TSTO Playable Characters and Costumes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

While we’ve got a little bit of downtime I thought I’d work on something players have been asking me to update for a while now…the list of playable characters in TSTO.

We’ve got a list here, but I’ve been terrible at updating it. (Last update was Sept of 2016…🤦‍♀️) We also have a full list of character costumes here, but that also hasn’t been updated since Sept 2016.  So now I’ve updated both lists through the Classless Reunion Mini-Event, so this is up to date as of, today, March 28th, 2019.  And hopefully I’ll remember to update the lists with each event…although if someone wouldn’t mind reminding me to do it that would be tremendously helpful.  (I’ve got a lot on my plate and mind, I’m always forgetting to update stuff…🤹‍♀️). 

And yes, I plan on updating both of those linked lists here shortly.  

And now without further ado…the character lists…

By my count, there are currently 415 playable characters in the game (this doesn’t include NPCs)

And 177 costumes in the game, for 52 (out of 404) characters.

(P)= Premium character, when it first hit the game
($)= Character cost actual cash

I’ve also tried to link relevant information about the characters where available.

Updated as of 7/8/19- Includes Game of Games Characters/Costumes.


A Lloyd (P)
Abe Lincoln (P) Lord Montymort
Adil Hoxha (P) Lou
Agent Bont Louie
Agnes Skinner Luann
Akira (P) Lucille Botzcowski (P)
Alaska Nebraska Lucious Sweet
Alcatraaaz (P) Lugash (P)
Alice Glick Luigi
Allison Taylor (P) Luke Stetson (P)
Amber Dempsey (P) Lunchlady Dora
Amber Simpson (P) Lurleen (P)
Amenhotep (P) Lyla (P)
Angel Lisa M
Angelica Button (P) Maggie
Anger Watkins (P) Manacek (P)
Apu Manjula (P)
Aristotle Amadopolis Marge
Arnie Pye (P) Martin
Arthur Fortune (P) Marv (P)
Artie Ziff Mary Spuckler (P)
Azzlan (P) Matt Groening
B Maude Flanders (Ghost) (P)
Baby Gerald Maw Spuckler ($)
Barbarian Meathook (P)
Barney (P) Mexican Duffman (P)
Bart Michael D’Amico
Beatrice (P) Milhouse
Becky (P) Milo (P)
Belle (P) Mindy Simmons
Benjamin (P) Minnie
Bernice Hibbert Miss Springfield (P)
Birch Barlow Moe
Blackbeard Molloy (P)
Bleeding Gums Murphy (P) Mona Simpson
Blinky Monster (P) Mooch Bart
Blocko Angelica Button (P) Morty (P)
Blue-Haired Lawyer (P) Mountain Man (P)
Booberella (P) Mozart (P)
Bort Mr. Bergstrom
Brandine (P) Mr. Burns
Brendan Beiderbecke (P) Mr. Costington (P)
Brittany Brockman Mr. Dirt (P)
Brother Faith (P) Mr. Sparkle (P)
Buck McCoy (P) Mr. Teeny
Bumblebee Man  (P) Mrs. Bouvier (P)
C Mrs. Claus
C.H.U.M (P) Mrs. Krabapple
Capri Flanders (P) Mrs. Muntz
Carl Mrs. Prince
Caveman Moe Mrs. Quimby
Cayman Island Banker (P) Mrs. Scratchy (P)
Cecil Terwilliger Mrs. Sinclair
Cesar Ms. Hoover
Charcoal Briquette Ms. Mouse (P)
Chazz Busby (P) Mutant Rabbit (P)
Chester Dupree (P) N
Circus Acrobat (P) Nana Sophie Mussolini
Citizen Solar Ned Flanders
Cleatus Nedward Flanders Sr. (P)
Cletus Nelson
Coach Krupt (P) Nick Delacourt
Cocoa Beanie Nigel
Comic Book Guy Nikki McKenna (P)
Cookie Kwan Norbert 
Corporal Punishment Nosferatu (P)
Count Dracula Number 1 (P)
Countess Dracula Number 51 (P)
Crazy Cat Lady (P) O
Cregg Demon Old Jewish Man
D Old King Coal
Dame Judith Underdunk Osaka Seafood Concern Squid
Dante Calabresi Jr. (P) Oscar Wilde (P)
Dante Calabresi Sr. (P) Otto (P)
Dash Dingo P
Database Paris Texan
Dave Shutton (P) Park Engineer (P)
Death Patches and Poor Violet
Declan Desmond Patty
Deep Freeze Peta (P)
Dewey Largo (P) Peter D’Abbruzio
Dia-Betty (P) Petroleus Rex (P)
Diane Pita (P)
Disapproving Squirrel (P) Plopper (P)
Disco Stu (P) Poochie
Doggy Smithers (P) Pope (P)
Dolph President Lisa
Don Brodka (P) Primo
Don Vittorio (P) Princess Kashmir (P)
Doug (P) Princess Penelope
Dr. Colossus Principal Dondelinger (P)
Dr. Crab Principal Skinner
Dr. Hibbert Professor Frink (P)
Dr. Marvin Monroe Pyro
Dr. Nick (P) Q
Dr. Robert Quimby
Dredrick Tatum (P) Quinn Harper (P)
Duffman (P) R
Dwight D. Eisenhower (P) Rabbi Krustofsky (P)
E Rachel Jordan (P)
Eddie Radioactive Man
Erik (P) Ralph
Everyman Ramrod (P)
Evil Shopkeeper (P) Raoul (P)
F Ray Patterson
Fall Out Boy Report Card
Fat Tony Rev. Lovejoy
Father Sean (P) Rex Banner (P)
Fatov Rich Texan (P)
Femme Fatale (P) Richard Nixon (P)
Fernando Vidal Robo Burns (P)
Fit Tony Rockstar Maggie (P)
Fortune Teller (P) Rod
Francesca Terwilliger (P) Roger Myers Jr
Frank Grimes (P) Ronald Reagan (P)
Frankenstein’s Monster (P) Ronaldo  (P)
Frankie the Squealer Roscoe (P)
Freddy Freeman (P) Rose Quimby (P)
Freddy Quimby Roy (P)
French Waiter (P) Russ Cargill (P)
Frinkenstein Ruth Powers
Furious D (P) S
G Sakatumi
Gabbo and Arthur Sam (P)
Gary (P) Samantha Stanky (P)
Geoffrey Chaucer (P) Sanjay
George Washington (P) Santa Claus
Gina Vendetti Santa’s Little Helper (P)
Ginger Flanders (P) Sarah Wiggum (P)
Gino Underdunk Terwilliger (P) Scratchy (P)
Giuseppe (P) Sea Captain
Gloria Sebastian Cobb
Gov. Mary Bailey Selma
Grady Senor Ding Dong (P)
Grampa Sexy Pirate
Grant Connor (P) Sgt. Skinner (P)
Gravedigger Billy (P) Shary Bobbins (P)
Greta Wolfcastle (P) Shauna
Greystache Shelbyville Manhattan ($)
Grief Counselor  Sherri & Terri (P)
Groundskeeper Seamus (P) She-Wolf
Groundskeeper Wilma Shiva  (P)
Guatama Buddha Shredder Stevens (P)
Gummy Joe Sideshow Bob
Guy Incognito (P) Sideshow Mel (P)
H Slick (P)
Hank Scorpio (P) Slithers
Hans Mechman ($) Smithers
Hans Moleman (P) Snake
Helen Lovejoy Snow Monster (P)
Herb Powell (P) Sophie Krustofsky (P)
Herman Space Coyote (P)
Hippie Space Marshmallow
Hollis Hurlbut (P) Space Mutant (P)
Homer Squeaky Voice Teen (P)
Hot Flash (P) Stacy Lovell (P)
Howard K Duff Stampy
Hugo Stephen Hawking
Hugs Bunny (P) Stick Up Walrus (P)
I Stradivarius Cain
Ice Bishop of Beverly Hills (P) Superintendent Chalmers
Itchy Suzanne the Witch (P)
J Sven Golly ($)
J. Edgar Hoover (P) T
J. Rigelian Christ (P) Teddy Roosevelt (P)
Jack Frost Teenage Homer
Jack the Ripper (P) The Collider
Jacques (P) The Detonator
Janey The Devil (P)
Jasper (P) The Fracker (P)
Jay The Ghost of Christmas Past
Jay G  (P) The Great Raymondo (P)
Jebediah Springfield ($) The Grumple (P)
Jenda The Parson
Jeremy (P) The Scout Master
Jeremy Jailbird (P) The Wiccans (P)
Jerri Mackleberry (P) The Yes Guy (P)
Jesse Grass (P) Tiago
Jessica Lovejoy (P) Tina Ballerina (P)
Jesus Christ (P) Todd
Jim Hope (P) Tom O’ Flannigan
Jimbo (P) Tourist Child (P)
Joan Bushwell (P) Tourist Female (P)
Johnny Tightlips (P) Tourist Male (P)
Jub-Jub (P) T-Rex
Judge Constance Harm (P) Tribal Chief (P)
Judge Snyder U
Julienstein (P) Ugolin
Julio (P) Unicorn Wizard
June Bellamy (P) Uter Zorker (P)
Kang (P) Vicious Monkeys
Kathy from Personnel (P) Vicki Valentine (P)
Kearney (P) Voodoo Queen (P)
Kearney’s Other Son W
Kent Brockman Wayne Slater
King Winter (P) Weird Al Yankovic
Kirk Wendell (P)
Kitenge (P) Werewolf (P)
Knifey Spooney (P) Wheels McGrath (P)
Kodos Wiggum
Krusty Willie
Kumiko Wind Lad
L Wise Guy
L.T. Smash (P) Witch ($)
Lady Bot (P) Wolfcastle
Laird Ladd (P) Womenhet
Lampwick (P) Worker Elves
Lance Murdock X
Larry (P) Xoxchitla (P)
Larry Kidkill  Xylem
Laura Powers (P) Y
Lee Carvallo (P) Yakuza Boss
Legs Yo Yo (P)
Lenny Young Artie (P)
Leon Kompowsky (P) Young Barney (P)
Leopold (P) Young Grampa Simpson (P)
Lewis Clark (P) Young Marge (P)
Lindsey Naegle Z
Ling Bouvier (P) Zutroy


Character Costume
Apu  All-American Apu (P)
Pin Pal Apu
Fireman Apu (P)
Arnie Pye Number 67 (P)
Barbarian Homer
Barney Plow King (P)
Astronaut Barney (P)
Bart  Kamp Bart  (P)
Goblin Bart
Shadow Knight (P)
Jockey Bart (P)
Daredevil Bart (P)
Clockwork Bart
Casino Boss Bart (P)
The Kid With No Name
Stretch Dude
Rappin’ Bart
Wizard Bart
General Splattin’
Elf Bart (P)
General Bart
Booberella Cavegirl Booberella (P)
Carl  Number 14 (P)
Cletus Manager Cletus
Comic Book Guy The Collector
Kung Fu CBG
Festivus CBG
Crazy Cat Lady Crazy Iguana Lady (P)
Ms. Claws (P)
Disco Stu Number 79 (P)
Dredrick Tatum Boxing Tatum
Dr. Hibbert Number 2 (P)
Kwanzaa Hibbert
Mad Dr. Hibbert
Duffman Lady Duff (P)
Flanders Devil Flanders (P)
Santa Flanders (P)
Puritan Flanders
Stupid Sexy Flanders (P)
Shredded Ned
Werewolf Flanders
Grampa  Gorgeous Grampa  (P)
Number 111 (P)
Toreador Grampa (P)
Hellfish Abe (P)
The Rambler (P)
Count Grampa
Hans Moleman  Iron Lung (P)
Homer  Mayan Homer (P)
Cool Homer (P)
Santa Homer (P)
Mr. Plow (P)
Ninja Homer (P)
Strongman Homer (P)
Number 908
Barbarian Homer
Pie Man
Referee Homer
Ice Cream Man Homer (P)
Conductor Homer
Holiday Homer
King-Size Homer
Deep Space Homer
Fireman Homer (P)
Cowboy Homer
Sunday Morning Homer
Camera Hat Homer (P)
Pin Pal Homer
Hank Scorpio  Mastermind Hank  (P)
Jasper Number 5 (P)
Baseball Jasper
J.Edgar Hoover Undercover Hoover (P)
Kang Pirate Kang
Santa Kang
Kent Brockman  Number 66
Kirk  Acorn Kirk (P)
Kodos Fairy Kodos  (P)
Mrs. Kodos Claus
Krusty  Number 36
Tuxedo Krusty (P)
Opera Krusty
Krustcraft Krusty
Coat of Foxes Krusty (P)
Kumiko Sailor Kumiko (P)
Lenny  Number 12 (P)
Lindsey Naegle Prepper Lindsey
Lisa Gymnastics Lisa (P)
Sacagawea Lisa
Cool Lisa
Archer Lisa
Queen Helvetica (P)
Soccer Lisa
Saxophone Lisa (P)
Treehugger Lisa
Lizard Queen (P)
Clobber Girl
Pin Collector Lisa
Filmmaker Lisa
Ravencrow Neversmiles
Cadet Lisa
Little Miss Springfield Lisa
Wizard Lisa
Jake Boyman
Programmer Lisa
Elf Lisa (P)
Luann Squirrel Luann (P)
Maggie  Prairie Maggie (P)
Bouncing Battle Baby
Star Snowsuit Maggie
Outlands Maggie
Butterfly Maggie ($)
Marge Witch Marge (P)
Mayan Marge (P)
Wizard Marge
Tennis Marge
Muscle Marge (P)
Martin Ice Princess Martin
Wizard Martin (P)
Milhouse Fit Milhouse
Sidekick Milhouse (P)
Radioactive Milhouse (P)
Magic Act Milhouse
Miss Springfield Hostess Miss Springfield (P)
Moe Respectable Moe
Number 21 (P)
Fire Chief Moe
Pin Pal Moe
Emperor Moe
Mr. Burns  Fruit Batman  (P)
Count Burns
Ebenezer Burns
Number 29 (P)
Monty Moneybags
Softball Burns
White Witch Burns
Reclusive Burns
New God Burns
Hellfish Burns (P)
Pin Pal Burns
Water Baron Burns
Nelson SmellYaL8R
 Football Nelson (P)
Otto Rockin’ Otto (P)
Conductor Otto
Principal Skinner Number 600
Fireman Skinner
Longshot Skinner
Pharaoh Skinner (P)
Professor Frink Number 314 (P)
Sorcerer Frink (P)
Quimby  Number 22 (P)
Ralph Little Helper Ralph
Ballet Ralph
Christmas Tree Ralph (P)
Sideshow Bob Captain Bob (P)
Wes Doobner
Smithers Number 59 (P)
Rollerskate Smithers (P)
Snake Outlaw Snake
Cyborg Snake
Squeaky Voice Teen Peasant ($)
Attendant (P)
Teenage Homer  Prom Time Homer
Wiggum Number 50 (P)
Beer Stein Wiggum (P)
Mummy Wiggum
Willie Bare-Chested Willie (P)
Number 85 (P)
Slave Labor Willie
Taskmaster Willie
Wolfcastle McBain (P)

And there you have it my friends, character and costume lists up to date in TSTO!

Thoughts on the lists?  Characters you’re missing?  Costumes you’re missing? Do you have it all? Who do you think will be added next?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!


83 responses to “TSTO Playable Characters and Costumes

  1. Amazing!

    If you can put that list together, surely I can go by 1 by 1 and find what I dont have so EA will rerelease them.

    Just takes focus and passion, I suppose.


  2. Incredible work! Thank you!
    One more request? well, actually a couple?
    I’d love to see a list of the buildings where you can go to the building and set character jobs – like the firehouse and the snow globe…
    I’d also love to see a list of tasks that are paird – like bart and stampy, or bart and mozart or marge and homer tasks….
    Sometimes when setting tasks, i like to change it up a bit….lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m missing Frink’s Stonecutter outfit. I perhaps didn’t have him when the event originally ran, but It wasn’t offered in the recent sale (at least not to me, I bought all the stuff I was missing in that sale). I really hope it comes back at some point, he’s the only one I’m missing other than Arnie Pye but Pye’s skin is in my inv.


  4. There should be some sort of badge or monument when you have obtained EVERY character in the game. In addition, there should be badges and monuments for other things too (e.g., collecting all buildings, etc.). Since the game is ever-expanding in this sense, the badge or monument could be designated once per year.


  5. Do you have a similar list (and links) for the buildings?


  6. Aigh! I have 404 characters! Who am I missing?!?!?!?!


  7. I still need about 38 characters. Looking forward to Class Reunion MB2. Lol

    Thats a really incredible list! Its amazing you have the time! Imagine the newest addict has started picking up more energy in his waking hours, and i know i could not have done that on a computer while nursing. You’re definitely very dedicated. Hope this site pays well and gives you all the thank you’s you deserve! 🤗🤗🤗


  8. Alissa,
    Wow, what an incredible list!!!
    Thanks for your research and this resource!

    So glad I don’t have over 400 characters to deal with daily, I have about half that.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Great list – Thanks again for putting together these top shelf references!
    I’m currently running at 257 characters – so I’m missing A LOT

    What are people’s views on NPC’s?
    I’ve got no idea how many of those I’ve got. I tend to store ’em. They don’t seem to provide any value in having them on the game surface, plus they take up memory, CPU cycles and item counts – so I’ve got most of them stored.
    Got a couple wandering around – some duck that is part of a building that has a character? I know if I store the duck, the building and character disappear too! Jay Z?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh, and my favourite costumes are the Stonecutter ones. I’ve got them all (I think) and when not pulling event duty, they are my go to costume for those characters

      Liked by 1 person

    • stewie22112
      You have an impressive amount of Characters (I am almost at 300)
      I store all of my NPC’s (I do not need them roaming my Springfield)
      I applaud you for doing the same thing 👍
      Credit the Vault for Dr. Nick and Vesuvius Pizza today at discount

      Liked by 2 people

    • As for NPCs: I keep the ones I like (mostly robots, THOH monsters and animals like Snowball) and store the ones I don’t like (christmas and easter stuff, Bob Clones, Funzos, Dinosaurs and whatnot). Sure they don’t have a real use, but some of them at least have funny little animations, gotta love that little Krusty Doll 😀
      And with Springfield growing HUGE these days, with playable characters spread rather thin, some areas would seem pretty empty and lifeless if it wasn’t for some roaming NPCs here and there.
      Never checked it myself, but I read somewhere that NPCs don’t really “count” as items, so no problem with that…
      And you’re talking about Jay-G’s Goosius. Storing that never came to my mind because he needs it for his 24h job.

      Liked by 2 people

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