Halloween Act 1 is Nearing the End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that Act 1 of the Halloween Event…Ends TOMORROW October 17th at 10am ET (1400 GMT)

Once the Act 1 is over you will no longer be able to earn Act 1 Prizes for free. So get everything you can before it’s all gone! (but remember to keep earning fangs if you haven’t unlocked all of the prizes because the closer you get to unlocking the next prize the lower the donut cost would be should you need to purchase it when the next Act starts…)

Crafting will STILL be available in the next Act. And Pickaxes will Carry Over (Relics do not)

For a rundown on everything that was included with Act 1 check out our rundown post here.

And don’t forget about our Ending Act 1 Tips

Be ready for the Act 2 to start at 1400 GMT (10am ET) tomorrow morning  (October 17th)….

39 responses to “Halloween Act 1 is Nearing the End…

  1. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Waiting, waiting, waiting.
    Eleven more minutes……🤢
    Breathless – where’s the blue emoji

  2. I can’t get into the game. Are others having problems?

    • Yep.. Mines had issues over the last 24ish hours.. works okay now but Im 10k worth of fangs behind as a result. Pretty ready to quit this game..

  3. I’m about 9000 fangs away from getting the countess with 18 hours left in the act which I hope is possible to get with another 3 visits and some sleep before.

  4. i logged in around 4:30 EST and got a message that my daily quests have expired. I had 2 saved up and they are no longer pick axes. The event seems to have partially started over. I lost all my fangs and crafting currency but I still have pick axes. Gill popped back up and the prize tracks have all reset. Any one else experiencing this?

  5. I’ll have well over 500 pickaxes to go into act 2 with along with a decent amount of crafting currency and will have 3 daily challenges ready to go when the act starts.

  6. ” (but remember to keep earning animal feed… ”

    I think you mean keep earning fangs not animal feed 🙂

  7. Does anyone know if Slicks quest continues earning events currency for the kids? I’m on part 3 and was wondering if I should wait to start it until later to get the next acts currency instead. Thanks

    • If you don’t complete the Slick part of the task, the kids earn perpetually

      • I got a mini update in my games approx 6am Australian Eastern daylight saving time. Tiny & nothing to see; But I wondered if it might have been a sneaky fix for the Slick scenario? My reset for the kids is about 1,30pm my time. them on task I’ll notify here.

  8. I’m getting a weird glitch in my game. I first noticed it when I went to my neighbors. There are no monsters to tap, I can only tap buildings. I can even see my neighbors thumbs! Then, when I went back to my town and hit the event icon, it’s showing me the screen you get when the event first started. I can’t see the prize track or craft anything, and the one that shows the bonus percentage isn’t even there. Is this happening to anyone else?

    • Yes, this happened in my game! I hard closed it & when I re-opened it everything was back to normal except that the last tab showing the bonus percentage is still missing. I hope this isn’t going to cause a problem in the next act. I hope that hard closing sorts out your game too.😊

    • My event reset all my fang currencies went back to 0 and got the whole dialog from when the event started, even Gill popped back up and I already purchased the Devil Moe.

  9. Hey everyone
    Can someone tell me how the tween lit building helps with this event.thanks in advance.have a great one everybody.

    • Slick’s quest line rewards with event currency (teeth); one of the quests has kids writing tween novels, earning event currency. If you get the kids writing and DON’T have Slick do his quest 2 task, the kids can keep writing and you can keep generating event currency.

      • Thanks a lot PTVroman.i had just sent slick on his quest 2 task.but i put tween lit in storage and then put it back in my town.it canceled the task.i can now send the kids for the rest of the event.woohoo!!!

        • The third part of the quest is the same thing so even if you messed up and Slick on his task in part 2 (like I did), the children can still earn currency when part 3 comes along.

  10. Saving plenty of ⛏

  11. I’ve been saving my daily challenges as well–as you so expertly advised in previous events!

  12. It must be very annoying when you have to repeats yourself when the information is clearly written in BOLD, think its a wind up!!!

    • Well Riley (who’s now almost 3) is currently in the “what’d you say” phase. So im use to repeating myself on a fairly regular basis…

      I only have a few gray hairs from it i swear lol

  13. Will they still be using the pickaxes in act 2 ?

  14. Does crafting currency carry over? Or do I need to craft more stuff now? Am at level 4 crafting but the items for this level are not unlock in Act 1…..

  15. I just got my 2nd round of bonuts so I’ll be saving my daily bonus and pickaxes for Act II

  16. 500 axes ready for act 2.

  17. I was soooo looking forward to cashing in those relics tomorrow …

  18. Thanks for the reminder Alissa, you’re the best!

  19. I think you mean earn fangs, not animal feed.

  20. I’m ready! *howls at the moon* 🐺🧟‍♀️

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