Simpsons Babies – Calendar and Math to Getting All of the Baby Stuff and more!

Well…call me surprised!  They actually seem to be on a roll here.  I mean the writers… Because the update feels like almost every other update lately.  But I digress…

What you are all here for is the numbers. The numbers that are going to help you get the all of the Babies…the Baby Stuff…and a whole lot of kinda random buildings. But, I have no fear that the writers will figure out a way to tie it all together.  So, Let’s Get Started!

This update is SUPER Easy.  Maybe they think we ALL regressed into toddlers. But, hey…there would be worse things.  After all, my grandson Jake is about as as happy a kid as you’ll find anywhere.  And Alissa’s little Sammy…is always smiling.  Maybe it’s about being able to fill your diaper, and not think twice about it.  I’m 65…it may not be that many years before I find out!  But, I digress…

This time, I did the calendar with numbers that will help you finish well before the deadlines each week. And if you do that, you will finish the even just as Easily…Obviously.

So here’s your Calendar(s) With the Numbers…

And Once Again…for the Non-Gregorian Set…

Finally…. I’m not going bitch again about item limits. Because, there are only a couple of these buildings I actually want. So…a few shrubs sacrificed…all good.

Back to remodeling. I’ll share the details on the Friday Filler.  Trust me…it has gotten interesting.

Keep on Tappin’

67 responses to “Simpsons Babies – Calendar and Math to Getting All of the Baby Stuff and more!

  1. Thanks Patric, needed info on when Act 2 starts… and here it all is 😊
    I’m enjoying this event and now actively farming having splurged on Gil’s Deal for the first time EVER!!! 😊


  2. Been away for a week with no wifi, only 5 days behind…

    Not impressed with the prize track, I like many others already have some of the prizes and the donut offering is pretty poor

    Time to get the collider switched on and get those rat trap lorries out!


  3. It’s frustrating that the donuts being given if you already bought the farm etc as a premium isn’t really fair – it should be at least 30 as that’s the minimum they can be got for in the mystery box…

    Liked by 1 person

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