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Well, I was hoping to wait to write this post until I had more information…but since a number of you continue to comment on unrelated posts about the crashing bug I figured it’s better to address it in one place.  This way, hopefully, we can keep the “my game is crashing, anyone else?” comments to one centralized location.  Always the best way to share information, for sure.

Anyway, as I mentioned on the rundown post last week, there’s a crash issue happening for a number of players since this update hit.  It’s primarily impacting folks who play on Amazon devices, but some folks who play on older Android devices are having this issue as well. So, it’s not just you.

As of right now, I have no new news on this other than to say EA has indicated that they’re working on it.  My best advice, is likely something y’all don’t want to hear, you’ll have to contact EA on this.  I’ll drop the direct contact link here for you, so you don’t have to go searching for it.  As soon as I see any updates on this I’ll post about it.  In the meantime, if you do contact EA about it please keep me updated about what they say.

Additionally, there’s a thread started on the EA Help Forums.  So if you’d like you can add your “Me Too” there as well. Here’s that thread.

Also, there’s another thread over on EA help from a user named invisiblep169, with a couple of tips on how to “workaround” the bug.  From that post:

“this bug seems to be mainly triggered by tapping too many completed character jobs at once. tapping more than ~3-5 characters at once seems to be the main culprit in all of these crashes. your best course is to tap as few characters at a time as you can (try to tap them one at a time whenever possible). if there are too many in one area, move the building/decoration to somewhere isolated and tap it there. after getting those out of the way (and MANY restarts…), i was able to tap the rest of the buildings in my springfield with minimal crashes here and there. i guess the best thing we can do right now is not send characters on jobs. this obviously sucks, since the vast majority of my income comes from character jobs, but it looks like the only course of action right now.”

Hopefully, this helps those of you just coming here looking for info about this crash bug, and hopefully, this helps eliminate the “my game is crashing, anyone else?” comments on other event-related posts.  🙂


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  1. This game is becoming almost unplayable. My friend and I are on different versions of Ipads and having the same problems. It crashes multiple times visiting neighbors, it crashes tapping jobs, it crashes collecting money, it crashes just scrolling. Sometimes it crashes and just when you get back in it crashes again. either it says “lost connection” or it completely exits out of the game. Not to mention we still have to restart just to see friends.
    So many problems!
    C’mon EA! You have so much money. Fix your game!

  2. Remember where the job is and put the building in storage. Then all the characters will appear and free again! Then I replaced the building back in the same place.

    It gets reset.

  3. I received an update about 30 minutes ago and as someone who has been affected by the crashing bug, the update seems to have fixed the crashing issue. I was able to play tsto for a good 10 minutes with zero problem. Hope this will fix the crashing issue permanently.

  4. my husband found an android tablet he got with his phone, so he downloaded it to see if it works – it’s android – so that works – it’s much slower than my kindle and totally defeats the reason i got a 10in kindle – so that it was a larger screen, but it works – sort of. It’s much slower on tapping. probably storage etc. So, i’m back in but i still want my 10 in kindle to work with the game. I’ll not be doing any designing on this tablet!

  5. This is the worst workaround solution I’ve ever seen. What’s the point of spending a virtual fortune on your IRS building to widen you tap zone if it hinders you in bad future updates. How do you even get it back to stage 1? This is not helpful at all.

  6. Gaveup on my Kindle and my Lenovo tab (Android) and went back to an old IPad (with a cracked screen). That worked until yesterday, now it kicks me out soon after the login screen. Is the problem getting worse?

    • This is stil happening constanty on my iPad! It makes it impossible to even play the game? How can there be no fix!!

  7. Surface Pro 6, Bluestacks 4.1 or whatever it is. Device is less than a month old, so don’t tell me it’s old devices. It’s an android issue EA refuses to acknowledge. I can play for about 2 minutes, then it crashes. It crashes if I scroll through town too fast, if I collect too much without letting previous collection to complete. Actually, it crashes no matter what, but faster if I try to actually play the game beyond the current event. I just loaded TSTO on my device when I purchased it (Prime Day), not really looking to load all over again, but if enough people say it works I’ll do it (it takes a while via bluestacks).

    I opened a case with EA three days ago, still waiting on a response. A lot of folks on the EA forums are quitting. It’s sad, I just hope they fix it before Halloween. . .

    • FYI BlueStacks 4.1 is running Android 7.1.2, so technically it’s running an older version of Android – but that’s on 20% of devices so it should be supported. Unfortunately there are no commercial emulators running Android 8 or 9. I did try using Android Studio to get emulators of 8 and 9 running, but I couldn’t install the app through the Play Store as it apparently the “device wasn’t compatible” despite emulating a Pixel 2 or Nexus 5X. I’m using BlueStacks as well, so I know what you’re going through. My game stays on indefinitely if I don’t explore my town too much – as I’m playing in an isolated area of town as mentioned in my earlier comments on this page. But yes, this is definitely an EA server issue rather than device issue, as it’s been working flawlessly for years!

  8. I submitted a second ticket item to EA Help regarding the issue – this is the reply i got:
    For now, there is currently no workaround I can suggest. In the meantime, we will continue working hard behind the scenes to identify, fix and release a potential address for this issue.

    Do not be alarmed when reading this email that the case will be closed for now. We most certainly have not forgotten about you, we simply require a little more time to deal with this issue.

    This is to recap, we’ve asked for your patience until our concerned team finish their investigation and find a fix.

    I hope you can understand this.

    • That’s funny, I also submitted a second help ticket, specifically pointing out that my last one was marked resolved and asking if they had forgotten about us…
      I did not get the same reply as you but now I wonder just how many people pointed out that their problem was not resolved and they were feeling abandoned.
      Please help us EA, you’re our only hope!

      • This is stil happening constanty on my iPad! It makes it impossible to even play the game? How can there be no fix!!

  9. I thought EA would have made a statement or something about the crashing glitch! It is so annoying that my 2016 samsung tab 4 works, samsung j6 2018 works, asos 2018 amd kindle 2017 dont!
    I am having to jump from each game on the ones that work to keep everyone going in their games.
    w Dont know if i can be bothered with that for another 2 1/2 weeks!

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