Turbo Tappin’ Halloween 2018: Act 1 Premium Nosferatu

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There are two predictable events in TSTO every year, Halloween and Christmas.  They’re generally two events guaranteed to excite tappers and get everyone talking about TSTO.  Well, it’s officially Halloween in Springfield, and with it arrived Vampires and garlic…lots and lots of garlic…as we return to the traditional monster filled Halloween in TSTO.

As with all events in Springfield, this one comes chock full of premium characters and questlines!  So let’s take a look at the Turbo Tappin’ Version of those premium questlines now.

Here’s Nosferatu….

Nosfera-Who? Pt. 1
Nosferatu starts

Make Nosferatu Prowl the Night- 4hrs, Earns 180 Event Currency, 70xp

Nosfera-Who? Pt. 2
Nosferatu starts

Reach Level 13 and Build Android’s Dungeon
Make Nosferatu Take Control of Comic Book Guy- 4hrs, Earns 300 Event Currency, 115xp

Nosfera-Who? Pt. 3
Nosferatu starts

Make Nosferatu Binge Pop Culture- 4hrs, Earns 180 Event Currency, 70xp

Nosfera-Who? Pt. 4
Nosferatu starts

Make Nosferatu Reinvent His Image- 8hrs, Earns 360 Event Currency, 105xp

Nosfera-Who? Pt. 5
Nosferatu starts

Make Nosferatu Feel Five Hundred Years Worth of Rage- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

What are your thoughts on the Halloween Act 3 premium questline? Thoughts on the dialogue so far?  Prizes?  Which (if any) items you’ve purchased? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

24 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Halloween 2018: Act 1 Premium Nosferatu

  1. I’m hoping that EA offers some of the premium characters from past Treehouse events – I’d love to pick up the Porpoise and 2 of the Cthulu characters i couldn’t get. Pretty please?

  2. I love the Nosferatu character! He is so ugly and dark. Love it! I am very happy with the purchase.

  3. Magdalena Filipovic

    Im trying to get back my account but im not reciving therecovery password gmail please help me

    On Tue, 16 Oct 2018, 21:31 The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts, wrote:

    > Alissa posted: “Hey Howdy Hey Tappers! There are two predictable events in > TSTO every year, Halloween and Christmas. They’re generally two events > guaranteed to excite tappers and get everyone talking about TSTO. Well, > it’s officially Halloween in Springfield, and wi” >

  4. I have not been offered the Pet Cemetery, is it available yet or in the next Act? Thanks. I like the event . Really wish I could organize my town easier.

  5. I need way more donuts 🙁 I’m level 139 and I feel like aftet years playing I dont have as many cool items as my friends… But I do love the Halloween event!

  6. I bought the devil Moe and the gorge. Has anyone purchased the tween lit company? Is it worth it?

    • yes. second part of the quest you can send all the kids to it – each will earn 360 fangs in 8 hrs.
      In my case 32 people earn 11k fangs in 8hrs.
      A little of nuisance to send them after the first time (handpicking one by one).
      But if they dont patch it, it is a huge help with the event.

      • handpicking is not to difficult if you put the building on a remote empty location, all the kids will spread out from there and you can pick them up easy. I also make sure I have my other two hundred something characters in a different job cycle.

    • I sent all my game’s kids on jobs, twice and earned a stupid amount of fangs. It was worth it for that alone. I don’t remember having problems sending them individually, either.

  7. oktober10aussie

    I bought Nosferatu & the Frankensteins. Very happy with both purchases. Looking forward to whoever that voodoo/gypsy lady is.

    Didn’t bother with Devil Moe or Slick. Will wait & see if they come back in future.

  8. When I visit a neighbors town I can tap on three figures and then the game crashes. This has only happened since in game update today

  9. Nosferatu and his Ship

    Ok, so his Ship just floats in the Ocean (a shame EA didn’t offer a Task with that) 🤷🏼‍♂️ – but Nosferatu has been the best Premium in Act 1 (yes I got the Gorge and Tongue Kiss Point)!

    Nosferatu vs Comic Book Guy is easily the funniest dialogue so far 😅 … I can’t wait to see what EA does in Act 2 (so far? this Event has made up for several “meh” Events this year)👍

  10. I bought the Frankenstein’s and was disappointed they have no event related tasks

    • I’ve been waiting for a SIB on that cuz I was worried they might be NPC’s,,,, not enough info about that. Not sure about that Tween Lit building,,either.

  11. I missed the entire first day and half of the second day, I only visited neighbors like four times, and I still unlocked the countess on Wednesday. I also haven’t bought a single premium character this event so far(although I scrambled enough to get the cobblestone trail!). I got the countess early because of a small little hack I found among the minions. It works by letting a Springfielder get turned, and tapping the picture on the top left. This will cause you to teleport to this character and for them to switch back to normal, the only difference is you get double all your rewards (fangs, crafting currency, and other stuff). This caused me to get ahead well above even some of my premium neighbors!

  12. Thanks Alissa! No regret buying nosferatu, the gorge is also useful but large, and the animation is partially blocked by the $/xp gain info. Safi’s advice on the 8hr fangs-generating jobs for kids with Slick tempted me, but I’m still on the fence about buying it. Gotta save Ds for Black Friday, am I right? 😁

    • Tween Lit has a task for youngsters to earn event currency ?

      • Yes, it does. It looks like part 2 and 3 of the Tween Lit quest have an 8 hour task for youths.that earn 360 event currency per kid. You are supposed to be able to repeat the task so long as you DO NOT send Slick on his task. You have to manually send kids on the task after the first time though.

      • Yes, some step of the questline involves sending kids to an 8h task, which generates 360 currency per kid

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