Black Friday 2018 Should I Buy Round-Up Part 1: Creatures to Youngsters

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So typically when it comes to a Mystery Box I lay out all of the details for each box in a separate post, however, Black Friday brought us SIXTEEN total boxes and a whole lotta stuff inside of each one! So to do an individual post on each box seems a little crazy, at least to me.  (especially since it’s nearly Thanksgiving and I’ve got a ton of stuff to prepare)

So rather than do my typical Mystery Box post, for each box, I’ve decided to do two big posts.  Each post will cover 8 boxes, their contents will be linked to a previous post and next to each item I’ll include the original donut cost (if applicable).  This will help you get a sense of what’s inside and what the value of each item is.

Since you can’t pick and choose what to buy from each box, you’ll have to make your own decisions based on what you like/want and what you can afford to spend.  Hopefully, the linked posts (and original costs) will help you make that decision.

So here we go with the first round of boxes, everything from Creatures to Youngsters!

Box 1: Creatures Mystery Box– 15

Item Original Cost
Burns Dragon’s Pile of Treasure 
w/Burns Dragon
Burns Dragon’s Pile of Treasure       
w/Burns Dragon and Wizard Lisa
199 , Lisa was free
Cat Bus 45
Chippy 50
Crap Silo       
Dilophosaurus (NPC) 50
Fatov 50 (originally free)
Frog Prince Originally Free
Guinea Pig Rescue Center
Center was Originally free, Pokey 40
Imaginary Bear (NPC) 30
Pro Shop 
w/Space Coyote
Spotlight Dance Bot 30
Springfield Pet Shop
w/Jub-Jub and
Chirpy Boy & Bart Junior
Petshop 90, Chirpy & Bart Jr originally free then 30
Springy (NPC) Originally Free, then 60
Treestache’s Grove 
w/Treestache and Magic Act Milhouse
Treestache 60, Milhouse originally free
Wiggops’ Station
Wiggops’ Station 
w/Wiggops and Wizard Bart
Wiggops 65, Wizard Bart Free
Yard Work Simulator 

Box 2: Bronze Mystery Box- 20 

Item Original Cost
Abandoned Store 30
Banana Dictatorship Originally Free, then 30
Blocko Store Originally Free, then 50
Candy Kevin  40
Donut Truck 40
Dragon Bundle
(Red, White, and Yellow)
Drone (NPC) 30
Duff Racer Originally free, then cash, then 45
Fake Toll Booth 30
Guitar Central 50
Hot Springs 45
Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons 30
Macaroni’s Shed 30
Mr. Sparkle 100
Old West Sign 35
Piece of Crap Car 30
Prospector (NPC) 40
Quick & Fresh 30
Stunt Bike 30
T-Ball Stand 30
Water Show Fountain 55

Box 3: Alter Egos Mystery Box- 20 

Item Original Cost
Astronaut Barney 120
Balance Beam and Gymnastics Lisa Originally free, then 75
Ballet Ralph Originally Free
Bare Chested Willie Originally Free, then 60
Barney’s Bowlarama and Barney
and Astronaut Barney
Barney Originally Free, then 250; Astronaunt Barney 120
Bartman 60
Bart’s Casino and Casino Boss Bart 90
Baseball Jasper Originally Free
Beer Stein Wiggum 70
Boxing Drederick Tatum Originally Free
Burns Casino and Reclusive Mr. Burns Both Originally Free
Camera Hat Homer 50
Captain Bob 100
Clobber Girl Originally Free
Coat of Foxes Krusty 50
Cool Brown House and Cool Homer 120
Devil Flanders 75
Fireman Apu 100
Football Nelson 85
Gorgeous Grampa 75
Kamp Krusty and Kamp Bart 200
Kung Fu Comic Book Guy Originally Free
Magic Act Milhouse Originally Free
Moog Originally Free, then 50
Mr. Plow Originally Free
Ninja Homer and Practice Snake Originally 95, then 75
Number 85 Originally free
Opera Krusty Originally free
Outlands Simpson House
and Outlands Maggie
Originally Free
Pharaoh Throne
and Pharaoh Skinner
Pin Pal Apu Originally Free
Plow King Originally Free
Prairie Maggie 65
Prepper Lindsey Naegle Originally Free
Reclusive Mr. Burns Originally Free
Referee Homer Originally Free
Rock Neon Sign and Rockin’ Otto 120
Rollerskate Smithers 125
Saxophone Lisa 60
School Bus and Otto &
Rock Neon Sign and Rockin’ Otto
School Bus and Otto 120, Rockin’ Otto 120
Shadow Knight’s Throne
and Shadow Knight
Soccer Lisa Originally Free
Softball Mr. Burns Originally Free
Tennis Marge Originally Free
The Castle of Equalia
and Queen Helvetica
Tuxedo Krusty 60

Box 4: Retail Mystery Box- 50 

Item Original Cost
Abercombie and Rich Free
Bookaccino’s 100
Claus Co Free, then 90
Costington’s and Mr. Costington Free
Donut Store 100
Gas and Grub Free
Hammock District 80
It’s a Wonderful Knife and Gino 150
Knot What it Seams Free
Lotto ‘n’ Liquor and Dewey Largo 50
Mapple Store 90
Nick’s Bowling Shop and The Other Nick’s Bowling Shop 70
Ordanace Express Free, then 50
Sportacus 85
Sprawl-Mart 90
Springfield Farmers Market Free, then 70
Springfield Mall Free
Sequel Stop Free
Stoner’s Pot Palace 60
Things Unnecessary Free
Try-N-Save 70
You Only Own Twice Free

Box 5: Imports Mystery Box- 50

Item Original Cost
Arc de Triomphe 80
Asia de Cuba 100
Chateau Maison 75
Cristo of Springfield 75
Dante Calabresi Sr and Jr 300
Fiesta Terrace and Jacuqes 150
Filthy Angels Orphanage and Ronaldo 150
Florence of Arabia and Princess Kashmir 175
Fortune Megastore and Arthur Fortune 145
Hammock District 80
Magic Station 80
Mexican Duffman (with Duff Brewery, Duffman and Lady Duff) 150
Mr. Sparkle 100
Pharaoh Guard (NPC) 60
Plato’s Republic Casino and Johnny Tightlips 175
Pont du Gard 60
Royal Tokyo 80
St. Paul’s Basilica and the Pope 150
The Happy Sumo and Akira 100
The Rich Texan 85
Westminster Abbey and Chaucer and Wilde 175

Box 6: Silver Mystery Box- 50 

Item Original Cost
Baby Gerald Free, then 100
Duff Statue of Liberty 60
Fancy Farms 70
Father Sean Free, then 135
First Bank of Springfield 60
Havana Private Home 60
Helter Shelter Free, then 60
Hugs Bunny Free, then 100
Ice Cream Truck and Ice Cream Homer 120
Lobster Island 70
Maison Derriere and Belle 150
Mojo the Helper Monkey 65
Powers House and Laura 150
Springfield Glenne Condos 70
Wilted Rose 60

Box 7: Hidden Agenda Mystery Box- 60 

Item Original Cost
Adil Hoxha 75
All Seeing Eye 100
Café Kafka 60
Crouching Panda Hidden Egg Roll 100
Cypress Creek Elementary 70
Death Table and James Bont Free
EPA Hoverjet 70
Femme Fatale 60
Fit Tony Free
Mastermind Hank Scorpio and Globex Balloon 120
Mastermind Hank Scorpio, Globex Balloon, Volcano Lair & Hank 120 Mastermind, 200 Hank
Primo Free
Republican Party HQ 90
Russ Cargill 80
Scotland Yard and Jack the Ripper 199
Stoner’s Pot Palace 60
Stradivarius Cain Free
The Nag and Weasel and Guy Incognito 135
Wayne Slater Free

Box 8: Youngsters Mystery Box- 60

Item Original Cost
Adil Hoxha 75
Dodgeball Court and Erik 150
Filthy Angels Orphanage and Ronaldo 150
Hootenanny Barn and Luke 100
It’s a Wonderful Knife and Gino 150
Juvenile Correction Facility and Jeremy 150
Kearney’s Other Son Free
Lovejoy Residence and Jessica 180
Magic Academy Library and Angelica Button 150
Patches and Poor Violet Free
Power’s House and Laura Powers 150
Preparatory School and Greta 180
Sherri and Terri 150
Sophie Krustofsky 110
Springfield Opry House and Mary Spuckler 150
STEM Conference Center and Brendan Beiderbecke 150
Taylor House and Allison 150
The Hungry Hun and Uter 160
Yard Work Simulator and C.H.U.M. 175
Zip Zap and Za and Wendell 150

And there you have it my friends, the quick details (with links to more details) on the first 8 Mystery Boxes!

So which boxes will you be opening?  Anything you’re passing on?  Most looking forward to?  Hoping you don’t get?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

61 responses to “Black Friday 2018 Should I Buy Round-Up Part 1: Creatures to Youngsters

  1. Can tokens be saved and used for anything beyond Black Friday?

  2. I went after the youngsters box. I had 16 within the box and was able to get all except Sherri & Terri. If purchased everything it would have been 1760 donuts compared to 510. The only downside was i got Patches & Poor Violet which was a free character set. Also Yard Work Simulator was cheaper through the tech box. Overall I enjoyed the increase of characters and buildings within my Springfield.

  3. I had 1 item in the creature box which was the Spotlight Dance Bot, 4 alter egos: Camera Hat Homer, Foxes Krusty, Pharaoh Skinner and Rockin’ Otto, 8 imports*: Arc, Calabresis, Arthur Fortune, Magic Station, Johnny Tightlips, Pont du Gard, the Pope and the 2 ghosts, 5 items with hidden agendas: Adil, Café Kafka, Cypress Creek Elementary, Jack the Ripper and Guy Incognito, and 4 youngsters (was 5 but I got Adil in the agenda box): Allison, Erik, Jeremy and Wendell. 😊😊😊😊😊
    * I would of had 9 items with Mexican Duffman but since I have Duffman he doesn’t appear in the box for me. 😡

  4. Almost too much to choose from. I put my stakes at the youngsters box, spent 240 donuts and got 3 buildings and 4 and a half premium characters (Sherri and Terri) for a total original value of 630 donuts. Pretty good deal, and enough novelty for me for a while 🙂

  5. OK, so, I know some people think this Black Friday was terrible, but I loved it. I don’t generally spend any money on the game, so it only seems fair to me that I should spend at least a little money every year. Here’s how my math worked out: I spent $49.95 for 900 donuts and 7 tokens, which I know is more than “a little money,” but I really wanted that donut factory. 😉 Not only that, but the prize line also included an additional 16 tokens (I think–I know I ended up with 23 tokens). With my tokens, I got 9 things from the Gold Box, 4 of which I wanted. Those 4 items would have cost me 750 donuts–but since I used tokens, they didn’t cost me anything, So I consider myself up 750 donuts from that. I had 14 tokens left over after I got everything I wanted from the Gold Box and traded them in for donuts. There’s another 168 donuts I’m up. I wanted to limit myself to spending the 900 donuts I bought, so I only went in for four other boxes: Imports (which didn’t have many items), Creatures (because each item was only 15 donuts), Women (which didn’t have many items and I’m a feminist, haha), and Bronze (because each item was only 20 donuts). I spent a total of 755 donuts to get everything I wanted (I stopped in each box when I’d received the last thing I wanted)–which included 395 donuts for things I didn’t want. But even then, if I had only bought the things I wanted, they would have cost me 780 donuts had I bought them at full price, so that’s a net of another 25 donuts for me. So as i see it, I spent $49.95 for 900 donuts, got 1,430 worth of stuff I wanted, still have a couple hundred donuts more than when I started–AND I’m getting 6 donuts a day from the donut factory.

  6. I bought a whole bunch of stuff and cleaned out every mystery box-
    I was collecting so many things and hitting finish build and new character tasks, when suddenly a new piece of squid port was earned.
    As I was clearing so many at once I have no idea who or what earned it
    I maxed out squidport years ago so where did this come from?
    Can anybody help me?

  7. WTF??!! I was opening the CREATURES box – there were 4 prizes, I was trying to get the BURN’s DRAGON (199 donut value), so when I opened it 3 times, of course I got all BUT the Dragon. So I’m GUARANTEED to get the Dragon on the next open – but now the CREATURES box has * POOF *, magically disappaeared. What the heck??! Is this a rip off?

    • First, double check your inventory to confirm you didn’t purchase it without realizing. Secondly, contact EA. Sounds like a glitch.

      • THANK YOU for the advice – I’ll check my inventory now. And failing that, I’ll go to EA and tell them what happened. 🙂

        • That happened to me last week. Except it actually came up with the doughnut spend warning. Before nothing happened & the box proofed. I called them then & just got off the phone with them now to check in on it. I was informed this time that you can not buy out the boxes. It was never a guaranteed chance. 😲😞

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