Episode 45- A Classless Tinfoil Hat Brigade Reunion

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For this episode of Addicts Live, we’re donning our tin foil hats and taking on the brigade of players who seem to think the game is ending immediately. We’re also tackling the latest mini-event to hit our games, A Classless Reunion, and the Yearbook Mystery Box.  And we’re playing a little “The Way We Was” trivia.
As always, we’ll be answering your questions and sharing your comments live!
You won’t want to miss all the laughs this episode has to offer, so join us live for the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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This week’s trivia post can be found here and you can view it directly via this link.


17 responses to “Episode 45- A Classless Tinfoil Hat Brigade Reunion

  1. I don’t think will end if they are still making money. But I do feel content/events will deminsh and I feel this is what we will be doing. Minievents that are fairly easy to complete.

    I think opening up the 700plus mystery box was to hopefully drive up some donut sales. Farmers more then likely have all the stuff. To me this seems to be that all new content will be earned in Minievents.

  2. I think the game will go for a few more years. Why? Well there’s a few reasons:
    The shows still on air and still popular.
    There’s still loads content that can be added.
    The game still attracts new players.
    Family Guy – Quest For Stuff is still going, no way will EA pull plug on Tapped Out while the competition is still breathing.
    EA appear to be either struggling or not interested in picking up licences for similar kinds of games. Jam City, love them or hate them, are getting a lot of the brand traffic, Marvel, Futurama, Harry Potter and recently a massive deal with Disney. So Tapped Out is EA’s go to game in this field.
    They have the server capacity and income to run the game even as its income diminishes.
    It’s only last year they finally closed down the exploit that allowed hackers to give players unlimited donuts. Why go to the trouble after all this time to close that down if the games finished.
    Also when they get things right, this is still the best city builder game in its field and until recently it’s stability and the speed of glitches being fixed was unrivalled.
    And finally EA likes to keep Alissa busy, as who knows what she’d get up to otherwise.

    But seriously those are just a few reasons I think the games going nowhere even if some of the players are.

  3. Team Disney Burbank is already resurrecting and rebuilding LucasArts (it sure looks like they want to wrestle control of all the Star Wars games from EA, as that license agreement ends in 2022).

    Since Team Disney Burbank will own The Simpson’s (not Fox), this will mean a new license agreement with EA (as soon as the old one with Fox ends – and I guess like most Tappers, when the show goes off the air!) OR Disney will create and license their own Games (unless they do as I predicted, sell The Simpson’s to Comcast NBC so that they can bring Marvel to every Disney Theme Park – remember Walt Disney World has nothing Marvel related until they finish building Guardians of the Galaxy in Epcot without using the Marvel name due to the fact that Universal Island of Adventure already has Marvel under license).

    As for TSTO? This year started out fun, but this Mini Event was Baseless 💩 (I think most would agree that Mystery Box, or Vault, was the biggest improvement). All the better, because that left me plenty of time to Kem Farm, and I’m down to obtaining 6 original Characters with Buildings (wow! I’m not a completist, but I’m turning into one (lol!)

    I’m not going to rely on an Event anymore – if it’s fun? I’ll tap away regardless if it’s a small Event or big Event. if it’s not fun? – Kem Farm and take advantage of Mystery Box, or Vault. I learned not to let a Game App rule my life, to take the weekends off, to accept everything has a beginning and end.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah, I skipped this event. Just farmed so I could play the mystery box—which was a lot of fun.

      Interesting point about the rights EA has. Any idea when their current agreement expires? If the terms are bad, then for sure I could see EA being forced to close down. Maybe they know the negotions will be tough and so they offered the mystery box as a last ditch revenue spike.

      I disagreed with you in your previous post, but now I can understand your point.

  4. krustoferson123

    20,000 donuts spent

  5. krustoferson123

    Patric!!!! Go watch the episode, think it’s season 24

  6. krustoferson123

    Patric is spot on, I started in the fall and this is the greatest thing that has happened so far. I now have 276 quests in progress! Love it all. I look up each one to see when it was originally released and learn about it. It’s been a great way to catch up.

  7. krustoferson123

    they aren’t the best on consistency!! I agree.

  8. krustoferson123

    I thought they met at a summer camp

  9. Asked this question in last week’s open thread. Wondering what you guys have to say?

    If your high school reunion was next weekend. What songs would you expect to be played. Assuming playlist only had songs from the time you spent in highschool?

  10. krustoferson123

    Safi would be impressed. I’ve been tracking the migration patterns of my Krustyland Visitors to see which ones pop up and trying to determine the pattern of when they show up.

  11. krustoferson123

    eager anticipation…..

  12. Good morning/afternoon. I voted we’re all doomed since I give this game another 4-5 years. I feel it will end but not in the near future. I would be interested in knowning how many new players this game attracts since that would help me in my answer. As for the quiz I blew it.

  13. I enjoyed this mini event. It was a good standard mini event. My only complaints are that I would like a prom skin for marge hopefully we will get one soon. The only other thing I wish they would change is that the sky finger collects from jobs and Krustyland visitors, chippy and the spuckler kids. Otherwise I’m ready what ea has in store for us next. I’ll be happy with whatever they give us as long as its new content. But I would really like to see a regular event instead of a mini
    event. I got 5/8 on the trivia. I don’t think the game is ending at all anytime soon because there is a TON of stuff that is not in the game yet that they could add and the show is still on the air making and airing new episodes.

  14. Rusty Shackleford

    When they stop adding features and having events, that will be the signal that the end is near.

    Although, never underestimate a big company screwing up an acquisition. Lots of know it alls with huge egos, turning gold into trash.

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