Abes In Toyland Event – Calendar and Math to Get It All!

Let’s remind ourselves that Alissa has placed a moratorium upon complaining about this event.  I get it. She loves Christmas, and is going to be upbeat and happy about anything we get for the holidays.

That said, I honestly have to admit that there isn’t much to complain about here…so it makes the job pretty easy.

This event is LOADED with prizes. There is simply no denying that.

Let’s dive into some of the stuff…and what it’s going to take to get it all! 

But, before we do…let’s just admit that the current condition of the world in which we live, is pretty divided. OK…make that very divided.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of compromise.  Everything is black and white, with no room for gray.

Well…I’m going to attempt a little gray (not white, like the color of my hair).

First…we got a TON of stuff… FOR FREE New Characters. FOUR!  Are they a bit random? Sure. But we are 7+ years into the game…with hundreds of characters already wandering our town. Pulling a few randos is going to happen.

Second…we “long time players” didn’t get a thumb in the eye this time with a bunch of retread stuff. There are no “Or 12 donuts” on this calendar.  None. All new stuff. Yes, it is a tad repetitive…but it’s new. All new.

Third…It’s very easy to win…and leaves us plenty of time to spend with friends and family, without sneaking off to the bathroom to tap. And I do mean our games…nothing else.

No. They didn’t increase the item limits…which means those of us at the tippy top of the limits are going to have to figure out what to store, so we can place all of the wonderful things we have won.

Yes. There seems to be an exorbitant number of “Winter Wonderland” tokens (8). But they are good to get a long list of returning content…most of which are buildings with characters.  EIGHT Tokens is cool!  But, I only have 6 things in my Winter Wonderland Mystery Box. And I am guessing that a ton of folks who buy most everything, are going to have even less than me. So…maybe another whiff by EA. We’ll see.

In any case… here is the calendar. It was really EAsy to do this time…because it is the exact same math, and rollout pattern as the event in August. Imagine that. EA repeating themselves again. And, because they put so little thought into the programming part of this event, I am only doing one calendar.

It’s EAsy. Tap each day…you’ll get it all.

Click the image to enlarge or download.

51 responses to “Abes In Toyland Event – Calendar and Math to Get It All!

  1. When was the last time they gave out land tokens? I recently came back after not playing for a year and noticed loads of land only available through using land tokens, and these last two events haven’t given us any.

  2. Oh god… I should’ve read this post before I cleared all of the items in the new box. Well, except one item, actually. I got it by using a token earned a few minutes ago.

    So, I will collect 7 remaining tokens eventually, but now my box is empty! What would I do with them?

  3. I love the token idea. It seems like ever since they went to the multi-event system, they’ve been giving players more and more freebies. Also gotta say that I love seeing Carnaby Street and the double decker bus as prizes, they’ll be a great addition to the England section.

  4. I wish there were more Christmas items but at least I should get some from the box 🙂 I usually only play the game during Halloween and Christmas and did not even know you could farm until last month, haha.

  5. Loving the tokens

  6. Thanks a lot for your commitment Patric, we appreciate it ❤️

  7. I got my first token, but I haven’t been able to get into my town tonight. The donut on the start screen just spins and spins, but the game never loads enough to where I can play. I’ve tried all the regular IT troubleshooting. Anyone else have this problem?

  8. Hmm surely being offered 12 donuts because my mystery box is empty is just as bad as the ” prize or 12 donuts option. 🤔

  9. Anyone else having a hard time logging in right now?

  10. I do not see anywhere the mystery boxes, I can only exchange the coins for donuts

  11. Golden goose realty in the winter wonderland mystery box, or sold separately for donuts, would have been an awesome Christmas gift.

  12. I can’t find the mystery boxes, do I have all the stuff already?

  13. Every building in the calandar have nothing to do with christmas.how about christmas themed buildings for the christmas event.

  14. Thanks for the calendar Patrick.
    Just noticed a funny glitch in my Town, My cthulu monument became a frame of the show 🙂
    I’ll try to post it in the next caption this.

  15. Thanks for the calendar. I have not used one for awhile but I like to save the holiday ones that are made. I’m just a little weird 😜

    Hey Patric, hows Oregon ? I just moved away from there about two months ago.


    • Oregon misses you. Why did you leave?

      • Moved to New Mexico to help with my granddaughter.


        • Ahhhh. Beautiful state. Just a different kind of beauty.

        • Awwww! I live in the PNW now [Go Hawks!] but my heart and my hometown is in Abq. As one of the very last of the 60’s children turning 50 this month, I’ll be going home to turn 5-0 in the 505! No better green Chile in country, can’t wait to gaze at the Sandias again and eat my heart out amongst my friends.
          Sounds like you’re a really great father. Feliz Navidad from me and mine to you and yours!

          • I am about 180 miles from Albuquerque. Happy early birthday. Hope you have a wonderful time and a great visit back kn the 505.

            BurghBaby aka ~BB is female lol. With screen names you can never be 100 % sure what gender someone is. Lol.

            Feliz Navidad from my home to yours


  16. Rusty Shackleford

    Well I pushed the plunger, then realized I don’t have lights for any of my houses.

    You would think these would be offered in the store….sigh…

    Otherwise, the event looks fine to me and with the snow back, I’m ready to decorate.

  17. Yes there are a few things I can say “thank you EA” (an EAsy Event so I can concentrate on work – busy is exactly what Las Vegas stays all year), while appreciating what new Content I can use (Characters, Buildings).

    The criticism is legit (Item Limits means most New Decor is going right into Storage, until EA increases this), while the glitches hopefully get a patch download fix (annoying? yes, but the Game App is still playable).

    We are definitely in an era of have / have nots, guilty / not guilty, violence / not violence (and this all gets seen in the news daily). TSTO is an escape from this, but it’s only temporary …. thank you for the Calendar, Sir – here’s to accomplishing more Volunteer work. 😊🎄❄️🦌

  18. I only have one item in my Winter Wonderland box (Krusty’s Kristmas on Ice). I wonder what is going to happen with all my tokens once the box is empty. I’m guessing they will be worthless.

  19. Kinda getting inured to the ‘new’ event format, but sure do miss the old. Regrets: I got the flying kittycat sleigh last year (yay!), but missed the cat lady pilot (even tho already have the cat lady). Was hoping she’d show up this year. Also would really like to have more Xmas light house/building decorations available (I only have ~5). Fingers Xed.

  20. Thanks for the calendar Patric! Do we now if we can buy more elves after there unlocked?

  21. You forgot to incorporate the link to download or enlarge the Calendar.

  22. thanks for the calendar, not that this event is going to be to hard to get it all. i just like seeing it all mapped out.

  23. Can you say
    “Donut farming”?

  24. “ Third…It’s very easy to win…and leaves us plenty of time to spend with friends and family, without sneaking off to the bathroom to tap. And I do mean our games…nothing else.“

    I laughed out loud and smiled widely when reading this.

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