New Update Is Coming…Classless Reunion (Launches tomorrow March 13th)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There is an update on the server side of the game right now.  I’ve got to go through the files and see what’s incoming.

Initial examination tells me that this will be called Classless Reunion, and it will be another mini-event. This will start Wednesday (tomorrow) March 13th (1400 UTC, 10a ET) and ends Tuesday, March 26th.  

Pulling details and info, but I really won’t have content up here until it goes live in our games.  So for now just know that it starts tomorrow, and because it’s a mini-event you shouldn’t have to download anything from the App Stores.

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  1. need to borrow 21000 bonuts from someone…lol. j/k. over 700 items >>> great idea tho. << heh heh.

    • krustoferson123

      I’ve already spent several hundred dollars. ;-( For a completionist and someone with OCD this was the worst thing that could happen. I finally gave up my plan coming in to the game not to spend real money right AFTER GGR dropped from being able to be purchased. So now I will have all the items, but nowhere to put them all!!!

  2. For some reason I didn’t see the “Contains Over 700 Items” and when I noticed the Refresh button, I just kept tapping it excitedly and tried to count how many prizes there were. After 300 I gave up and read the Mystery Box caption.
    But.. this is in-line with “Give them all the land”, now we have “Give them all the old content”.
    Seeing as how there are SO many questlines built into the game with this returning content update that haven’t necessarily been played by every player, this can help explain why our updates have been smaller lately.
    EA knows we’re KEM farming, and they know there are possibly dozens of questlines unexperienced by the main community, now easily obtainable for the low, low cost of 30 donuts.
    I feel like for the past 4-5mo, I’ve spent more time on the individual questlines associated with premium characters rather than the freebies gifted by events, so, this is me heading to buy 20 Yearbook Mystery Boxes to set up a couple weeks worth of content.
    Happy tapping!

  3. krustoferson123

    not the right place, but I have severe OCD and I apologize in advance for posting this on this thread, but people seem to be reading it. Maybe someone playing longer than me can answer. I have 5 stars on everything in Krustyland and on the Krust o Meter, but only 12 park visitors. I’ve counted many times, scoured my city, there are only 12. Everything online says I should have 30. Is it a glitch, something that changed when they got rid of a separate KL location and moved it to Springfield? Someone help me move on to another obsession related to this game.

  4. Holy cow! 700 returning items in a 30 donut mystery box? This fairly new player is over the moon excited. Wish there was time for a ‘Which Mystery Box Items are the most essential’ but I understand 700 is a ridiculous amount!

    • krustoferson123

      I started playing at end of the Sept. 2018 mini game. Didn’t know what a mini game was or what was going on. Quickly hooked. Been buying at least one of everything available. Had to check my bank account this morning! 700 items!!!!! Woohoo!

    • Get the building and character combos first

  5. Let’s hope this Classless Reunion Mini Event doesn’t turn into a ‘ Baseless’ Mini Event 😂 (well, to be fair , there are some choice items in the Vault right now at discount, so think of it as 2 Characters with Buildings easily obtained if you Kem Farmed and don’t want to do this Mini Event). 👍

  6. Wooo Diddle Hooo! 700 returning items!!!!

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