Our Addicts International Outreach Project – Do Something That Matters!

It’s that time of the new year again, when many of you step up to help our “Addicts International Outreach” program in Buyijja, Uganda.

I know. Most of you come here for all of the free advice and community wisdom to help you play TSTO.   But, here at Addicts, we like to do more…

This project has been going since 2014, and has been funded almost exclusively (more than 85% of the funds), from the generosity of TSTO players worldwide!  It is a chance for us to get outside of the aspects of this “silly little game” and offer children a future, with our gifts of Peace, Hope and Love!

Winter Term begins at the end of the month, so we need to get on this quickly!
HERE ARE THE DETAILS… and remember…every donation, large or small helps! 
The fact is, when we started this concept in 2014, just like TSTO, I never thought it would continue this long.  However, our success, and the work we do in Buyijja, continues to grow both in scope and in measurable success!

It is my firm belief that direct, unconditional support for children in undeveloped regions of the world, is the best pro-active way to stem the tide of terrorism…which is born primarily through poverty, desperation and lack of education.

Friends of Buyijja, is a Non-Profit with no operating expenses outside of the costs of currency exchange rates, and GoFundMe charges…which are minimal. Every dollar donated goes right to work.



You can find more information about our work there by going to

Here is a video we did a few years back, that really tells the story.
Again…thanks to all who “get it,” and help with this cause.  Unconditional gifts of Peace, Hope and Love… How can you go wrong?


9 responses to “Our Addicts International Outreach Project – Do Something That Matters!

  1. Patric, you’ll get my support. 🙂

  2. Patric, if you will send me a mailing address and how the check is to be made out I will be glad to donate.

  3. Great cause, will pledge to donate as soon as payday hits 😁👍

  4. One day, I want to leave my TSTO to my son in which right now I have no contact with. I raised them on The Simpsons and Family Guy which his grandparents were not exactly happy with, but one day I would like for everything that I have bought and learned to go to him, is that weird?

    • Slightly… but sweet. Unfortunately, it is all virtual, and just sits on a server that could go off with the flick of a switch. Kinda like bitcoins.

  5. I am trying to load the gofundme page but the link might be messed up? No need to approve this comment.

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