asking if the burger is any good after a quick sniff test.

    And the bugs… oh my god…

  4. I’m at level 3 crafting. But the summoning circle is still locked. I tried going to a friend’s town & back but still locked. I wish there was trick or treating for the kids (my fav). And I don’t care for the satanic decorations. But other than that it’s alright.

  5. If It Weren’t for the Glitches, It’d be Awesome!

    Actually, this Halloween Event is super awesome – especially compared to last year’s! I’m ♥️ ‘ing the Classic Horror Monsters and the dialogue is pun-tastic (even some of the Premiums are worth the Sprinkles)!

    I’m doing my best not to let the ‘lag and glitches’ ruin it (because we all know an Event involves Grinding, that’s not going to be a complaint anymore), but c’mon EA! The Official Facebook / Twitter comments are as abundant as the Official Forum comments (suss it out and solve this situation already!)

    I 😂 so hard at the video podcast that I spat my 🍹 out of my 👃(the rum, it 🔥, lol!)

  6. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I know I once had numerous Jack-o-Lanterns in my inventory, but I can not find them.

    Are they DECORATIONS?

    Where would they be stored?

  7. Not sure if you solved the mystery yet but thanks to http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Witch_(Treehouse_of_Horror_XVI)
    I think this is the witch in question, had to Google it because I didn’t recognize her either. She is in the “I’ve Grown a Costume on Your Face” segment.

  8. I have also lost all Halloween content from the store. I contacted ea. If more people having the same problem contact ea they may act on this problem sooner.

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