SPOILER ALERT: Game of Games Info

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

By now, if you read this site, you should know there’s a new TSTO update (Game of Games) available for download in the App Store.  The actual gameplay update will launch tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10am ET (1400UTC).

Late this evening we received the update content spoilers direct from EA.  And I know a lot of you like to know the spoilers.  So here’s your spoiler post.


Game details…direct from EA:

Event Type: Multi-Event
Game of Games utilizes the same structure as our Love, Springfieldian Style update – the Multi-Event.
Multi-Events consist of multiple short acts, allowing for a greater breadth and variety of content and
themes. Multi-Events contain no crafting or friend actions, instead focusing on the unlocking of items
from each act’s prize track, similar to Mini-Events.
In the case of Game of Games, the event consists of four acts. One act unlocks per week throughout the
event and is then available for players to complete until the entire event concludes. This is
accomplishable because the characters players will need to send on jobs to earn event currencies are
different week-to-week.

And here’s the storyline overview..again, direct from EA:

It’s time for E4, and the first ever Game of Games. A contest to crown the best of the best, gamers who
can best their opponent in any gaming genre. Bart reassembles the Evergreen Terrors and charges up his
controller to take on the challenge. However, a new rival emerges in Report Card, who’s tired of Bart
always stealing the spotlight. To make matters worse the Evergreen Terrors seem to only be skilled at
Conflict of Enemies. Help Bart and the Evergreen Terrors win the Gaming Gauntlet and become the best
esports team in the world!

So basically the event is based on this Season’s (Season 30) 17th Episode…“E My Sports” and the E4 Convention from Season 23, Episode 5…“The Food Wife”

Also, as talked about during the E3 Expo…this spoofs on a bunch of video games (like Fortnite)

And here are some spoiler images… (again direct from EA)

560 Total donuts needed to buy all NEW Premium Content.

There will be a 4th of July Mystery Box. (as of right now I don’t see anything about a new 4th of July President)

And that’s it guys.  Comment your thoughts about the content Spoilers in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!



84 responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Game of Games Info


    If you are using an Android device with OS older then Nougat 7.0 , with 2gigs of RAM, with 16gigs ROM minus a MicroSD card …. it’s probably time for an upgrade (fortunately this Game App doesn’t require more than 3gigs RAM, but you need to have ample space on your smartphone and / or tablet that a micro SD card will provide and they’re cheap to buy – so are a lot of smartphones and tablets now) 😊

    Using an iPhone / iPad? It’s nice that Apple will continue to update your OS, however they do not update what’s their internally with regards to RAM and ROM (I would say any device older than an iPhone 6 / any Tablet from before 2016 should be upgraded).

    Amazon Kindle – I feel bad that my fellow Tappers are having problems. I would sincerely hope that communicating with Amazon immediately will offer you prompt solutions (does it means you’re Amazon tablet is too old? well, time for an update).

    To my fellow Tappers outside the United States, I am sorry to hear your access to downloading the update for TSTO is being delayed (I hope this is not evidence of any problem from EA and their Networks outside of North America, but I will be honest and say I randomly get the “Bart Simpson screen of death” here in Las Vegas and I try not to let it ruin my fun).

    Happy Tapping Everybody 😊

  2. Has anyone noticed that the music for the event (although appropriate and well done) does not fade as normal? Even on day 1 it has become so irritating I have had to turn the sound off and seeing I am one who loves the voices and sound effects this is really spoiling my enjoyment of the game.

  3. Jennifer Usher

    So far, not available on my iPad. It is downloading on my iPhone. And, given that I have about 1100 donuts, 560 suddenly seems cheap. Yeah, I farm them like crazy. I hope the new content includes lots of bonus experience points.

  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAND today is the day I leave my table at home…. i’ll be damn….. yaay an update…

  5. Well at least we have something. Looks like this format is here to stay, so let’s forget about major events, they have gone forever.
    I know for some the game has become a bore & indeed many players have left but you have to put a positive spin on it & appreciate the new content we have been given, even though it is all far to easy nowadays.

    • I don’t know that I’d say that. They’re here for now, they’ll likely change the format again. This is the 3rd, or maybe even the 4th now, major event format change in the history of the game. And every time they change people complain.

      • I think what I miss most is not having different elements to the events, like the dig sites, sending characters to battle, building castles etc.
        Updates now are all exactly the same.
        As I said better than nothing but a poor substitute for the game we had. Not enough to make me leave the game but sadly many have.

    • Literally 23 minutes into the update…and the “Gloom and doom crew” has weighed in.

      Things change. Things evolve. Can we just enjoy what is…rather than complaining about what isn’t

    • John Millar

      We may never ever get a crazy 6 Weeks / 8 Weeks Event again …. but these 4 different Events every Week (for 4 Weeks) is easy to manage with no grinding …. I can’t say the new Premiums are worth it (they aren’t in my opinion), nor is there a reason to spend more sprinkles on returning Premiums (when you can get them for less in the Mystery Box) …. but the dialogue is funny and the Prizes are reserved for judgement later.

      If you can still Farm for 🍩’s
      If you can still hoard Land Tokens
      If you can still find something worth spending sprinkles on (discounted in the Vault, or found in the Mystery Box)

      Then in my opinion this Game App is still offering more than most (however, I’m willing to listen to other Game App suggestions from Google Play Store)😊👍

      • I agree, it still gives more than many other game aps. Gave a lot more of course but we have to accept a style now, which gives the writers more time to concentrate on other EA games.

        • Actually, if you listened to the podcast, they like this game because it gives them more freedom. And…there is a LOT more writing content in the multi-events. It really is more their playground.

          I really found the E3 stream interesting…and gave me new incite.

          • Must admit some of the dialogue gives me such a laugh, it’s worth doing the events just for that alone !!!

  6. Going to be awesome to get new things and people for the game

  7. In the collection for this new event there are more characters there is a small black person who I don’t recognise, grand theft walrus form the movie, katamari king milhouse and lego angelica buttons.

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