Simpsons Babies Week 4 is About to Start

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow morning, Wednesday, August 28th…is baby Sam’s first birthday! (woohoo!).  Oh and also, Week 4 (Act 4) of Simpsons Babies will be starting.  The official start time is 10am ET (1400 UTC).

Note: Week 4 has not started yet. This post is meant to serve as a warning.  It will not start until Wednesday, August 28th, at 10am ET (1400 UTC).  Again, if you’re wondering why it hasn’t started for you yet check your calendar and a watch.  

The Week 3 questline won’t be going anywhere, so if you haven’t finished the prizes you’ll have a chance to complete it even after Week 4 starts (this applies for the weeks 1,2 and 3 questlines as well).  However, all of the Week 3 Premium items will be leaving the store.

So if you planned to purchase Teenage Smithers and the Malibu Stacy Fan Club  do so before they leave our games tomorrow morning. (SIB Linked)

Also, here’s some inside info to help you prepare for Week 4 to start…

During Week 4 it’s up to Bart to save the day, as we wrap up this mini-event! And of course, before all is said and done we’ll get a Baby version of Bart….
You’ll have to follow along with the dialogue to find out what happens, but here are the characters needed for week 3 tasks:

Skinner (NEW for Act 4. Replaces Dewey Largo from Act 3)
Baby Moe (Premium)
Baby Barney (Premium)
New Act 4 Premium Character

You’ll also need Marge, Homer, Ling, Lisa, and Artie free for the initial questline objective… (at least 3 of them)

There will also be one new premium character combo introduced during week 4, and that character will be able to help with the currency earning for week 4.  (150 donuts will be needed if you’d like to purchase the character combo)

And that’s it my friends!  Be prepared for Week 4 to start up tomorrow morning!

Thoughts on week 3?  Ready for week 4?  Excited to see how it all ends? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

22 responses to “Simpsons Babies Week 4 is About to Start

  1. Happy first birthday baby🎂.

  2. I am loving all the Simpsons baby characters! Love this event <3

  3. I’m really liking the ease of completion for this event. I was busy all weekend and didn’t want to have to sneak away to sign in every four hours to complete the jobs, and I find that I’m only slightly behind. But even then, I can still finish the Week 3 content during Week 4. In fact, due to this happy feeling, I find myself spending more donuts than before, which just makes me happier with all the new characters!
    Thanks again for all your work!

  4. Hope ea restock the year book with some characters, got 370 characters so far and missing a few

  5. Ay Caramba! Baby Bart and the final Week of this Event (let’s see what goodies we get, and heavens to Betsy I wouldn’t mind an increase in item limits EA!)😊

    Who else still gets their Bart to sit on his 3 Wheeler (and still wishes Bart peddled it around Springfield)? ✋

    Happy 1st Birthday Sam 🎂🎉

  6. Hellooooo…I am Llewellyn Sinclair!

    Cant wait to spend some donuts!!! 🍩 🍩 🍩

    • sandytoes74

      Definitely spending sprinkles on Llewellyn Sinclair tomorrow! 😊👍

    • Looking forward to completing my ‘Sinclair’ collection tomorrow.

      • Did u get mrs Sinclair????

        • Yes, now on to bigger things. Like wind lad and solar citizen!

          I am also wondering how I got down to only 19 neighbors?

          Why do you rank last for Springton Heights? If you get to $1 billion, you get a character.

          Also many of the buildings offer XP multipliers. See the article on hidden XP.

          • I HATE springfield heights. Its an honor to be last on that stupid list. Lol 🏆
            Did u lose neighbors? I did when i started spraying towns😢 they broke up with me and disappeared. Do u have them on Hide?

            • Now that there are characters that can go on 8 hours tasks for heights, it is much easier.

              That comment on being down to 19 neighbors was nothing more than a subliminal message that I would welcome friend invites. Consider me to be to lazy to go the the add friends section. (But not too lazy to go off on this long diatribe). I can promise people that I am likely to apply graffiti to their Springton, that if they are offended by that, then I would apply it anyway.

              Did you get your cauldron?

  7. Yay, another 2-day event! 😂

  8. Do we know the character that will be on the quest line that donuts will be substituted for next week? If so can you say?

  9. Thanks a lot Alissa! And bring it on, act 4!

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