Game of Games Week 3 Is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s officially 10am here on the East Coast, and that means Game of Games Week 3 is Live!

Things kick off for week 3 with some dialogue between Homer and Mr. Burns…

Homer: Mr. Burns, I need your help. I need replacement passes to E4 for my kids.
Mr. Burns: You’ve come to the right place. I always buy a bunch of passes then sell them for a profit.
Homer: You’re scalping tickets. That’s terrible.
Mr. Burns: Believe me, this is by far the least bloody scalping I’ve ever done.

This is followed by a 6s tasks for Homer and Mr. Burns.  Once completed you’ll trigger the week 3 questline, which will take you through unlocking all of the week 3 prizes, Siblings and Sorcery.

Let’s take a look at what else is in store during week 3…

REMEBER: This runs simultaneously with weeks 1 and 2 if you haven’t finished them yet.  So you don’t need to finish Week 1 or Week 2 to see Week 3 trigger, you just need to complete Game of Games Pt. 4 (the 6s tasks I mentioned above) to trigger the Week 3 questline 

Here’s EA’s synopsis for Act 3/Week 3:

Homer goes to Mr. Burns for help to get the kids replacement E4 passes and found out that Burns has
purchased a bunch of passes to scalp them from profit. Homer pays a fortune for the passes and Burns renews his pledge of allegiance to Capitalism.

Milhouse is stressed about battles and the team loses a match. Bart tries to rally the team with an
inspiring speech and a sugar rush. Just as the kids pep up, their arch-rival Report Card makes an
appearance, and unwanted advance toward Lisa!

Milhouse and Bart meet the real Dash Dingo, only to find out that he’s an American dingo playing an
Australian dingo. Milhouse causes the Evergreen Terrors to lose again because he’s star-struck with
Dash Dingo and not concentrating on the game.

On the next round of McTrigger: The Game 2, Nelson wins points for the team by having his character
dance in the game and Sophie is able to win the game taking the Evergreen Terrors to the finals!

Professor Frink shows up and warns that the town is doomed! It appears that he created a machine that
summons a storm around an island off the coast of Springfield. The machine has been hacked and the
storm is now aimed at Springfield, bringing destruction with it. Bart is able to go through the machine’s operating code and finds the failsafe, disabling the machine and shutting down the storm.

Report Card reappears and threatens Bart. Report Card is also now holding the Detonator as his prisoner so that he cannot chaperone Bart and his team to the esport finals.

As I stated above, the initial quest is a 6s tasks for both Homer and Mr. Burns.  Once completed you’ll start the Siblings and Sorcery questline, which is the week 3 story to follow.  This is how you’ll unlock the Week 3  (Act 3) prizes…

The currency we’re working on collecting for Week 3/Act 3….



I’ll lay out specifically what you need to do for each part in the turbo tappin’ post, but I don’t want any of you to get messed up with this.  So don’t forget to SCROLL!

Here are the prizes for Part 3:

Marching Band Arcade (Decoration)

Dash Dingo (Full Character)

Guts of War Statue (Decoration)

Furious Fliers (Building)

Report Card (Full Character)

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks for Act 3:
Sophie Krustofsky (earns regular premium)
Mr. Dirt (Earns Special Premium)

Regarding Blocko Angelica Button, see this post

Characters earn:

8/4hrs for Freemium
12/4hrs for New Premium

10/4hrs for Old Premium (in this case Sophie)

Act 1/Week 1 and Act 2/Week 2 Prizes

These are STILL unlockable if you haven’t completed that prize track.  You have until the event ends to unlock ALL the prizes.  So keep going with Week 1 and/or Week 2 if you haven’t finished them.

If you need a reminder as to who can earn what with week 1 check out that rundown post here. And week 2 is here.


Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

Mr. Dirt- 75 Donuts.  This is a full character.  I know it looks like Milhouse, but it’s not a costume for him.  This is a full character. (I bought him and verified) Per my notes from EA, this will earn event currency for Act 3/Week 3.  Leaves games when Act 4/Week 4 starts, July 3rd.


Mooch Bart– 75 Donuts

Mapple Store- 90 Donuts

Items leave stores on July 3rd…

And that’s it my friends.  The details of week 3 of the Game of Games.

Your thoughts on the week 3 content?  Did you finish week 2 or are you still working on it?  Premium content you’ll be buying?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

26 responses to “Game of Games Week 3 Is Live!

  1. I have to say that this event has been a blast! I like the dialogue and prizes. Mr. Dirt is hilarious!

  2. So happy I’ll get Dash Dingo!! And also Report Card, he’s from a classic episode (Bart’s Comet)! Much happier with round three prizes than the other two!

  3. Oh! Thank you for the info. Hope EA gives the people that picked her up some kind of reimbursement.

  4. When you say Mr. Dirt goes away after Act 3. Do you mean he is removed from your game?

  5. The prizes look cool and the characters are classic by at least 12 years. I plan on putting the 3 decorations at E4 with the other decorations from this event. I don’t mind there not being any buildings in this act since some of them were tricky to design with.

  6. Thanks Alissa for letting us know about Mr Dirt, I just assumed it was a skin. Will def be buying him.

  7. What’s the Blocko Angelica screwup? I passed On her so just wondering what the problem is?

    • In the first week, she was advertised in the store by EA to help earn VIP Passes (the first act’s currency) but people who got advanced info about the event (like TSTOAddicts) were told by EA that she earns currency for all 4 acts so EA gave the people with advanced info fake news. I never posted links to pages on here before so I hope this works, its just after the prizes. (if you’ve already read the post then ignore the link)

    • The screwup was that EA said Blocko Angelica would be a premium earner for all 4 acts of the event, but so far, we’ve only been able to use her for Act 1. Alyssa mentioned it in her Act 2 rundown post.

  8. I picked him up because I had the donuts and he’s a full character not a skin. Sent him to work on the event right away so no idea what he does. I have to admit he is a little weird looking.

  9. Let’s face….Dash Dingo is hands down the best prize!!!! Love that guy!!!!

  10. Even though I bought him, I just wanted to say that Mr. Dirt has to be the stupidest looking of all the available characters available in this game. Hans Mechman, we have a new winner….

  11. Week 3 / Act 3 looks like once again Tappers should enjoy the humourous dialogue between Characters (we’ve been told not to “rush thru it” , I firmly agree one should take the time to read the lol worthy dialogue). 😀

    75 sprinkles is cheap for a Premium Character (get ’em if it helps you complete everything with minimal Grinding), but are those returning Premiums available in the Mystery Box? (if so, and you know where I endorsed spending sprinkles!). 😉

    Happy Tapping Everybody

  12. For anyone who’s bought him, what kind of animated tasks does Mr.Dirt do?
    I’m on the fence…
    Thanks !!

    • She’ll do a Sib…but mostly he just helps with the update, as he earns 12 per as opposed to the “regular Milhouse” who. Only earns 8.

  13. WOW! He has a giant head… (ahem)… 😋

  14. It’s nice that Mr. Dirt is a full character, and it was an instabuy for me once I read that here (thanks, Alyssa!)…but it seems like they screwed up the pricing between him and SmellYaL8r. 150 donuts for a Nelson skin in Act 2, but only 75 donuts for a full character in Act 3? Whut?

    Also, they obviously haven’t bothered to fix the Blocko Angelica screwup.

    Overall, I’m enjoying the event, but I’m wondering if they’ve been downsizing their QA team or something.

    Has anyone else noticed all of the newer buildings no longer use the present participle for the verbs describing their income actions? Like the E4 building says “Give Away Free Deodorant” instead of “Giving Away”, and the Happy Little Elves Farm says “Enforce Happiness” rather than “Enforcing”. All of the newer buildings that earn income are like that now, even the overpriced Blocko AB dungeon set…it just feels “off”.

  15. Nice that they now have comic book guy and reverend Lovejoy able to work on the week 2 tasks. I didn’t finish them yet. Now i may be able to.

  16. is the mr. Dirt character supposed to be the enemy of mr. Sparkle as I’ve no idea where he’s from but know mr. Sparkle occasionally mentions a mr. Dirt.

    • Mr. Dirt is from EA’s other Simpsons game called The Simpsons Game along with the Chocolate Shoppe (though this did appear in Season 3) and Sequel Stop. He was the main bad guy in one of the later levels and Mr. Sparkle was in that level.

  17. No skins, just characters! So many new characters, I love it!!

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