Should I Spend Donuts On Ms. Claws?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time for hiss-mas!  Yes, the one holiday a year where you either get catnip or your face clawed at…how exciting! This little holiday teaser arrived yesterday, something to get us thinking about the Christmas event…and of course, EA never misses an opportunity to add a premium item to our games!

As we all know, that limited-time label can tempt us to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Ms. Claws to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this catnip giving festive CCL to your town…

Costume: Ms. Claws (Costume for Crazy Cat Lady)
Donut Cost: 100 Donuts if you have CCL, 180 if you don’t (comes with CCL at the 180 price)

Leaves stores December 5th

For the original SIB on Crazy Cat Lady check out this post.  Post below is based on JUST the costume.  180 donuts for both is a fair price.

-Festive costume for the holidays
-Has a fun interactive task with the Cat Sleigh
-12hr visual task

-Way overpriced for just the costume

Pro or Con, Depending on Your View:
-12hr task is to fly the sleigh, which literally flies across your screen (like Arnie Pye etc)

Final Thought
Premium or Freemium:
As a stand-alone costume for CCL it’s hard to justify that 100 donuts is a good buy in this case.  Based on the info alone this should be a hard pass (for just the costume), no matter your player status.
However, it’s festive for Christmas…and you guys know how I feel about Christmas.  So despite the ridiculous price tag…I bought her.

Of course, in the end, it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do…and as a premium player, I got her.  But whatever you decide, just make sure you make your final decision before it leaves our games for good (or for now).

Here’s a look at her tasks…

Ms. Claws’ Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Give Out Catnip 1hr $105, 26xp Springfield Elementary
Give Out Cat Scratches 4hrs $260, 70xp Springfield Downs
Make Cats Festive 8hrs $840, 210xp Outside/Visual
Drive the Cat Sleigh 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual (flying task)
Hiss at Merrymakers 24hrs $1000, 225xp Brown House

What are your thoughts on Ms. Claws?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield? Did you already?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

70 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Ms. Claws?

  1. I would love to see Homer in his sleigh and CCL racing around on her shopping cart during the holidays, but at 100 for just a costume is a bit too steep.
    If the price was half that, I’d go for it. Or if there was any known benefit for the next event I’d be tempted. This one is a tough pass. 😿

  2. I’m tortured. 100 donuts for a holiday skin was an easy pass for me but since we know Homer will be too busy doing monotonous tasks to ride his sleigh at Christmas, CCL looks like a fun alternative. Darn you wily EA!

  3. Is there a known problem with the servers, in the uk? My games crash after 5 minutes or i have the spinning bart, taking several attempts to get the game playing at all. I hope this is fixed before the christmas event starts .
    I usually pass on skins, to many donuts for very little game change. Farming hard for christmas!

    • It’s been happening to me way too often also–driving me crazy when I have 10 minutes to spare and lose most of it to the spinning Bart. GRRRR!

      I thought it was my mediocre connection but also happens with the Hotspot from my phone and even at work (top-notch connection) so it’s gotta be the game servers.

      I bought the skin but ONLY because I recently learned how to farm (thank you TSTO Addicts!) and because the cat theme is pure ‘nip to a CCL-in-training IRL like me. 😀

  4. Not going to lie I have grounded harder than I ever have before. As almost everything in the 15 donuts box was really good I keep hitting it (there was like two or three Gil deals in it). I got burns dragon, the pet shop, and the pro shop.( and much more less important items, but those were the biggest saves that I can think of on the top of my head) I was almost grinding 15 donuts a day for 5 days strait. Saying I have only a 200% bonus, well I finished the event with both zero donuts and cash. That’s why I’m not gonna get CCL, although I do really want her!

  5. Yep, you know what’s going to happen. Christmas event she will earn bonus event currency.

    Total pass until mystery boxes.

  6. I see they’ve returned to the model of giving the skin away for free if you didn’t already pay (in this case) 180 donuts, but if you did, they’re going to rack you super hard for just the skin.

    Hard pass.

  7. I thought 100 donuts was too much…then I read this…I LOVE flying tasks so I’m off to buy since I have just enough donuts 😃

  8. I usually pass up costumes, especially for premium characters… but its Christmas and cat related so I couldn’t pass it up. 🎄😻

  9. As a rule, I do not buy premium skins for premium characters, but…

    I just got that glitch where I sent 250 characters on the same 4 hour job. They are now “stuck” in Sanjay’s house. I log in, tap, collect 500000 XP, hard close, characters are still ready, tap, collect 500000 XP, hard close, repeat. Since we don’t have anything else in our little game for the week, they may keep this up until next Tuesday before I store Sanjay’s house and free them.

    By then, I may break down and spend the 100 donuts and have her fly across the screen.

  10. Sooo glad I didn’t spend my all my donuts on Black Friday deals. I don’t know why, but CCL is one of my favorite characters. Maybe it’s in the name, her tasks, her story line, or her critters (or all of the above). It’s a buy for me!

    Christmas lights are on. Now bring on the snow!

  11. I love crazy cat lady, she’s one of my favourite characters but I think 100 donuts for a skin is too much. However for those who don’t already have her then the bundle is a reasonable price. I’m passing on this one.

    • Agree completely. Was expecting more treatment here for those of us who didn’t already have ccl, but I guess we are in the minority. They were offering only ccl & house for 180 at one place in the store, and if you chose the star in the store, you could get ms claws skin with ccl/house for 180. A must buy imo. It was the first focused grind time for me. Just the claws skin – would have passed too.

  12. The cats are flying across my screen now, and it made me wonder……..
    Has any obsessive here catalogued all the characters who do this? I’d like to put everybody I can up in the air while I organize/prepare for Xmas. I know homer will be too busy once the event hits so I should take advantage now. I know Arnie does(he used to be so annoying before they fixed it to where you didn’t tap him all the time) but I can’t remember some of the others. Isn’t there a guy in a hot air balloon? A complete list would be awesome.
    Other ideas-I’d also like to bench everyone who sits or naps on one. Or which characters run fast(including combos like the barbarian & Nelson(there are probably a few that involve homer that I’ve long forgotten.)
    I might as well have an entertaining Springfield while I clear 1/2 a years worth of clutter & poorly-placed buildings(group storage rocks).
    Any listmakers here?

    • We think alike!! Sounds like something for Safi 😃

    • Lt Smash flies a drone across the screen.

      Patty (or is it Selma?) naps on a bench. Roger Meyers smokes on a bench. Grampa feeds pigeons. Janey plays on her laptop on a bench.

    • No cataloging but I’ll go off the top of my head. Things/characters that fly: Arnie Pye/helicopter, drone from Lt. Smash, hot air balloon with Arthur Fortune, Kodos in fairy costume flirting with human males, the Calabresi’s taking a hit out out, Homer Santa costume with sleigh and now Mrs. Claws.
      Characters that sit on benches: Grampa (and Mona) feeding pigeons, Don Vittorio relaxing with his cat, Sideshow Bob’s dad, Terwilliger Sr., reading medical texts, teacher at Ayn Rand school, Ms. Sinclair, doing nothing of interest, Meyers Jr relaxing with cigar, Mrs Bouvier knitting
      I don’t know about running fast but I like characters that ride motorcycles: Cregg Demon, Father Sean, Ramrod, and there’s a female character too that’s slipping my mind right now- Mindy? Ruth Powers?

      I’ve noticed my design skills slipped substantially after EA introduced the hated bonus percentage areas during events where you are forced to lump things together and sort it out after the event when the game is already moving on to something new.

      • Oooh, Is it Zutroy (sp?) takes a nap on benches and I think Lampwick has a bench task too.

      • Norbert Van Houten flies a biplane

      • Janey plays on her laptop. Zutroy naps. The creator of Malibu Stacey tests products. Gabbo also have bench jobs oh and Christmas comic book guy although he tries to lift the bench not sit on it oh and Chester sleeps under a newspaper. I love bench jobs. I should make a list

    • Thanks, everybody

  13. I couldn’t resist. I farmed for her. But every time I have farmed bloodmobiles and rat trap trucks lately, it loses the connection to the server. I think I get fewer donuts than I should. Maybe a new plan by EA, lol.

    • That’s happened to me as well the last few days. Had to slow down collecting.

    • I only farm a set of 12 RTTs at a time now, cuz I’m tired of being dumped in the middle of collecting. I used to do 40 at a time, but twice I lost out on collecting more than half when I was dumped. Now I set 12, collect 12, set 12, collect 12, until I’m done…then wait to sell them all in a bunch. Still occasionally get dumped, but only lose out on a couple collections…I can deal with that.😊

  14. I don’t usually have a lot of interest in costumes, but I really want to have her flying around town on that cat sleigh!
    Happy I bought her 🙂

  15. Already spent a lot of donuts whenever I bought CCL. hate spending more on premium characters. Also don’t like any of the tasks which have characters flying across my screen. At first it was cute, but gets really annoying pretty quickly.

  16. As a farmer I had to buy the skin. My only complaint is that the story line says she has 8 cats but the sleigh animation only has 6!
    Nitpick much? yes i do. 🙃

  17. I’ve been wanting to get her for quite some time now and couldn’t resist the combo. My husband is quite jealous!

  18. I have to pass! Although I am a cat lady too! Just one very spoiled indoor cat, she is 17 now. I love her to bits.

  19. Buyer beware! on the 180 donuts deal. I bought it and received CCL, her house, but no skin. Now the store wants me to buy skin for 100 donuts.

    • hmm…that hasn’t been the case for most everyone. Are you sure? Did you try shuffling CCL from “normal” to Ms Claws? It isn’t a separate item in storage. It just appears with the character.

    • You probably just bought the CCL and house and not the Xmas combo. I noticed in my store there was the regular CCL deal for 180 donuts and the Mrs Claws deal for 180 donuts. If I were you I would contact EA, maybe say you bought the Mrs Claws deal but didn’t get the skin? Otherwise go for the EA pulled a Fast one you by having both deals in the store at the same time.

    • Contact EA about it and ask them to unlock the skin for you because you didn’t get the skin. My store had both the Mrs Claws deal and the regular CCL and house combo listed. I bet you bought the CCL house Combe and not the Mrs Claws combo without realizing that they had both up in the store. An accident or purposely done by EA, who knows. Either way you should email them about it. I found I get better results with email than calling when it comes to EA’s customer service.

  20. I already have Crazy Cat Lady and a costume for her (crazy iguana lady) so I ain’t buying a 100donut costume for her. ……. but if I didn’t have CCL that 180 price tag would be tempting.

  21. She goes to the Brown House for her 24 hour task and yet she has her own house she can do the task at. I like the look of her visual tasks and that they are 8 and 12 hours instead of 4h & 8h, or worse 1h & 4h. I also like that she uses the sleigh for a task since other teaser items have been forgettable in the past.

    • There are probably a lot more merrymakers at the Brown House to hiss at than at her own house so I guess in this case the Brown House just makes more sense (even though I agree there are way too many jobs at the Brown House)

  22. I didn’t have CCL, so I spent the 180 for the full bundle.

  23. I love her since I’m a crazy cat lady myself!

  24. Easy pass. She’s going to clog up a future mystery box for me haha.

  25. If it was a full character for 🍩100… I’d probably get it.

    Gonna pass after all the 🍩 I spent for Black Friday. Need to prepare for Christmas.

  26. Love the flying and Xmas so I just blew 100 on her. Ugh. I hate skins but could not resist.

  27. So question to my fellow neighbourinos – I currently don’t have CCL – so I’m looking at 180 donuts – at that price is it a good buy? And huge shout out to everyone at TSTOaddicts – we appreciate all your hard work! You. Folks. Rock. 🙂

    • 150 donuts for CCL and her house is a normal price, so it seems like you’re getting the skin for an additional 30 donuts (with the sleigh and animation for free). Seems like a pretty good package deal to me. I got the skin alone…not a great deal, but I’m really happy with it. Makes me smile everytime she flies agross the screen.😁

      • CCL costs 180 donuts normally. So the skin is free.

        (Which is super fair to the people who previously paid 180 donuts. Yep. I’m not upset by that at all.)

        • I’ve had her for so long I’d forgotten the original price…that makes this package is an even better deal. 👍😁

  28. Alissa you just cost me 100 donuts. I love the flying things!

  29. Crazy Cat Lady is one of my favorite characters. I love cats! I only have one spoiled rotten kitten (she is one of the most well-behaved cats I have ever owned), but I’d have more if I could.

    I ended up winning Crazy Cat Lady from one of the Black Friday mystery boxes in my new Springfield. So, of course, I had to buy the skin.

  30. I pass. 100 donuts is expensive an X-mas is coming. Although i farm i might need the donuts to buy characters who help with the Christmas event. Sure between X-mas and New year i won’t be able to play 4 times a day, too much things going on.

    • Agreed. I’m also passing on the 100-donut skin.

      That said, my worry is that CCL (in this skin) *will* help with the Xmas event, and I’ll have passed on her. 🙁

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