Friday Filler – Alternate Event Math in the Donut Farming Era

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

If we are to be pragmatic about the current state of affairs in TSTO, you have to be a true “Purist” to choose not to donut farm.  In almost every instance, concentrating on farming, so you can concentrate on rushing, so you can actually have more “Life Currency,” is simply the most prudent use of your time (which is of course, Life Currency defined).

Case in point, the choice whether to grind every 4 hours to complete the tasks involved with the event, or whether to simply make donut farming your substitute grind…even during downtime and during events. This is a decision that requires a bit of “New TSTO Math.

I have played this event both ways…mostly due to the need to actually “live more life” while still “getting everything.”

Let me explain…then you can decide.
During the first week, I simply added the nominal 4-hour tasks for the event, to my already habitual routine of donut farming, and task-setting my characters.  It is rote.  I am so conditioned in a Pavlovian way, that my days seem to slip into regular 4-hour chunks.  6A-10A-2P-6P and if I’m still up, 10p.  That’s at least 4 daily cycles, which is the same that is also needed to complete the event cycle.

The current Prize Act is no different.

Basically, it comes down to collecting 1550 “H-Tokens.”

So…you can log in every day, 4 times a day, and if you don’t have any premium characters, you are going to collect 56 H-tokens every cycle.  That works out to 28 cycles…or 4 cycles a day, for 7 days.  Do-able. Barely. 

But, if you have Premium Characters, it will give you an additional 22 H-tokens per round, which translates to 20 cycles…(19.8) or just a tad over 5 days. EAsy pEAsy.

And that’s exactly how it went Week One. I bought the Premium Character…had one already (Sophie) and finished early Sunday, as I was able to get in 5 sessions a day.

However…the entire time I was playing, I was also doing my Donut Farming cycles.

Before we go nuts again with people bragging about their bonus multipliers in the 1ooo’s and how fast they can earn donuts…I am going to once again point out, that I am a “Casual Farmer.”  I only farm as much as I can collect in regards to dollars earned in order to offset the cost of farming.  I have about $120M in game cash…that just accrues as I play. I got most of my Bonus % by getting stuff through the Mystery Box and the Vault, and a huge bump when EA gave us the chance to increase significantly with tennis courts.  (SEE THE LINKS TO FARMING on this site).

So…currently, I am farming 66 KEMs in my “KEM paddy” which keeps them orderly, and quick to add and delete, as they are protected by water. This generates approximately 30-36 Bonuts per 4 hour cycle..or between 120 and 180 Bonuts a Day.

So, if you do this regularly, and do a bit of “pre-event grinding” it is EAsy to earn 1,000 Bonuts or more before the event even starts.  This Adds Up to DGPTO (Donut Generated Paid Time Off).

I have 5 daughters who all have jobs who LIVE for PTO.  The younger generation is all about quality of life -vs- quantity of gathered stuff. They GET the idea of “Life Currency.”

This all leads up to Alternate Event Play…using DGPTO.

As it turns out, life can get in the way of tapping. And with every update, there is a flanks of folks who complain that they are going to “run out of time, before they get everything.”  Well…doing a little Pre-Event-Donut-Farming solves both problems.

In my case, the “getting in the way of Tapping” came in the shape of my oldest grandson, and 4 of his friends, crashing at our place for 5 days during a baseball tournament in which they participated. Oh…and my daughter and her husband came up to stay with us at the same time to go to a wedding in Portland with our other daughter, and then wine-tasting with my other daughter, and then back home just in time for a year-end Rotary party…just in time to pack, to fly out to New Jersey to see our other daughter…and JAKE..the cutest of them all.


Rather than grind, and tap, and play, and collect… I found ONE HOUR to buy my way through the update, get the Premium character I wanted, and be DONE with this act.  I could have done it in a few minutes…but wanted to take the time to read the dialogue that the writers had worked so hard to produce. (Thanks, Writers!).

It cost me just a little over 400 donuts (including rushing the tasks for quest-lines).  BOOM. No sweat.

So…as I am actually in New Jersey as you read this, I have already done the same for Act III, while watching Jake at the pool (Deb watched him while I tapped…and then was done…BOOOM!).

I had to spend 438  donuts to rush the entire event…plus an additional 75 to get the Premium Item I wanted this round. (75 Donuts for Mr. Dirt). A grand total of 438 Donuts. Cake. Had ’em… DONE!

With 8 regular characters collecting 8 tickets, one with 10 (Sophie) and Mr. Dirt with 12…that is a lot of collection per round.  But, most important, they all cost just 2 donuts to rush, each task.

The math for me was pretty simple.
I needed 1550 H-Tickets.  As I can earn as many as 86 of them each cycle…that comes out to 19 cycles (18.02) plus another handful of cycles to cover rushing the tasks (the cost per cycle is a very simple 10 characters x 2 donuts= 20 per cycle) plus 75 for the Premium Item…and BOOM. Done. 

And I STILL have more than 350 donuts left…and will continue to farm…WHEN I WANT TO…not because I have to.

And, Boom! I am done saying BOOM!

I’m not advocating that this is the way to play every updated now that these are all just mini-events…but, gosh…it is a whole lot EAsier, and gives you time to actually hoard your most valuable asset… “Life Currency.”

So…no. I am not currently tapping…because for this act of this event, I am “Tapped Out.”

But, I will be spending hours and hours and hours, with THIS little guy!

And YES…with Jake walking now (started two weeks ago), it’s time for his first GOLF LESSON!  He loves his new clubs…MJ the Cat…not so much!


Head down…follow through…hit ’em straight, Jake!


47 responses to “Friday Filler – Alternate Event Math in the Donut Farming Era

  1. Would take longer but you could only use premium characters and rush their tasks and ultimately save a couple donuts in the end.

  2. Didn’t mean to brag. Just stating a fact. Btw. My Xp is at 1621.95%

  3. Great post Patric, how do you configure your 66 kem farm so it’s efficient l? I’m always trying to get more efficient, since we’re limited

  4. I guess not using the XP collider makes it more of a challenge.

  5. Can I simply buy 66 KEM and earn donuts by getting XP from that?

    • The actual way to be efficient, is to build your bonus over time…you CAN earn bonus by buying and selling KEMs…but you earn a lot more from every 66 farmed, if your Bonus is higher.

  6. Can I simply buy 66 KEM and collect donuts as a result from just earning cash/XP from them as I tap when they’ve earned?

  7. I don’t bother farming donuts anymore. No need to. My bonus multiplier is enormous. I don’t even use the XP collider either.

    • Yep. That is the key…getting to at least 500% bonus, so farming is worth it.

      • Nirvana is getting 4000%+ bonus so you don’t have to KEM farm and only RTT “farm” when needed.

        • How do I make that happen??

        • So yes Charles. That is your regular self congratulatory post about excessive bonus levels. Yawn.

          • Have you not found the game easier since you bought all those tennis courts?

            BTW, I think it says something about you in thinking my post was “self congratulatory”. How can one truly be “self congratulatory” about playing a video game, about wasting time. This is not a contest between players. No prize to be be won.

            I just try to add my insight in how to make the game easier to play. If I remember correctly, when I enter this forum there were many post of people not having enough time, complaining about the cost of premium items, etc. I am just trying to show if you put a little effort in for a little while you can get everything you want. You don’t have to. That is your choice.

            • Charles……let’s stop trying to kid one another. I am grateful that you are willing to help. But, it is almost always followed by a post or mention of your extremely excessive Bonus % and cash. The amount of time dedicated to get to these unreasonable, and unnecessary levels borders on waaayyy over the top. The AVERAGE player, need only reach between 750% and 1000% to be able to farm more than enough donuts for any event or update. Beyond that? Just accumulation for the sake of accumulation.

              • For the long term players maybe. But as my last two games have shown it will take a lot of donuts to catch up, even with last mystery box that remained around. I mention the bonus and donuts to show that it is not impossible to catch up even if you start today. It took me less than 9 months without the tennis courts and the discounted mystery boxes. Those who start today would still need to earn a lot of cash and donuts to fully get all the land. That my approach of achieving 2000+ in bonus brings long term dividends should be a comfort to those who might see a daunting task.

  8. I’ve been playing since the 2013 St Patrick’s day event.

    Early on I wanted to play the game to achieve maximum satisfaction doing and getting the things I liked, and minimise doing the things I didn’t like.

    I figured having an Orange House farm (collect every 16 hours) meant less logging in, and greater reward. So I ended up buying 1200 of them, most before the price went up.

    Then came the XP Multiplier, and Sky Finger.

    With my 1278 bonus percent, I produce 12 bonuts (bonus donuts) every 24 hours in under a minute with Sky Finger.

    If I need more bonuts, which doesn’t happen often these days, I top up with Bloodmobiles from my $3.4 trillion (and counting) cash.

    One problem with this scheme, is that I have a lot of land taken up with orange houses, so there is a down side.

    If only it was so easy to accumulate trillions in real life.



  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Your comment about the younger generation being more about quality of life rings true to me. My older relatives and friends seem to like to accumulate stuff and worked a lot for new cars, vacation homes, etc.

    My wife and I, in contrast live much more simply, modest house and cars, all paid off. Ok, I’m older at 51, but still, I see younger people that would prefer more time off to a raise in salary.

    I farm, but I don’t enjoy it. Work has been busy so I’m using the donuts to help catch up in the event as I am missing several 4 hour cycles.

    • I have a ton of younger friends, as well as 5 daughters who all place experiences over stuff. I am envious of some of their adventures…and am going to do my best to catch up, after we get rid of some of our stuff!

  10. I don’t know why, I just think kem farming using the multiplier makes me feel like I’m cheating. I know EA designed the game to be used with the multiplier with the increase of 🍩 per premium item. I kem farm, but not with the multiplier, it gets me an extra 🍩 every few days. I feel silly but I enjoy the game. I just keep tapping. Have a great night all!

  11. The choice between spending quality time with a Grandchild versus TSTO? Oh hands down Grandchild (in my case? It’s taking the Niece shopping at the Las Vegas South Premium Outlet Mall). ☺️

    I am guilty of expediting an Event using 🍩’s (especially if I want the Weekend off from TSTO).

    I am guilty this week of obtaining the latest Premium Character Mr. Dirt (along with Sophie Krustofsky, that’s Les grinding because we gain more Event Currency per 4 hours).

    I originally wanted to play through the Weekend, but now having two baseless Decor as Event Prizes this Week isn’t motivating me to keep on Tapping (if it wasn’t for the fact the next Prizes are a Building and a Character? I’d stop Tapping for this Week’s Event and go right back to 🍩 Farming only !)

    As far as earning 🍩’s every 2 Days? At least enough to keep 100 🍩’s ahead of what I’d need to clear out a row from the Mystery Box (not a lot, but just enough)😁

    Speaking of 🍩’s , I could use a texas-sized from Smith’s / Kroger’s

  12. I wonder what takes more time, doing all at once or just doing the premium one (12) over and over again? For example the one shown above : 250/12 =20.83 or 21 *2 = 42 donuts. or (10*8 +2+4) = 86 per full range for 20 donuts. 250/86 = 2.9 or 3*20 = 60 donuts.

    Of course figuring the above takes “Life Currency”.

    In my alpha game I am at the cash limit, so occasionally when I have some free time I sell some RTTs. Because of “Life Currency” I just take 2 donuts if its the first selection, sometimes I even take 1. I can generate about 2 choices per truck. With over 17000 donuts in cash I sped through one prize. It just didn’t feel as awarding as just waiting. Maybe because I am “wasting” donuts, even though I have more than I can use. Maybe because it just defeats the purpose of the game for me, to occupy my “down” time.

    • Down time…such a random, elusive reality for me.

      I usually play 5he updates “straight.” But this one…I don’t have the time to spare.

    • Hey Charles,

      Is It more cash efficient to do rat trap trucks or bloodmobiles? Thanks for your posts. They’ve really helped. I’ve got the character count and multiplier high enough to not do KEM farming anymore.

      • My understanding is that they both have the same amount of XP per $. Therefore, a RTT takes less time to collect x amount of donuts.

  13. Love that sweet Jake! MJ seems like a very tolerant cat. 😻. Have a great visit with your family. 💚

  14. Hello, I don’t get how to farm donuts, is there easy step by step guide? How experience points connected to donuts?

  15. Keith1Roon991

    Great pictures, life currency, I think I evolved a bit over the last few weeks, I don’t kem anymore, I accumulated 4000 donuts and 350mill in-game cash a now spend some on rat truck, I bought the premiums, rushed a few tasks to get to the next prize and went on with my life, design a bit, buy from the mystery box and when my donut count goes below 3500 I rat truck till it’s back to 4000. Works for me, enjoy😃

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