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Friday Filler – EA Going Too Far For Cheap Christmas Laughs?

Thank Grog It’s Firdday!

I was taught by my Dad, that if you have bad news, or some criticism to deliver, you always start with something nice first!  My Dad was a great guy that way…

So, I’ll start by saying that I rEAlly enjoyed the Christmas Event. As in, rEAlly!  That’s right…I’m giving credit where it is due.  Nice, short event. LOADS of storylines and content…with a very nice smattering of free  content and prizes!

So…what could I possibly dislike about this event?
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Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Bundle(s)- Should You Buy?


Let’s start off with the fact that there has been plenty of “crazy” to go around here lately.  And as the movie “A Beautiful Mind” taught us, there are many levels of “crazy” that border on genius.  I think that one of things that attracts me most to crazy cat lady, is that she in fact borders on that line, and dares to step across it from time to time (stepping back to “normal” from crazy).

Aren’t we all just a little nuts about something in our lives? Say…oh…a digital game or something? But, I digress…

Eleanore (bet you didn’t remember she has a name) started out in life like many of us, with ambitions and dreams that are far above those of an average 8-year-old girl. According to the WIKI, “Eleanor Abernathy was a smart and ambitious young girl who wanted to be both a lawyer and a doctor “because a woman can do anything”. She was studying for law school at 16, and by 24, she had earned an MD from Harvard Medical School and a JD from Yale Law School. However, by 32, suffering from burnout, she had turned to alcohol, became obsessed with her pet cat, and would randomly take to cutting pieces of her own hair. By the time she was 40, she had assumed her present state as a drunken, raving lunatic. She once shared a cat with Moe.”  (See her full life story HERE)

So, right away, there is something deeper and more substantive than the average Springfieldean.  There is something endearing about someone who has found a way to deal the general insanity of the world (throwing cats), and has found an outlet for her unrequited love for humanity, by absorbing herself into another obsession. No. Not a mobile app game…CATS! Makes as much sense to me as loads of other things people do to cope.

But enough amateure psychology. What you guys really want to know is, “Should I BUY the Crazy Cat Lady Bundle or Not!!!  Get to it already!!!!”

OK. Let’s take a look.

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