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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, I was hoping to wait to write this post until I had more information…but since a number of you continue to comment on unrelated posts about the crashing bug I figured it’s better to address it in one place.  This way, hopefully, we can keep the “my game is crashing, anyone else?” comments to one centralized location.  Always the best way to share information, for sure.

Anyway, as I mentioned on the rundown post last week, there’s a crash issue happening for a number of players since this update hit.  It’s primarily impacting folks who play on Amazon devices, but some folks who play on older Android devices are having this issue as well. So, it’s not just you.

As of right now, I have no new news on this other than to say EA has indicated that they’re working on it.  My best advice, is likely something y’all don’t want to hear, you’ll have to contact EA on this.  I’ll drop the direct contact link here for you, so you don’t have to go searching for it.  As soon as I see any updates on this I’ll post about it.  In the meantime, if you do contact EA about it please keep me updated about what they say.

Additionally, there’s a thread started on the EA Help Forums.  So if you’d like you can add your “Me Too” there as well. Here’s that thread.

Also, there’s another thread over on EA help from a user named invisiblep169, with a couple of tips on how to “workaround” the bug.  From that post:

“this bug seems to be mainly triggered by tapping too many completed character jobs at once. tapping more than ~3-5 characters at once seems to be the main culprit in all of these crashes. your best course is to tap as few characters at a time as you can (try to tap them one at a time whenever possible). if there are too many in one area, move the building/decoration to somewhere isolated and tap it there. after getting those out of the way (and MANY restarts…), i was able to tap the rest of the buildings in my springfield with minimal crashes here and there. i guess the best thing we can do right now is not send characters on jobs. this obviously sucks, since the vast majority of my income comes from character jobs, but it looks like the only course of action right now.”

Hopefully, this helps those of you just coming here looking for info about this crash bug, and hopefully, this helps eliminate the “my game is crashing, anyone else?” comments on other event-related posts.  🙂


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  1. It sounds to me like one workaround would be to store your IRS Building so that you are only clearing one building at a time. My wife is having this issue on her Kindle, so I’ll have her try it and see if that works for her.

    • And… no.

      She even tried click on a character, wait until all money and experience came in, then click on the next. Still can’t even get through the event tasks.

  2. I’m also having a crashing issue on my Apple Ipad. It seems to happen when I am visiting friends towns.

  3. My tailgate is missing from the game 😕

  4. Sine the update I cant even open the game to play, I have contact EA and no one got back to be yet

  5. As irritated as I am by missing this event I’d be even more upset if the big Halloween/Treehouse of Horror event was buggy. I hope they test that THOROUGHLY before release.

    At least with the Zoom Doom we were still able to play.

  6. I have been playing on my android phone since the crash bug hit. Thankfully that is still working, but there’s still the sound of a roaring fire at game launch. Just for giggles, tried opening the game on my fire tablet after setting all the jobs on my phone. Game lasted 1 minute, then got a big ole boot in the caboose. GrEAt job on the programming and bug fixes people. So glad you’re working so hard to keep the game going so smoothly!

  7. Woohoo! It looks like they fixed it! I’ve now been playing for almost 10 minutes, while before I could only stay on for 30 seconds or so. Just under 8 hours left for me to pick up the items in the store… so I’m farming as we speak!

    • Urk, maybe I spoke too soon as it crashed again. I was able to play for 20+ minutes while looking at an unpopulated area of my game. When I scrolled back to my main town it crashed again. Bit weird!

    • In case anyone is curious, I am able to play consistently by scrolling quickly to the right to the side of my town, opposite the ocean, where there is a lot of empty land. I have now moved the Simpsons house there, so it’s now the first thing I see and no longer have to madly scroll after my game opens. My game is effectively stable if I don’t wander too far into my town.

      I can farm doughnuts there as per usual e.g. placing buildings (KEM) or decorations (bloodmobile, rat trap truck). I managed to get enough doughnuts to buy both the Gil deal and Baby Frink, and didn’t have to rush through the questline this time. So it looks like Week 2 will be a lot more enjoyable.

      After gaining confidence I started to slowly scroll through my town, occassionally clicking on buildings to gather some resources. I was able to recharge the XP Collider which only had 6 hours left, but that promptly crashed my game, refunded the doughnuts, yet still added the 10 days. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. It does still crash if I scroll too quickly, or collect too much from buildings at once.

      This *feels* like a memory issue, but I have 4GB allocated to the emulator and nothing else running. Just for laughs I upped it to 8GB RAM and 4 CPU cores but it didn’t make a difference (i.e. stable in empty area, crashes when moving quickly or collecting lots). It’s not diskspace either as I have 60GB available to it. I haven’t had any issues for years, so they’ve definitely messed something up at their end. I’m just pleased I have a workaround now…

  8. Robert Warburton

    I had the same issue last week, nearly all characters were on the same eight hour job ( 300+). I was raking in the sprinkles, visiting the neighbors then back again to find I could collect all the eight hour jobs again.
    After awhile I thought I might have broken the game so I deleted it then re-installed the game. I haven’t had any other issues, or any repetition of what happened last week. No crashes so might not be the same issue ( If you can call it that ). I use a up to date iPad.
    Hope this helps

  9. It’s not Amazon or older devices. It’s EA. Simple as that. I was able to log for 30ish seconds down to none now. I won’t be able to complete the event unless they do something about it.I feel the majority can’t log. 🙁

  10. Two year old Samsung tablet crashes out constantly. An older, non-brand device with just enough space to load TSTO has no difficulties. So it’s not just an age issue. EA have closed my ticket as the matter has been “resolved” – aye, right! The cut and paste response came from a bloke that couldn’t even spell his own name right.

  11. Still crashing. Look’s like I’m gonna miss out on this Event entirely. 😢.

  12. I moved my Simpsons home and crash derby to the middle of nowhere so I could collect the few broken toys each 4 hours. It allows maybe 9 or 10 character collections per tap (more than that and it WILL crash). I have been able to collect land tiles (GGR) and Kwik-E-Mart farm it is just rEAlly annoying. PLEASE FIX ASAP EA!!!!!

  13. My game works fine on my Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) but I really feel for anyone who is having crashing troubles. Contacting EA is a good idea because the first step in getting it patched is to make sure EA is fully aware of the problem. Although they probably are working on it already, I dunno.

  14. Like a few others here, my game crashes at launch. I tap on the icon, and half a second later, “Springfield s’est arrêté” (my phone’s OS is in French). I’ve uninstalled the app then reinstalled it this morning, and it still crashes instantly when launched, without being able to sign on, so I suppose this isn’t related to my account, but to the update itself.
    For the record, my phone uses Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2.
    Meanwhile, I’ve installed TSTO on my tablet (a more recent Android), and it works… It’s just that a third of the buildings are missing, and so are the mountains between Springfield and Springfield Heights. Has anyone had the same problem ?

  15. chaostheory7777

    I have an older android 4.2 tablet, crashes
    Also use bluestacks up to date , crashes
    Then tried it on an kindle fire 7, still crashes
    Won’t even boot on phone anymore its so old.
    It sucks logging in like 6 times to set a couple 4 hr tasks, thankfully it only takes logging in twice a day.

  16. Re: “this bug seems to be mainly triggered by tapping too many completed character jobs at once”
    nope, not for me. I can get into the game and do NOTHING for 30 seconds and the game will close. It doesn’t work any better on Android 7 (Nougat), which is less than 3 years old, so I don’t buy the “only very old devices” excuse.

  17. I’m stuck in an endless loop of collecting one hour jobs at the Kwik-E-Mart. When life gives you glitches, fire up the XP machine and make lemonade! Sorry, but this glitch has been a donut factory for me!!

  18. I figure the crashing may get fixed with the next part of the mini event. EA seems to let things linger until the next round of things start up. Hoping this is true this time and everyone can play easily starting on Wednesday.

  19. Thanks for not forgetting about us. But one question for you and the community is have you ever seen E.A. give extra time to people who are having trouble with the event?

  20. I have an older android device. I have been able to log in an exact amount of 5 times for about 4 minutes each time since the event started. I am glad to see we have until September 4th to get all the items. Perhaps the bug will be fixed by then.

    I started rushing donuts as possible to hopefully make it in time.
    Most of the 100s of times I haven’t been able to get in a crash right after intro.

    Most of the time it freezes at the intro. Other times it will give me about 10 seconds and start the narrative and then crash. On the next start, it will sometimes get a little bit further. On the next crash just a little bit further.

    I am having a hard time scrolling, and placing items and getting items out of inventory. I have been playing for a week and only can get in 5 times at inopportune times. I am stuck now trying to place the racecar derby to send Homer on his task with that item. Slowly. slowly … inching … toward … the … goal. …

  21. I truly do not want to see any of my fellow Tappers affected by not being able to play TSTO because

    EA is aware of a bug and isn’t dealing with it in a timely matter
    Your Device is too old (it’s just not suitable for TSTO Game App)

    I’m thinking a new Device will probably get you quicker results vs relying on EA to solve it (this is in regards to any Device – iPhone / iPad, Android Phone / Tablet, Amazon Kindle) ….. but you can also play the “keep contacting EA” game.

    • This simply isn’t an “older device” issue – it’s an EA server-side issue. People with Amazon Fire tablets less than 2 years old are affected, and I saw reports from people with Galaxy 10 and 10+ also being affected. The latter are already “new” devices so saying “just buy a new device” isn’t helpful, won’t necessarily solve the issue, and is a waste of money.

  22. I have another problem, hope I can use this space to tell about it and ask, if anyone else has seen it. The problem is that some of my earned donuts sometimes disappear. Most often it affects donuts earned for levelling up, but happened with monorail donuts once as well. The symptom is that I earn some donuts, the counter goes up, I continue playing for a while, exit the game, then I log in after a few hours and the donut counter is back to the previous number. It is not that the game has not saved something, because all other actions I have performed, even after earning those donuts (like sending characters on jobs, collecting monorail resources etc) are stored correctly, no other counters, as far as I can tell, go back to old values, just the donut counter.

    The problem started about two months ago, and happens once in a few days. I’m keeping notes how many donuts I got from different sources, so I’m rather sure that the effect is real. Has anyone seen anything similar?

    • Ive earned donuts from sideshow you and visiting neighbors, then they end up not being there when i get back to my town. No big loss really but still….

  23. Getting the Act 1 prizes isn’t going to be an issue with the crashing since they can still be earnt in Acts 2, 3 and 4 but the Act 1 premiums Baby Barney, Frink and Moe with the lemonade stand and house will be since they’re not be around for the other acts unless EA has a last chance sale at the end of the event.

    I play TSTO on 2 devices: a kindle fire HD and a Samsung Galaxy phone with my phone being the main device I play it on now since my kindle I used for designing but I still design on my phone. It should be something that EA can fix but I really hope it doesn’t take 3 months to fix like it did with the zoomed in glitch on the kindle.

    • i was able to get in for moments and get the gill offer and the house that was offered in the store. I’m not sure about what other premium itiems i’ve missed.

  24. I’m not too badly affected by this bug. It does take forever!! for the cash to collect and the dollar/xp icons to clear. FOREVER! Also I get tons of Bart screens but I can play. I also want to say sorry again to my friends for not visiting them! Crazy game keeps saying I have no friends so have to pop in and out til they come back. Will keep trying though. So until EA solve it I can’t guarantee you will see my spray can lol

  25. Mine seems to be getting worse – I have been getting booted out before the game even loads – it starts synchronizing, then goes black and exits. Not every time, but often.
    I would just like to play. 🙁

  26. Another weirdness is TSTO now jacks volume to max at launch, regardless of in game settings. Now I get a burst of noise when launching and its annoying

  27. Thanks Alissa – i’m super frustrated by this. I submitted a second ticket to ea yesterday – but i’ve not received any feedback or reply on it. I asked all kinds of questions i’m sure they didn’t have answers for – like will we get extended time to complete quests, should we just forget about this event at all, etc.
    I keep checking my town to see if it’s been fixed, only to be disapointed.
    i’ve tried tapping a couple times and actually was on long enough to get gil’s deal and a new building in the store, but i’ve not been able to send characters on quests….
    Thanks for addressing the issue – i think many of us were feeling left behind.

    • Although I am not impacted by this issue, who is to say I won’t be impacted by the next. It would be nice to see EA being responsive to this.

      They may be working hard to sort this out, we don’t know that. A little message of acknowldgement and ‘hey guys, we’re working on it’ would sure be nice.

  28. Never seen this one in iOS… at least recently. I have seen these bugs, on a few of my neighbors…1) I’ll go to their Springfield and it appears there’s NOTHING to tap anywhere! But if I repeatedly go out/back in…voila, there’s tons of stuff! and 2) I’ll get to a specific neighbor, do my “3 taps” and hit the right arrow to go to the next…in the process, it crashes the app and usually if I go back to the same neighbor, it’s as if I never tapped and can tap 3 things again. I hate “leaving even one neighbor behind”, so I usually go back in and tap until I’ve gotten through it. ** yes, I am one of those who still routinely taps on neighbors doors!

    Anyone else find these bugs in your tapping?

  29. They should just phase out more older devices and increase the item limit. 🤷‍♂️

  30. I was able to complete the first act (with much frustration), but haven’t been able to do anything else. No playdough factory, no daily tasks, no Sideshow You, or the races. I figure eventually it will get sorted.

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