App Store Update: Game of Games

Update: Spoilers packet just came in from EA, so I’ll have a spoilers post up soon.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A major event update has FINALLY hit the servers!  Game of Games is available for download in the app store…

Yes, I’m a little late for this one… I guess that’s what happens when you’re spending quality time with your kiddos before bed..

I’m going to start pulling info for this one…but just because the app update is available does not mean the game is live yet.  The update itself doesn’t go live until TOMORROW (Wednesday, June 12th) at 1400 UTC/10 AM Eastern Time. 

Heaven help us if this is another Bart Royale event…I may lose my mind…

Here are the characters you can expect…

This appears, at least on the surface, to me that this will be another multi-event.  4 weeks, 4 stories, loads of content.

Starts tomorrow, June 12th, and runs until July 10th.



32 responses to “App Store Update: Game of Games

  1. OMG FINALLY!! Anyone else on Kindle Fire HD7 only getting the update this morning? The rest of my family and friends that play all went live yesterday morning (12th), Including the HD8 players. Had the pre-launch update on Tues with the updated icon from the 11th, but no event splash screen, no update in Amazon for HD8. Tried EVERYTHING too!!

    Stayed up till 430am-ish (when I finally nodded off with the light still on) hoping…! 5 hrs later… YAAAAAA!!! Wonder if we’ll get an extra day to complete….? 😆 Bwaaahahaha… Yeah right!

    My friend was gonna come over yesterday and let me log into my game on his device so I could get started, but I was afraid it would freak out my game & glitch it out if I tried to go in later on my possibly still un-updated device to collect. Sweet offer though! Thanx Llew!

    Well… Off to the races! Or, more appropriate, Let the GAMES begin!!

  2. I know that this event is suppose to be, primarily, a parody of Fortnite (a game that I’m not familiar with), or something like that, but has anyone noticed any aspects from other games that are being parodied? I mean, for example, is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Homer’s outfit (as seen on both the new splash screen and the new app icon) bears a striking resemblance to the clothes worn by Nathan Drake from the “Uncharted” games?

    Also, since this event is suppose to be poking fun at other video games, mobile games, and computer games, I think that EA should have included Marge dressed as a parody of Lara Croft (the Tomb Raider) in the artwork used for the splash screen.

  3. Jennifer Usher

    For some reason, my iPad did not update automatically. I had to do it myself. But now it is running.

  4. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Part 1 was fun. Expensive, but fun.
    Only cost me 2,342 donuts to rush through everything. But I made it.
    Before everyone else!!
    I’m Number 1!
    King of the World!

    I think it’s time to go clean my tongue with soap. I have this really, really, really odd taste in my mouth.

  5. I don’t mind if its a multi event as long as there are some land tokens available. I watched the “E My Sports” episode a few weeks ago so I kind of remember seeing some of the new characters and/or costumes in the episode.

  6. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Forgot to confirm…
    🎶When will I be loved,🎶
    I’ll bet it’s 3 hours before you— at 7:00 ?

  7. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    There is an underwear brand
    Fruit of the Loom…
    So in sem offensive Simpson’s Style,
    Your tardiness will be excused as you were spending time with
    The fruit of your loins,
    Rather than
    The fruit of your blog.

    It’s 4:15am here, time to go back to sleep 🛏 😴 💤

  8. Tapped Out Royale (and nope EA didn’t reveal squat about anything new Simpson’s related at E3, but Keenu Reeves stole the Convention with his appearance for Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox reveal) 😁👍

  9. 10 am UK time Wednesday 12 th nothing in my Android app store!

    • 2-3pm for us in the uk

      • Yes 3pm BST is UK start time. Usually the update hits the app store 12 or more hours in advance so we can download well before start time. There was no sign on whatever server my tablet connected to at 10am. I tried again at 11.30 and it was there by then, so I was able to update at that point. Big hooray for something to do again.

    • Same here and I’m in the US!

  10. Matt Trafford

    Was really hoping with the update that I would actually be able to play again but alas, the game will still not load on my S10

  11. Just saw the update available in the app store for my iPad.

  12. Happy to have a new event. Happy that I’m not the only one with an apple device not seeing the update.

  13. TallSpiderCandy

    Yay!!! Thanks for the info!! 😁

  14. Literally just removed the game to save space. Lol

  15. Well get out the Crayolas and color me tickled pink!

  16. I was trying to remember the Bart Royale event but couldn’t remember. So I googled it & during that time, I had gotten the dreaded “roll-back glitch” lost 3 months of game play…lost all but about the 1st week & a half of content. Looking forward to new event.

  17. Will the yearbook be going away? I’ve been saving up to buy a few things and wonder if I need to bite the bullet and get them now

  18. So glad to hear! I’m running out of things worth the effort in the Yearbook!

  19. Woo-hoo!! Please be a full event,,please be a full event & not a few mini events strung together & called “an event”. 🤞

    • I agree, I have 3 days of daily tasks saved up for “a real event” ………. I think we both will be disappointed.

      • I think they found an easy format…so many people complaining thru the years…idk…i finish within 2-3 days each week. Zero strategy involved. I suppose some people prefer it that way. I’d think with the popularity of the Stonecutters event that they’d try to incorporate that into current events.

        • They kind of talked about this a bit at E3 yesterday. The writers of the show always want to do some kind of puzzles in the game, and EA pushes back saying players don’t like puzzles. They want it to be easy. Which i think is why we haven’t seen a rehash of stonecutters like gameplay.

          • Oh wow…that was the best event ever…..not sure why they think mindless tapping for everything is preferred?! Dang…now I totally get Patric’s lazy EA quips better. I wonder if they rely on the “official” TSTO forum or what? Which I’ve never ventured into,,btw. I found you guys,,liked it here,,stayed.

  20. I’m I the only one who actually enjoyed the Bart royale event

  21. for some reason it is not on apple yet

  22. My feeling is that anything is better than nothing even if it is Bart Royale 2 !!

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