Friday Filler – EA Going Too Far For Cheap Christmas Laughs?

Thank Grog It’s Firdday!

I was taught by my Dad, that if you have bad news, or some criticism to deliver, you always start with something nice first!  My Dad was a great guy that way…

So, I’ll start by saying that I rEAlly enjoyed the Christmas Event. As in, rEAlly!  That’s right…I’m giving credit where it is due.  Nice, short event. LOADS of storylines and content…with a very nice smattering of free  content and prizes!

So…what could I possibly dislike about this event?

I’l get to that…

But first, my FAVORITE two additions…the Cat Sleigh for Crazy Cat Lady, and the Greyhound Sleigh for Maggie and Marge.  I LOVE these…and they may be flying in my Springfield year-round.  We’ll see.   As I said in another post, the Cat Sleigh is way faster than Homer and his reindeer. But, interestingly, the greyhounds are also slower than the cat sleigh.  So you really have to time it right (as it in watch them go by a ton) to get all three in a screen shot!

So what didn’t I like about this update??? 

The way EA trashed the good name of Mrs. Claus! Come on…does everyone in Springfield have to be a raging drunk?

OK. Get it. It’s a big Joke.  Mrs. Claus is a drunken mess.  She does show up in “I won’t be Home For Christmas” (S26 E9) but she isn’t the REAL Mrs. Claus..she is a drunken Mall version of Mrs. Claus!  So, to make it like she is the wife of the REAL Santa (and yes…there is a real Santa) is just kinda creepy and mean…even though technically, she is “Canon.”

Sorry…just not a fan of making this one huge Drunk-Fest!

During her brief, but drunken quest-line, she is pounding spiked eggnog like the Orange One pounds KFC.  She is never NOT drunk…except when she is hung over.  And her permanent task list isn’t much better…

I get it. EA and the Gracie writers like to be edgy.  But dammitallanyway…just leave Mrs. Clause alone!  She is supposed to be a motherly, cookie-making, sweet and supportive, older version of Marge…without the blue hair.

But, the fact is…I have hardly had time or inclination to care that much about the event in the past week.  I have been in FULL- BABY-IMMERSION mode for most of the past week and will be until Tuesday (including a visit to our favorite Italian place, with Alissa, and her brood!).

We did one day in NYC to see Rockefeller Center, as well as a visit to the MOMA, capped with a trip to Macy’s (the birthplace of modern Christmas).

But, the REAL highlight has simply been Jake…the happiest, most fun kid in the world! I could inundate you with with pics and vids of this kid in action. But, I’ll just post this one, taken when Katie got home from work.  Yes…the sign in the back is appropriate!

And finally… a little more somber reminder about life and death and birthdays…

I posted this on my 65th birthday (on New Year’s Day) along with the story about the fact that my Dad passed away in 2012, on my birthday, almost to the minute of my birth. Pretty cool…and yet an annual reminder of how much I miss him.

My good friend Terri Thickstun, one of my Dad’s favorite art students, honored me by capturing Dad and me from an old photo, from when I was just 18 months old and Dad was finishing college after his tour in the Korean War.

It inspired me to write this song, and do a video honoring both my Dad and Terri.

But, here’s the twist.  The friend I mentioned last week, who has been recently diagnosed with cancer, is Terri.  She has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, which has metastasized to her lungs, liver, and lymph nodes.  She has undergone one round of chemo…and is going to do another before they try to remove the tumor in the coming weeks.

Soooooooo….while she is a very private person, she does believe in prayer. I believe in the power of positive intention (which works the same as prayer)…so I am asking ALL of you…no matter what your belief… to send some healing thoughts to Terri.  She, like me, just turned 65…and has children and grandchildren who need her amazing, sweet, humble spirit around for a few more years.  OK??  Just Do It. Thanks! 

Here’s the video. I wrote the song…and performed it through tears of both happiness and sorrow. So the vocals are a little rough…

I promise to keep you posted…and won’t beat you to death with sorrow. Especially if our collective energy can do the job of helping her heal!

Let’s make 2019 miraculous! 

74 responses to “Friday Filler – EA Going Too Far For Cheap Christmas Laughs?

  1. What a beautiful song and tribute to both your father and Terri, Patric. Sending much healing energy to your friend. Almost two years ago, a dear friend of mine had breast cancer metastasize to her lungs (a couple of years after receiving clear scans after treating the original occurrence) as stage 4 breast cancer. The odds didn’t look good at all, but she beat them and is doing amazingly well. For about the last eight months, her scans have once again been clean, and while she undergoes regular treatments to help prevent the cancer from recurring, she is living a darn near normal life. I will continue to send healing thoughts into the universe for Terri, and I wish you, Terri, and her loved ones strength as she fights this battle.

  2. Mary Martha Riviere

    Prayers for healing for Terri and gratitude for your beautiful gift of words and music. Thank you so much for sharing with us all.

  3. I still keep a photo of my son when he would have been about Jake’s age & their smiles are identical. Makes me laugh every time I see it.
    My thoughts go out to all you guys who are fighting cancer & other life threatening illnesses. My mother & wife are waiting for operations,keeping my fingers crossed for them.

  4. Patric, I’m so sorry for what she and you and her family are going through. I lost my 44 year old dtr a little over 2 months ago. No one should go through that. But God has a plan for us all. We say a nightly rosary, and our rosary tonite will be said for all of you. Jesus with you!

  5. Praying for Terri. Know what she’s going through, I’m dealing with Stage 4 Prostate cancer,with metz to the bones and lymphatic system. Not doing conventional chemo, trying alternative treatments.

  6. Patric, that was a very lovely tribute to both your father and Terri. She’s very lucky to have you as a friend, and the world is very lucky to be able to share in her talents. Sending positive thoughts and virtual hugs to her and her loved ones.

    Happy belated birthday to you both. 🙂

  7. I wish there was a joint task for Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus.

  8. Lots of emotion to start the day… wish you all the best for 2019!

  9. Cat Sleigh for Crazy Cat Lady
    Greyhound Sleigh for Maggie and Marge
    (We still need Sea Captain with his Sleigh pulled by Penguins (lol)😄

    Hey – I ♥️ my Sleighs riding the skies of Springfield and will keep them going non-stop 👍

    What I don’t ♥️? Cancer and how it has devastated my family (F@#k Cancer! Anyone have a problem with F@#k? Well, I have a bigger problem with Cancer! Commander in Chief Cheeto has been acting like a cancer, but that’s another opinion I won’t get into any further!)

    You want the power of Prayers (or , in my case, Chants in the Buddhist Temple)? You got it! Full Blast! Please let the “power of positivity” take that Cancer away! ♥️

    Let’s also enjoy this extended break from any new Events!👍

    • Agree on all counts! Thanks much!

    • Well said, my family going through some difficult times at the moment, say a small chant for my family especially my daughter Rebecca👍

    • Hi to my neighbour Charles from Dexterous ! &2!
      Even though we are in Australia; My daughter bought a F@@K cancer T-Shirt from USA, Black with a pink ribbon & wording.
      Everywhere she wears it she gets a thumbs up, or attracts someone just wanting to talk. I wish we had this kind of fundraiser in Australia!

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed the Mrs. Claus dialogue. I hope to see more PG-13 content. 😁

  11. Two quick things.
    1. Have you had Homer, Marge/Maggie, Crazy Cat Lady, Arnie Pye, Norbert, and the Calabresi’s all flying at the same time? You could toss in LT Smashes air drop task in as well, plus Kodos fairy dust, Kodos in the flying saucer (if that’s even still possible), and Dollars for everyone by Arthur Fortune?
    2. I also found the drunk Mrs. Claus quest line extremely lame.

    • I don’t have them all… but have added Norbert to the mix. Totally forgot about Arnie. Copters away!

    • Let’s get them all flying! Greystash, Shary Robbins, Stephen Hawking, Duffman, Maude.
      What task gets the Calabresi’s flying in the helicopter?

  12. Still crying… every good thought for Terri & Thanks so much for a song that speaks tons about her but for my own Father too. An artist painter & general do anything kind of man. Lost to cancer 5th Aug 2017. The kind of person who’d never do anyone a bad deed if he could do a good one! That is my creed in life; & So my wish for all here!

  13. Forgot to say your grandson is delightful. What an infectious smile! He looks like you!

  14. Oh my gosh Patric. First of all that was absolutely spectacular. Your music, your words and your song were amazing. What an absolutely inspired artist Terri is. Amazing! Thank you so much both of you for sharing with us all.

    I had Stage 4 Breast Cancer in 1980 and Uterine Cancer that matastized to the ovaries in 2003. I am still here and healthy. There are miracles for sure. Our bodies are amazing things and so are good friends. I will send healing prayers and thoughts Terri’s way.

    There are no words to describe the gift you both just gave to everyone who reads, listens and watches. I am humbled.

  15. Woke up, read this, listened, cried. Saying a prayer, going back to sleep….May you both enjoy many more years on this earth……💜X

  16. Prayers and healing thoughts for your friend Terri

  17. I’m not sure how doing a different spin on a fictional character can cause so much distress.
    Take a breath, hug the baby, you’ll be fine.

    • I don’t think it caused distress, it just bugged him. It bugged me and many others as well. Just weird for Mrs C

    • Pfffffttt… with so much discord in the world, why add to it? If you have a chance to write something that could make people smile… write something positive. Don’t go for the easy laugh with a topic that brings such misery to many. Addiction. Hilarious.

  18. Well. That just about broke me. Just beautiful.
    Sending heartfelt healing prayers.

  19. My Grandfather smoked a pipe when I was young. Funny how a picture you see today. Or a scent you catch tomorrow can transport your mind back 25 years into the past.
    Best wishes to Terri.

    • Dad smoked a pipe for a few years…then one of us got burned by an ash, and he put it away forever. I still have the pipe though. It too brings back memories.

  20. All the best patric, best wishes and hopes to Terri ❤️

  21. The Tim Allen movies really have destroyed our collective ability to realise when we’re spelling Santa/Mrs. Claus wrong, haven’t they? I’m not one to get overly offended by stuff in this game but I definitely found the ‘raging alcoholic’ aspect of Mrs. Claus’ questline off-putting to say the least.

    Both my maternal uncles have been diagnosed with cancer in the past 9 months. Not sure the details on the one, but the other is stage 4. I’ve forgotten the exact specifics there, too. I’m an awful person for medical stuff but that’s because it’s like a defence mechanism: if I can’t remember, I can’t dwell, if I can’t dwell I can’t accidentally stress trigger a grand Mal seizure (which has happened more than once, so…) Anyway… not exactly far out of my way to send some good, healing thoughts Terri’s way. None of their kids and grandkids should have to lose them so young. My uncles are both in their early 60s. I wish so many of us couldn’t relate like this, but I will definitely add Terri to my list.

  22. Patric, what an awesome tribute to your dad and Terri. My eyes grew misty just listening to it. Your dad would have been proud.

  23. *hugs and prayers*❤ Just beautiful.
    Cancer sucks.

  24. Prayers 🙏 for your dear friend.

  25. Beautiful…just beautiful! The song and the talented singer had me in tears. The painting is fabulous!! To your dear friend I send many many prayers.

  26. Sniff, that was a really lovely and touching song Patric. Terri is lucky to have you as a friend. She’s a very talented artist, I love her paintings that you featured in the video! I will definitely say a prayer for her and wish her a speedy recovery.

  27. I have loved this event, but I do agree, Mrs Clause was a big mistake. I really hate her as a character. She should have been caring and charming, not a drunk!

    Hopefully, they will release ‘The Real Mrs Clause’ next Christmas!

  28. What a beautiful song and video.
    I am sitting here in tears and praying for your friend in the hope that it will help her to recover.

  29. Patric, rest assured that your friend is always in my weekly prayers as I always say a prayer for those who battle cancer (“Watch over those with cancer. May they win their battle against this disease and may their treatments and side effects be tolerable and manageable”).

  30. Ernesto Mendoza

    Prayers for Terri 🙏🏽

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